How to Tell a Boy You Like Him (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

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So, due to the amount of comments and emails I keep on receiving due to How to Get a Boy to Like You (Without Him Noticing), I thought another post on a similar subject might be appreciated. I had a lot of people ask me about this particular subject, so I hope you like it!

Note: The third part of this series is now up: How to Tell if a Boy Likes You (And Other Real Boy Advice)

Now, in the traditional form of dating, the boy goes out of his way to court a girl before he tells her he likes her. Unfortunately, times change, people got hip with it, and that whole traditional form went out the window. Another way to put that is that, girls, if you want to date a guy, there’s a chance you’re going to have to make the move.

Now I know you’re all thinking, “OH MY GOD! I AM NOT MAKING THE FIRST MOVE! ARE YOU KIDDING?!? HE IS GOING TO LAUGH IN MY FACE!” And yeah, if you do just tap him on the shoulder and say, “Hey, I like you. Let’s date” he will laugh in your face and probably never talk to you again. Mostly because that’s really creepy.

How to Ask a Boy Out (Without Seeming Like a Creeper)


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  • DO NOT ask him while he is around a group of friends. Ask him when he’s alone. The conversation should go sort of like “Hey, can you meet me in the library before school?”
    Getting him alone will let him know you mean serious business. And since his friends aren’t around you won’t have the distracting “You ready to go, mate?” thing going on.
  • Phrase it in a way that seems like it’s a mutual decision, not a command. “We should go out,” sounds like you are a Sultan and he is your slave. “I was thinking that, since we get along so well, we should go to Olive Garden on Friday,” sounds like fun. And like he’s not your slave.
    By just casually asking if he wants to go to dinner makes the start of  a relationship happen, and if he says yes, he’s basically laying it all on the table and saying, “Yeah, I like you too.”
  • Dress nicely when you do it. Seriously, if you ask him out when you are wearing holey jeans and a ratty sweatshirt, he’s going to take one look at how you take care of yourself and say no. However, if you’re wearing clean, intact clothes, you have a slightly higher chance he’ll say yes.
    If sounds funny compared to the stereotype of messy boys, but guys really do care if you look nice or not. He doesn’t want a girlfriend who looks like she’s never heard of a washer or a brush. He wants someone who knows how to put herself together so that she can take care of him too.
  • Look him in the eyes. It makes a big difference when you ask someone a question and you’re staring at their shoes than when you’re looking at their eyes. (A tip: If you have trouble making eye contact, stare at the space between their eyes. It looks exactly the same.)
    A guy wants to connect with you, so give him one. Eye contact is the easiest way to let him see that you really like him and think you’d make a great couple.
  • Be yourself. Yeah, we’re going to get mushy here, but really do be yourself. When you ask someone out, you need to give them the real you. Not the girl you wish you were or the girl you think he’d like better than you. If he’s going to date you, then show him who you really are. A good relationship is a truthful relationship.
    By just letting all your (cute) little quirks get in the middle of your conversation, he’ll see what a genuine person you are and be excited that such a great person is asking him out!

And those are my tips on asking a boy out! I hope they are helpful to you on your endeavors into the world of dating. If you just calmly say, “Hey, I really like you. Would you like to go bowling on Saturday?” chances are there could be a relationship brewing. Please leave in the comments if these tips worked for you or any other questions you might have on this topic.

Also, something I thought of! If this, or my last post on the topic, helped you snag your little boyfriend, send me an email at of a picture of you two. I would love to see the happy couples I’ve helped create!

So yeah, there’s that. I wanted to thank you all for reading because what I’m doing here, this whole blogging thing, it’s what I love most about my life. I love blogging and reading your comments and just getting to know these great people just through my writing. Thank you all for just being the best audience ever!



497 thoughts on “How to Tell a Boy You Like Him (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

      1. Morgan,
        I really like this guy in my class. There is going to be a school dance soon and I was planning on asking him out…. BUT I’M JUST TOO SHY! Are there any tips on asking guys out and overcoming fear? PLEEAASE HELP ME!

