I’ve had this theme for about a year and a half now and it seems to have done the job. However, as I reach my 18th birthday and I am no longer a teenager, I’m thinking of making some changes. But I want your input.

Please answer the two questions below in the comments so I can make this blog better for everyone!

1) What is something you like about this blog design?

2) what is something you don’t like about this blog design?



4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hey Mo. Um…Even though you’ll be turning eight-TEEN you are technicaly a teenager, but also are considered an adult. I understand that you want to have your blog looking adult-ish, but still keep it teen-ish (if that makes any sense).
    Love always, Vic.

    1. Hey ViVi!

      And yeah, I get that. I’ve been in the process of this remodel for over a year now and since I am reaching this milestone I was like, “You now have an excuse to mess with your theme!” And I’m still going to keep it young and fun like the cool cat I am, but I just want to change this theme because I’m quite tired of it.
      Plus, being a teenager is awesome and I’m terrified to grow up, so I don’t want lose any of my teenagerness in ‘Teenage Enthusiasm’.

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