Good Morning Good Lookin’

Hello and welcome to Morgan’s blog, which she has kindly returned to after being the worst blog updater this month. If you are angry that she has been so awful, realize that I do have a life and I try to update as often as I can and with as much inspiration as I receive. If you aren’t angry, thank you sweet angel, it’s you people that I come back for.

They say that you feel as good as you look. I am living proof of that.

I graduated high school three weeks ago and for the first time in a long time I get to relax. Being someone who loves to relax and melt away the stresses of the last nine months, I’ve been bumming it big time Yoga pants, messy buns, sweatshirts, and minimal makeup. All in all, it’s kind of no wonder I haven’t gotten a boyfriend in the last three weeks.


And my appearance is doing more than just making me unappealing in the dating world, it’s making me blue. I have not been my usual cheery self, which is probably why I’m having trouble writing as often as I’d like; inspiration is low. I’d love to write more but it’s hard to let your creative juices flow when you look like a middle-class hermit.

So that’s why I’ve challenged myself to keep up appearances. I might not be leaving the house every day but that doesn’t mean I have to look like I live in my basement. I’m going to start taking care of myself: Washing and styling my hair, putting on ‘Real People Clothes’ as me and my best friend call them, putting some sort of foundation or something on my face, and basically looking the same I did this year for school only at home.

Perfect lazy day outfit.

I’m hoping that by doing this my spunk will come back and I’ll be writing more. I love writing for this blog and I want to do it for as long as I can. And if that means not waking up at noon and wearing sweatpants all day, I think I can do it.

So, who’s with me? Who’s for getting out of bed and actually looking and feeling good? Please let me know if you’re on board in the comments and we can all enjoy feeling better about being awake during the day.

I know this was a short post, but it was my explanation for why I’ve been so sporadic in posting and how I want to be better for you guys, since you are a group of people who somehow keep on coming and reading what I’m writing, which is the biggest compliment someone can give me. I hope you accept my apology and are ready for more posts with more words with more cheeky Morgan self!

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon!

Stay classy Internet,






3 thoughts on “Good Morning Good Lookin’

  1. I’ll be honest, there are days I don’t even get out of bed (except to go to the kitchen for food), and I feel disgusting and self-loathing afterward. So I admire your determination to force yourself into the “real” world just by getting dressed. 🙂
    I find a job is the best motivator for me; if I have to be somewhere, it gives me enough of a reason to, you know, shower and stuff. Even just going on a walk is a huge help.
    Best of luck in your quest to be a normal human!

    1. A Sign of Life,

      Thanks for reading! I really want to try to get myself dressed so I feel like I’ve accomplished at least one thing that day.
      My job does help me accomplish this, as does my early morning babysitting hours.
      I wish you luck on feeling good always and thank you!

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