    1. the guy i like is from facebook.we used to go on a boarding together during middle school and a lot of friends use to tease us because they thought we were cute couples but from high school we went to different schools.In recent days i saw him on facebook and i realised i really like him but he had a girlfriend.please help me..

      1. Alice,
        In life, you shouldn’t forget that there will be obstacles. Same goes with soccer. There is always gonna be a goal keeper. Its about how you get around it and tell him you like him. When doing so, don’t be too straightforward and try to snatch his girl away. You know society will give you a term for that. Instead just notify him telling him that you like him once upon a time and that its starting to grow again. I have been between two girls who liked me which turned quite nasty. whatever his decision just accept it because always remember you are worth more than what you think you are.
        Good luck 🙂

        1. Chelsy Joly,

          I had the same problem with my boyfriend! If he texts you somewhat frequently then he’s probably interested in you. If not, then try to text him more and hang out as often as you can one-on-one.

          Morgan xx

    2. Hi Morgan! I have a crush. And he is my cousin! He is 5-6 years older than me…He acts like very weird around me…he stares at me and laughs at my stupid jokes and compliments my dressing. I don’t really know if he likes me! I want to tell him but cant and feel like he will reject. I am also scared he will tell my family and there will be a bad fight…I want to do something but cant! He is very cute and dreamy…I need help! I feel too shy to tell him and cant write a note because he might read it and throw it away and someone else will see it…Please Morgan help me !

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  3. The guy i like is someone who hasn’t shown any interest in me other than a few glances here and there. We went to middleschool together and now where in highschool. So i don’tknow if it’s too late

      1. There’s a boy in my class who I have fancied for quite a while now but I’m to scared to ask him out,I tried to take your advice but I can’t do it… HELP!!!!!!!

      1. I really like this boy but I am to scared to ask him and during school my friends keep hanging around me like flies and I don’t want to say it and get rejected and make friends laugh and embarrass myself what should I do?

        1. Keely,

          Ask your friends if you can go on your own. You should be able to walk around by yourself. Then I would definitely get him alone and talk to him that way. All you really have to do is ask and the chance of anyone getting offended is small. Go for it!

          Hope I’ve helped!
          Morgan xx

  4. bareMinerals
  5. bareMinerals
  6. I like your advice! But I need help!
    Everytime j like a guy, I can never tell him (I am scared of rejection) and I am in high school. Well I get this stupid idea to text the guy from an unknown number and tell him. And It alway causes problems and is creepy! How can I stop this vicious cycle? And ht can I do to get out of it if i do it again?

    1. Madi,

      Yikes! You’ve got quite the problem. I completely understand the fear of rejection (you are talking to the girl who only applied to universities she had a fair share of getting into.) What you have got to do is completely stop using that number (it’s super creepy) and actually go up to the guy and tell him how you feel. It’s literally the only way to make this better.

      Hope I’ve helped!


        1. rylee,

          If he says he doesn’t like you then it doesn’t matter because there are a lot more fish in the sea and you don’t need that negativity in your life.
          Find yourself a boy who deserves someone as awesome as you!

          Morgan xx

  7. bareMinerals
  8. You had really good advice here morgan,but me and my crush are really shy-especially around each other.The guy i like is 16 and i’m 15,and we have known each other for almost six years and he is a friend of the family.I have liked him for years and im so shy that i haven’t made a move yet.Could you offer any suggestions for a shy girl that likes a shy guy?

    1. Briar,

      Did you know that 90% of the people who comment are shy? I am also shy. I’m so shy that when I tell people that I like someone their first reaction is to say, “You like him? You barely even look at him.” True story.
      If both of you are shy, the trick really is to just talk. You don’t have to say you like him, but just talk. Bring up a mutual band you like or something. Get talking and while you are talking, touch his arm as if by accident or flip your hair over your shoulder. The best is to bite you lip. That trick is super attractive on both genders. Those are the best ways to initiate this kind of thing without being really forward.

      Hope I’ve helped!

    2. I read your blog all the time. I check it on a regular basis. Then I think of my blog and how your life seems so much more exticing than mine. Keep writing! I will comment more. Usually I just laugh or cry right along with you!Love, Bonnie

  9. bareMinerals
  10. I really like someone but I’m worried about them because when they smile they’re eyes are sad and it’s like they are upset about something. What do i do?

