The Boy I Walked Away From

Occasionally, especially when I’m watching a cute romantic movie or something equally adorable, I wonder to myself why I don’t have a boyfriend. Not in a sad, “Forever Alone” kind of way, but in a “Should I have tried harder” kind of way. But then I remember why I am single. It’s because I am the queen of missed boyfriend-potential opportunities.

Earlier this week I went to the University of Oregon to tour (if you saw my last post, you’ll know that I was accepted) and help me as I start making big decisions this month. Well, I finish my tour and my mother and I are talking to the tour guide to clear up some details and this guy walks by me. And not just any guy, a CUTE guy. The kind of guy who is so my type that it makes my knees go weak. Yeah, that kind of guy. Anyway, so I assume he’s a student or someone and just continue listening to the tour guide. My mother and I leave the building and pass by the new tour group. We walk by a guy with an umbrella and as we continue on our way to the car my mother says, “He was cute.”

And I ask her who she means and she says, “The guy with the umbrella.” And I whip around and see my guy, the cutie I had my eye on earlier, is the guy with the umbrella. I had to walk away from him to the parking lot, which killed me. And then I realize that if I had gotten on the 11 o’clock tour I could have been on the same tour with him and we’d fall in love and have adorable babies and live happily ever after. But no, because I always miss the cute guys, even if it’s only by a simple tour time.

But this is not the only time this has happened. No. There have been times when I have come to join my friends to be greeted with, “You just missed the cuuuuuutest guy.” Like, what? Or when I went to U of O for their Foreign Language Day and as we were pairing up with partners, I was one of the three people left out. I quickly chose the girl next to me, and the only other person without a partner, an adorable boy, was partnered with the instructor. That could have been me!

As you can see, I am not single by choice. I am single by the fate of bad timing.

So yeah, that is my little rant for the week. I’m perfectly happy with my life, but I just thought you’d all get a laugh out of my misfortune of missing the cutest guy ever and having to walk away. Gah! Just my luck!

Anyway, have a great rest of your week everyone! I’m currently on Spring Break and it’s so much fun! It’s nice to take a little break from the activity of Senior year and sleep in. You have no idea!

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  2. story of my life. or when getting a guy, breaking it off in a matter of a week because my strange russian mentality makes me think of marriage and knowing i can’t be married to that person. great post!

  3. bareMinerals

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