Social Media: You’re Doing it Wrong

Like a lot of people of my generation I have a laptop and an iPhone and I use Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr. I spend my free time basically glued to a screen that does nothing for me but give me bad eyes for the future. And that is one of the saddest things I’ve ever written on this blog.

We use social media in this way that it takes over our ability to notice how ridiculous we’re being. There are days I get on Facebook and I just want to call someone’s mother and tell them how embarrassed I am for their kid. We use the internet as a form of release, when it should definitely not be.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not having a ‘the internet is a place for Satan’ kind of rant. This isn’t a rant. It’s a…wake up call. For all of you who get on Facebook or Twitter and see the whole “What are you thinking?” box and decide to reveal information that not only do I feel uncomfortable reading, but makes my perception of you change slightly. I am all for free expression, but telling 348 of your not very close friends that you sing to Nickelback naked in your living room isn’t very bright.

And don’t even get me started on Twitter. Twitter is meant for short little burst of thought, or as I use it, a way for you all to keep up with this blog when I’m not posting. It is not for you to inform me on every three seconds of your life. If one more person posts about eating cereal or putting on pants, I might possibly go psychotic. and it won’t be pretty. The point of Twitter is to only have a few characters so that you can keep it short and to the point, not so that you can just molest the internet with your menial life.

I feel…disappointed that we have this problem. I like the internet, I really do. I enjoy the way it connects to me old friends and to all of you. I like that I can watch an adorable cat video when I please. I like that I can order sweaters from Forever 21 when I have money in my account. I don’t like that I have read that Johnny Boy Joe ate toast this morning or that Suzy May Sarah threw up at a party last night. The internet has so many possibilities, and Johnny and Suzy are doing it wrong.


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As I said, this is a wake up call. Check your feeds and see what you’re posting and reflect on whether or not that is what you want to be remembered as 20 years in the future. That’s all I’m asking.

What are your thoughts on how people use the internet? I’d love to see how people (hopefully people who didn’t grow up with social media) view this trend of oversharing.

Have a great week guys! I’ll see you later!

Stay classy internet

11 thoughts on “Social Media: You’re Doing it Wrong

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  3. I often find that many high schoolers – excluding the smart, mature ones like you! – don’t understand what to share and what not to share. And I was right there among them when I was 15! I had a livejournal, and reading what I wrote on there makes me cringe! I think in high school, and granted for many – past that, they just can’t think past the wanting to put their feelings out there, to that fact that it’s now printed and on the internet!

    I think for people that would overshare in person (which, there are A LOT of people), the internet is just an easier way to write too much.

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  6. People definitely overshare!! I started moderating myself a few years ago because at first I was guilty of the same thing. Luckily, even at my advanced age (and I didn’t grow up with social media–the internet showed up right around when I was 16 or so) my parents are on my Facebook, as are my in-laws…so I keep it pretty PC. No overshare.

    I have a Twitter, but I rarely use it. My blog posts and some Instagram pictures post there automatically, and on occasion I will post something short there. Not often. About a year ago I went through and did an internet clean sweep, as much as can be done on myself. Even my boss (Director of Technology, complete and total hacker) was unable to find much about me online other than the fact that I have a Facebook (private) and an old Youtube video of me at a convention in the background while my husband was being interviewed.

    People really should Google themselves, and make sure they keep their stuff locked down tight!!

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  8. (Also, my blog is Anonymous, and none of the people I know in “real life” except my sister read it or know the URL, which makes it much easier to say what I am thinking, shieded by the anonymity!)

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  10. People who didn’t grow up with the social media think that it’s a complete waste of time; we should be investing our time with ‘real’ hobbies. Yes, and no. Can’t stay away from the social media, can we? It’s imperative to stay flowing with the time. I’m sure there was a generation which thought the rock and roll was a complete non-sense. They didn’t grow with it, so may be they did not understand it as neatly as the contemporary generation.

    My point is only thus: things change, they should, and so should we with them. Overuse is as bad as misuse; moderation is the optimum path. Social media is bringing us together. But if it’s doing so at a cost of pushing us far, then there needs to be a reconsideration of priorities.

    You create thought processes that need to be created. Keep being creative! m/

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  12. Hey Morghan,
    I’m Deb (I’m also in school) and frankly, I think this is one of the best pieces on teenage internet addiction on the entire internet. (See what I did there?).
    It’s hamster wheel; you just want to keep spinning round and round and two hours later, what do you have to show for your time? 6,000 liked posts.
    So my question: how do you break the cycle and actually do work that matters?

    1. Deb,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot.

      Your question is one that people constantly ask. How do we do what we need to? My answer is simple. Use social media as a reward. I did a post ( a while back that explained how I make my list of things I need to do and then use things like Facebook or watching television to reward myself for getting things done.

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