        1. rylee,

          Don’t be afraid, boys are as afraid of girls as girls are afraid of boys. If you know him then it should be no problem talking to him.

          Morgan xx

          1. Morgan I have a crush I knew him since fourth grade but I don’t know how to talk to him I have sent notes I know its childish but we’re to shy to talk to each other He knows I like him but I just don’t know how to approach him

          2. Anonymous,

            If he knows you like him, go right up to him and talk to him. It’s okay to be shy, but if you want to get anywhere with this crush you need to talk to him in person.

            Morgan xx

  11. bareMinerals
  12. I like someone but I think they might be upset sbout something. i want to help them but im too shy. what do i do?

  13. bareMinerals
  14. I like a boy ( I’m in middle school ) and sometimes I find him looking at me but then when I look at him he looks away and I’m not even sure anymore if he was looking at me or in my direction. Me and him are really good friends and I don’t want to ruin our friendship or anything. But I like him and he might like me too. Another problem is that I have another good friend that’s good friends with the the first guy I like and I like him too! What do I do?!

  15. bareMinerals
  16. I like a boy like really bad from grade grade 10 now. I day dream about him….im slightly taller than him how do i expres ma self!!! I need help

    1. Sasha,

      Wait, so are you in Grade 10 and he’s in Grade 7 or are you both in Grade 10 and you’ve liked him since Grade 7? That’s a question I just would like clarified.

      And I’m going to give you the same advice I give everyone who asks me this question: Talk to him. Just strike up any old conversation. I know it’s scary but there isn’t any magical buzzer that makes him notice you.

  17. bareMinerals
  18. bareMinerals
  19. i feel hopeless in the situation that i am in, idk what to do. i am 19 this guy is 24. he used to party with my older siblings and hung out with my cousin, i saw him at my cousins funeral this past week and idk what happened i all of a sudden had feelings for him. im scared of rejection always have been. idk what to do. i just feel like there is no way to tell him without making a fool of myself. hes in rehab right now so i guess i have sometime but im hopeless, help?

    1. jessicahance93,

      In my opinion, a relationship with him sounds like bad news. Find someone who isn’t in rehab. It sounds like that would be best for you.

      1. That’s how I started talking to him was about him bein in rehab. Cause I told him I wa proud of him for being clean for 2 months now.

  20. bareMinerals
  21. I have a friend that I really lke! I act as if were going out secretly. I am worried if I tell him I like him he might spread a roumor around the whole school!!!! I have discreetly asked him of he liked me and he said no but it was on a note so he could of lied! We hang out alot and I think he likes me but I don’t know!!! Lately he has been getting more and more talkive to me and closer. my question is, how do I know if he likes me or how do I ask him out without him telling everyone or him telling his best friend and his best friend telling?

    1. Ella,

      I guess the best thing to do is to ask if he likes someone very discreetly. In conversation mention that so-and-so is attractive or something and slip in and ask if he likes anyone. If he likes someone else, he’ll probably say, and if he says he doesn’t, it either means he doesn’t or he likes you. If he blushes rather profusely it’s because he likes you.

      1. Well I asked him if he likes me and he said no but it wasn’t a normal reaction he goes really weird around me!!! What do I do!!!!!!

          1. Ok he does that all the time!!! What do I do like I think he likes me but then I think he likes someone else

          2. Ok I get that and really thx for helping me but it just makes me sad cus’ I really like him! But I kind of didn’t mention this because it’s only just came up…….. Well I mentioned his friend, ever since I have been hanging out with the guy I like his friend has been acting really werod around me too! But this reaction is more of the ‘trying to get my attention and smiling’ sort of thing! I know Must be borthering you but my mum doesn’t care and my dad isn’t open to walking about this stuff. Your my only hope Morgan! Help me!!

          3. Maybe the friend likes you and the guy you like doesn’t want to break bro code and say he likes you. I’d talk to the friend.

