So You’re Writing on the Internet

I’ve been on this Internet thing for a long time. And in this time, I’ve seen all corners and crannies. And I have to say one of the biggest areas of the Internet is the writing portion. As someone who writes on the Internet (aka, this thing you are reading now), I do have some opinions. The ones that people most ask me about are my opinions of blogging and fan fiction. So, as an insight to how I feel (and to stop having people asking me) I thought I’d share my feelings with you now. Enjoy!


I write a blog, obviously. I’ve been doing it for a little over two years now and it’s such a huge part of my life. However, I don’t think blogging is for everyone. Blogs best work for people who want to write on one subject or who have a certain angle they want to work with. Starting a blog is hard. Food blogs, fashion blogs, home décor blogs, those are usually easier to keep up as you have one subject to write about. Blogs like mine are harder to keep up as I don’t just talk about one thing. I discuss my life, my opinions, my favorites, etc. I see so many failed blogs because people try to start this kind of blog and find that it’s hard. Trust me, when I began I almost stopped.

Tumblr, which is another blogging platform, is sort of helpful with that as it combines pictures with text post, making it easier to upload content. I don’t completely consider Tumblr blogging as real blogging, but that is just me. I think blogging is more for people who have a passion for what they are talking about, not who just want to complain about their lives, which is what I see most teenagers creating blogs about. If you want to be a blogger, become dedicated to what you want to create, quality over quantity. Don’t just post a bunch of pictures and call yourself a writer. That’s just my opinion.


If you don’t know, fan fiction is writing fictionalized stories about celebrities/characters and books/movies. It is literally the weirdest stuff I have ever found on the Internet. A few of my readers have asked me if I write fan fiction and one girl told me that she thought I would write really good fan fiction. I’m going to set the story straight now. I DO NOT WRITE FAN FICTION NOR WILL I EVER. In my opinion, fan fiction is for people who want to escape their own lives and find their escape by pretending they are dating Justin Bieber. I am perfectly happy with my life and I do not feel the need to create some alternate universe. Plus, when I read articles from celebrities/YouTubers who have fan fictions written about them, they say that they are aren’t big fans of being written about. One of my favorite YouTubers read a fan fiction where his entire family was killed. You could say he was incredibly angry. And that’s why I don’t like fan fiction. On Tumblr, where I am an addict because I enjoy the endless scrolling feature, I follow a few blogs dedicated to bands or films I like and I see that they write fan fiction and I just ignore it. To conclude, fan fiction is not my forte nor will it ever be. But if you want to spend your life reading it, go right ahead. Just remember that it isn’t real. At all.

And that is my incredibly opinionated rant about blogging and fan fiction! I hope I cleared up questions you had and if not, leave them in the comments. Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!

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P.S. Sorry about the long wait for this post. Once scholarship season ends and I send my university acceptance in I will have a bit more time to post. It’s also easier for me to post when you guys give me ideas on what to post about. So please send your recommendations in the comments or send them to Thanks!






2 thoughts on “So You’re Writing on the Internet

  1. I find tumblr blogs to be a photo gallery. Not that I’m against photo galleries, but you can’t do much reading. And I prefer reading to looking at photos.

    I understand that you’ve already written a novel. Would you be writing another? What would you change this time?

    1. Shreyas,

      Okay, so I wrote a novel when I was 14 and it was basically awful in that I was unexperienced and didn’t do all my research, but I think with some real editing (which I am thinking of doing as a hobby this summer) it could turn out quite decent. Possibly.
      I sort of gave up on writing for fun last summer, when my laptop broke, but this summer, as I am making the transition from high school to university, I am thinking about possibly writing something about experiencing Senior year and the people and the leaving and the transition you go through.
      One thing I would change is that I would write about something I’ve experienced. I like to write about things that fascinate me, but I think I’d do better writing about what I actually know.


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