A Big Thank You


So I want to apologize for not posting so much this week. I had a big test in my worst subject (aka I studied so hard my brain fell out) and I had work (aka watching lots of children throw beanbags into a large pumpkin) and I have just come down with a cold (aka soup and Harry Potter marathon). I definitely want to make more time for you.

Anyway…so, something happened yesterday and I just can’t begin to describe how amazing it was. I don’t even know how to explain it in rational terms that don’t look like askdhndlsdsl;a;didnelsnsdk. Here’s a picture that I believe explains it pretty well.


Yeah, I kind of hit 30,000 views.

I started this blog just wanting to get all the thoughts I have out where anyone who was interested could see. For the first few months I averaged about a hit a day and now, 22 months later, I’ve hit ridiculously large number of views. My heart’s just exploded!

Yesterday I was sitting at my dermatologist for my last visit and I was waiting for my brother’s appointment to be up. I was checking Twitter (@teenenthusiasm) and Facebook (teenageenthusiasm) and Instagram (@morganmckay) and all of a sudden I thought, “Hey, let’s just check my views for the day for a bit of fun.” So I click on my WordPress app and voila! 30,003 views.

I cannot think of a way that is perfect enough to express my gratitude. You are all amazing people and have made these last 22 months some of the best of my life. You are supportive and funny and encouraging and make me feel like I am making a difference in people’s lives. If I could, I would give out 30,003 chocolate chip cookies. That’s the only way I can think of to truly show my thanks.

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Whether I’m having a great day or if I’m sick on my couch (like today), knowing that there are people out there who support young writers makes every day good. You are all amazingly beautiful.

A very big thank you to all of you. I wouldn’t be me without you.

Have a great weekend! I’m taking my SAT, so expect a post about me taking my very last standardized test very soon!

2 thoughts on “A Big Thank You

    1. Thank you! I really do hope I do well, I could use a score boost!
      Thank you! And a huge thanks for being one of the amazing people who helped me reach this goal!

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