          4. hey morgan! thanks for telling me to wait! i now have a boyfriend! he is a differnt guy but yeah thanks!

  22. bareMinerals
  23. Hi, I’m a rising sophmore this year and I think I ruined my friendship with my previous crush by confessing. We’d been friends since the very first day of school he and I sat next to each other. He always took my things and teased in a matter in which i thought he’d like me back. He use to stare at me often even when I caught him. We spoke less and lost contact when our seats were rearranged. Then as a confession I drew him and the things I liked about him. I’m an artist. In the note it said of me liking him but i hesitated and said it stopped. I followed by asking him to burn it after reading. Stupid yes I’m aware. Months later he still never spoke again till last weeks of school I wrote sorta a love/goodbye letter to him and showed it in person uploaded in my kindle. It spoke of my feelings for him and why i shyed away. No respond was ever given after that. My question is how do i respond to seeing him again after all the foolish things I’ve done and how to act? Did I mess up by confessing too soon? School starts in September. He may be my classmate once again. I apologize for the length of this message. Thank you.

  24. bareMinerals
  25. I’m 11 and going into 5th grade. I really like a guy and lots of people say I’m too young to have a boyfriend, and others say I need one. Am I too young to ask my dream guy out?

    1. Anonymous,

      No offense, but at 11 you really should be hanging out with your friends. If you like someone, go ahead and say something, but enjoy being 11 and spending time with your girls. There’s time for boys later.


  26. bareMinerals
  27. I’m 11 and lots of people say I’m too young to date but there is a guy I really like. Am I too young to ask a boy out, and should I?

    1. Emma,

      You’re 11 and in my opinion you should spend time with your girls. There’s plenty of time to be with boys later. But if you’re really into one, go ahead. But if you’re not, hold out a few years.


  28. bareMinerals
    1. Well excuse me Cc but I actually did. Days ago. Here was your answer.


      Hi! Thanks for your message. I’m sorry this is happening to you, it doesn’t sound fun. My advice is to just go up to him and lay all the cards on the table. Avoid the awkwardness that is going to inevitably happen by just getting it out of the way. He’ll say how he feels and if he doesn’t feel the same, you can just go forwards. We all make mistakes when we’re that young, and the best thing to do is to take the mature action.


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  30. bareMinerals
  31. Hi Morgan…
    My name is Memorie…
    I am 14 and I am in the boys and girls club…
    a few weeks ago I went to my first day of boys and girls club…
    I met this Wonderful Guy And I don’t know if it is too early to start talking to him like you have told others to…
    Is it too early??

    1. Memorie,

      Hello! It is never too early to talk to someone! And by being the first one to break the ice, you seem confident and boys find that very attractive.
      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

      1. you have and tomorrow i go back to the boys and girls club and yesterday i was flirting with him and the next time he came up to me he was behind me and he tickled me! (on the side)
        one question though… does that give a hint that he likes me?
        thx for all your help

          1. how do I tell him I like him back?
            Do I say it when hes alone or when hes with his friend or do I tell his friend first? #help

          2. Memorie,

            I’d give it a week or two to just spend time with him. Then you can go along saying you like him and such. And when you do, DO NOT TELL HIS FRIENDS. Get him alone in a neutral, natural setting (such as when you two are alone already, not when you’re pushed everyone away) and then tell him.

          3. What happens if he makes the first move? What happens if he says he likes me and what do I tell him?

          4. Memorie,

            If you like him, you say, “I like you too” and take it from there. If you don’t, say, “I’m flattered but I don’t feel the same.”
            And if he makes a movie (kissing, hugging, etc.) do what feels natural to you (kiss/hug back, push him off, etc.)

          5. thankyou soooooo much….I cant wait to see what will happen!#soohappy Thankyou morgan! I will let you know what happens!!:))

  32. bareMinerals
      1. jk lol I wouldnt do that! lol
        thanks #thanksforadviceMorgan
        p.s. I will totally let you know what happens tomorrow!!!

  33. bareMinerals
  34. I’m 13 and I really like a guy, but I’m afraid to tell him because I don’t want to ruin our friendship. What do I do?

