Finding That Perfect Gift

Remember when you were a little kid and it was your birthday and you would stay up all the night before because you were so excited to open all your presents? Well, as I’ve gotten older and more generous than my 5-year-old self, I’ve found that I will stay up all night excited to give someone else a gift.

When you find that perfect gift for someone you feel like dancing. It’s better than chocolate. I’ve only had this feeling once, and it was so great I decided to share it with you!

My best friend is named Amanda. Her favorite color is pink. We are both on the shorter side of five foot, light brunette, and bespectacled. And, as best friends, we spend an immense amount of time together. So, being similar looking and always being around each other, we are constantly asked if we are twins. We are completely amused by this and it was the inspiration for my gift.

The end of September was Amanda’s 18th birthday and I really wanted to get her something that wasn’t just a birthday gift, but something that would connect us and remind her of me whenever she saw it, especially since I’m leaving for university next year. I thought and I thought and I thought. I probably spent two months throwing gift ideas around. Three weeks before her birthday, I came up with the perfect gift.

I was watching a video and the person was wearing a team shirt (the ones with the team name on the front and the name on the back) and suddenly I knew what to get her! I went to my local screen printing shop and custom-ordered two hot pink tie-dyed (because she loves pink) tshirts with our respective names on the back and Twin 1 (Amanda’s, as she is 7 months older) and Twin 2 (mine) on the front. These tshirts were the perfect way to convey the message I wanted this gift to have. And every time I see my shirt, I instantly think of my ‘twin’.


Two weeks after I ordered them, the shop called to say the shirts were ready. It was four days before Amanda’s party. From the moment I picked the shirts up to the moment she unwrapped her present, I could barely sleep because I was so excited to share this gift that I’d put so much thought into. It was such an electrifyingly great experience.

And for those wondering, yes. She loved it. We wear our shirts on the same day so that people can see the resemblance.

Today during class, Katy from KatySueSays was talking about the gift she bought a friend of hers and how excited she was to give it to that friend. It reminded me of my own excitement in giving Amanda her birthday present.

Although all gifts should be from the heart, the absolute best gifts to give are the ones you know they will love and that you feel you put the best effort you could into making that person happy. I hope you all will get to experience what I call the ‘perfect gift syndrome’.

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Have a great week guys!

3 thoughts on “Finding That Perfect Gift

  1. I agree, finding great gifts for people is the best! (Sadly, it rarely happens whenever I want it to – it’s always the random times, 6 months from their birthday or christmas, etc) 🙂

  2. bareMinerals
  3. I have the hardest time to find a gift for anyone! 🙁

    Girls somehow are really good at finding gifts for others. I’m gonna ask you the next time I need some gift advice 😛

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