  35. bareMinerals
  36. Hi,Morgan its me again!!
    I would like to let you know that he was flirting with me and so was his friend and they both hugged me goodbye today and we were playing truth or dare and one of them asked me which one of them i would date…
    well, i said i would have to think about that one and the boys reaction was: have you ever kissed a guy?
    i said: no
    both of them said at the same time:
    we can change that!
    i totally FREAKED out when i got home!! What should i do?

    1. Memorie,

      Geez girl, you are in every girls dream situation! First off, do you also like the friend? Because if you do you should back off for a while because getting in a love triangle can be messy. If you don’t, I suggest pulling the boy you like aside and saying that you like him. He’s made his intentions pretty clear.

      Hope I’ve helped and keep me posted! What I wouldn’t do to be in your shoes!

      1. thanks! I do not like tthe other guy…
        i would give him a chance if he asked me out but i do not like him in that way! Thank you Morgan!
        Talk To You Later!

  37. bareMinerals
  38. Hi Morgan, Me Again,
    Problem: the friend asked me out!!
    He asked me and i told him that i liked him as a friend earlier today then while i was at the boys and girls club he asked me

    him: would you go out with me?

    I didnt know what to say i have never
    been asked out…I have always made the first move but, it never worked!!
    now im stuck!!
    i don’t know how to say no without hurting him!!!!!!! #plzHELP!!
    *gasp for air*
    sorry for such looong note!!

    1. Say that you only see him as a friend but you are flattered. Be polite as rejection is hard but make it clear that he is only a friend in your eyes. Don’t say anything about liking someone else

      1. thanks,
        I also found out that the first guy (that i liked) already likes a girl her name is marley!
        Should I back off???
        I dont wanna mess our friendship up!! but the friend wants to go out with me!!

        1. Memorie,

          Okay, I’m going to try my hardest here. This isn’t the most perfect advice, but bear with me!

          In all honesty, don’t go out with the friend. 1) Leading people on is wrong and 2) If you do, the guy you like might think you like his friend and never be interested.
          As for the Marley situation, I don’t think you should back off. I think that you should do everything you’re already doing. Time will only tell how this is going. As I don’t know any of them personally, this advise is purely my own take.


  39. bareMinerals
  40. Ok so this guy I like I have known since 7th grade and we are in 8th now and he’s always teased me and this year he hugged me like a bunch if times every day so people think we’re dating but we aren’t and he wants to be an actor and he got his friends to tell me he likes me but that kind of puts me under pressure because I don’t want to be embarrased. Is he acting??

  41. bareMinerals
  42. Hi I like this boy in a higher year we’ve talked and hes smiled at me but my other friends like him aswell …. I dont know how I could ask him out without hurting my friends and making myself embarrassed
    .. help me plz im stuck !

  43. bareMinerals
  44. other ideas. sit next to the boy. it doesn’t matter where (in class, at lunch, library, before school, after school, on the bus. write him a note on paper. (not only will he know for sure, but he’ll have a keepsake from you.) get a friend to tell him (even better if it’s one of his friends). hold his hand. this may seem really scary, but it’s a lot less scary than doing something he might take the wrong way, like sitting in his lap. tease him a little. just a little, don’t do anything trampy like hanging on him or sexting, not only will it reflect badly on you, it could get you into big trouble.
    i was in school too.

  45. bareMinerals
  46. I loved your advise!
    But I don’t know if it will help a 11 year old girl that likes another 11 year old boy I really like him but we used to go out but we broke up because he started to be a bus rider and we could never really see each other
    So since we’re in the same class now I want to try to date again and he still has feelings for because I can just tell, but he hasn’t asked me out yet so I’m trying to think of a way to do that but I don’t want to make it awkward and weird and stuff like that so what do I do?!

  47. bareMinerals
  48. I am 13
    .There is a boy I really like and he liked me but he suddenly stared saying mean things to me over kik. I told his mother got him banned from his ipod for a few weeks. He said sorry to me using my name. I thought there was no chance for us but then his friend who catchs my bus started saying things about him to me like if he asked you out would you say yes. I don’t know if he still likes me or not.

  49. bareMinerals
  50. Hi it’s me again
    The boy I like goes to another school
    But he used to catch my bus and I got butterflies so much and he would blush
    Then our bus became to full so they moved him to another bus
    I really like him and we talk on kik but don’t see each other except through the bus window
    Like I told you before his friends ask me questions
    What should I do because I really like him

  51. bareMinerals
  52. Hey I am a girl, and I have liked this guy since the 4th grade, and now I am in 7 th. I have his number, and we ride the same bus, but I can’t ever talk to him.

    1. Kate,

      Hello! I suggest to find creative ways to talk to him. I obviously do not know you personally and don’t know your schedule, but I suggest maybe going out of your normal way and routine in an attempt to talk to him.

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for advice, and I also got advice from a friend. Since we r in the same class, I text him through school text, not personal. Anyway thanks for answering 🙂

  53. bareMinerals
  54. Hey it is me again, so I say I was going to ask him to hangout with me, and a few othe people. Where would be a good place to go.
    Like outdoors, or indoors,I have no idea.
    I you can give me some ideas that would be great, but I you can’t that’s ok.
    So thanks again for answering my question, it has really helped 🙂

  55. bareMinerals
  56. Hey, I have liked a guy for awhile(like,for about 2 years) now, but just realized it within the past couples of months. I’m am worried to tell him though. We usually just communicate over the internet,because he’s actually in the military. I want so badly to tell him how I feel, but I am too scared. What should I do?

  57. bareMinerals
  58. Hi i’ve like this one guy that was in the same class with last year but im too shy to tell him beacause he is always around friends and i would be too embaressed to tell him please help

  59. bareMinerals
  60. Hi Morgan!(Its me agian with an update and seeking some more advice)

    So I took your advice and it turned out another boy had liked me for quite a while! Ever since we told each other its been great! were in our third week now and he has started to get really clingy! You see none of my friends know yet so were trying to just act like friends but maybe just a little more than friends! Anyway so he has started say “hey” oto me every time I see him and he always sits near me! please help me Morgan!He said that he is going to ask me to be his girlfriend in the holidays but I want to tell him to be not as clingy before than! The holidays are in 6 weeks. HELP ME MORGAN WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ella,

      You really have to use your words. Tell him, “As much as I like you, let’s remember that we have other friends and other things going on. I still want to be with you, but I don’t want to lose focus of other things.”

      1. Thank Morgan!
        I will try! My friend was wondering as well if it is normal for the guy you like to like you little sitter (she is 7).

  61. bareMinerals
  62. cool thank I will tell my friend! I will let you know on Monday how i go with the situation I am in Thanks!

    From Ell

  63. bareMinerals
  64. Im a guy in middle school. A couple of years ago i asked out this girl and i got rejected. Recently ive been catching her staring at me, alot. She gets all nervous when i go near her, but suddenly she just stopped. Do u think she lost interest or do u think she thinks i dont like her( im shy she may have been taking my reactions wrong)

    sorry for bothering u but it was making me loose sleep.Thanks!

    1. Anonymous,

      You are not bothering me. In my opinion, she probably thinks you aren’t interested and that made her lose interest. No girl wants to chase a guy who isn’t into her. My suggestion is to catch her eye and smile. Show her that you have interest. It’s the simplest way to do it.

      Hope I’ve helped!

  65. bareMinerals
  66. bareMinerals
  67. this guy lives in Michigan we Skype each other and it has been a while we r like friends. I came out to like him what do I do or tell him! help me!

  68. bareMinerals
  69. help pls! So the story is that i really like this guy in my math class. He’s super smart, good looking, funny, and i sat next to him for about a month at the beginning of the year and we became pretty good friends and even began walking to our class together. So after a month we switched seats and i realized that i liked him, A LOT. Ever since then, the only time that we really get to talk to each other is during the minute we spend walking together to class and one or two occasions where he walked me to my bus stop and waited until it came. Other than that I dont talk to him at all even though i want to and i try to act “cool” and be discreet so whenever i see him during passing period i pretend as if i didnt notice him. I also dont even have his # and talk to him on fb ( but im super paranoid so i only send him msgs asking what the math hw is 🙁 ). I thought that he liked me because everytime we talked he seemed to be having a lot of fun and we spent a bunch of time laughing like maniacs and i see him staring at me every now and then, not to mention once when i passed by one of his friends ( who i dont even really know) he yealled out ” hey it’s blank’s girlfriend!” but due to previous experience I kept myself from getting my hopes up too high and reading too much into everything. So it’s almost the end of the semester and i found out that he’s not gonna be in my class next sem. b/c he’s joining baseball and i was pretty bummed about that b/c he’s 2 years younger than me O.O so if he leaves this class we’ll probably never talk again since he’s always with his friends and we don’t have any other classes together. So the other day i got contacts and later that night he messaged me on fb asking why i didnt have my glasses and after we have a casual conversation until he suddenly asked me if i wanted to go get starbucks with him. I told him sure but about 5 minutes later he messaged me back saying he couldnt go b/c he cant find his gift card o.o. NOOOOOOO~ . I told my friends and they said not to read too much into it just in case. Basically, do you think he likes me? I wanna tell him i like him but im afraid he wont feel the same way and his friends are gonna find out and ill look like some freaky cougar. I’ve also been trying to get clues here and there about whether or not he likes me and i wanna take the chance of messaging him and asking why he asked me to starbucks when he had a billion other friends to go with.Does he like me? What do i dooooooo~??? BTW sry this is super long but i felt like i had to put every detail i could recall. thankss

    1. Anonymous,

      Wowza! I think he likes you, but is nervous to say anything because of the age difference. Don’t go right out and say you like him, but like he did with Starbucks, ask him out for something seemingly casual. Ask him on facebook if he’s seen some movie, and if he hasn’t, you should suggest you go together! It’s also a good way to get his number and to see each other more if you won’t have class together next term (by the way, baseball – tres sexy) and continue from there. Find a way to make more of a connection.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

      1. oh my goshhhhh, thanks for the reply but Im really really shy when it comes to asking people out on a date or anything of the sort 🙁 . Also do you think I should ask why he asked me out for starbucks? (b/c like I said earlier w’re not that close outside of math class and he has a bunch of other people he could go with). Im also conflicted because even though we talk and everything he spends a lot of time with his friend during class and doesn’t approach me too often and not to mention he’s really nice to everybody not just me. Also,lately we havnt been walking together and havent spoken to each other after he asked me out 🙁

        1. kim920,

          Here’s the deal: He probably assumes you aren’t interested at this point. And you’re not asking him out, you’re making it seem completely platonic. Seriously, go message him and be like, “Have you seen Catching Fire?” and if he says no, you go, “Me either. We should go see it, I’ve heard it sounds good.”
          Or make the move to walk with him to class. Just see him when you’re walking and be like, “Hey stranger!”
          Honestly, just make it seem friendly. He’s probably shy because you are older and he tried asking you out and it didn’t work.

          Hope I’ve helped!
          Morgan xx

  70. bareMinerals
  71. So I have a dilema.theres this guy I like we’ll actually I’ve known him my whole life because he used to hang out with my brother.we recently started talking but just as friends.i don’t know if he likes me or not but I’m scared to tell him because I don’t want him to just completely stop talking to me.what do I do????

    1. Ashley,

      This post is kind of my only tips I have on what you’re asking. I would follow this tips the best way you can for your situation. And if you don’t want to say anything outfront about your feelings, I would just casually ask him if he likes anyone and go from there.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

    2. Hey ashley!,

      I may sort of be taking over morgans job (sorry morgan) but I have somthing that can help. I was once in the same situation and now after a long time of waiting he is now my boyfriend! look if you really feel as though your close to him ask him if he would keep and secrect and not tell anyone! ask him to promise and then ( if or when you are privet) tell him you like him! Then ask him if he likes you back. if he says no but talks to you the next day that might mean he likes you. if so the next day, tell him that he can tell you anything and then ask him if he like you again!
      hope this helps!
      p.s Morgan would there be anyway we could get in touch so that I could talk to you about possibly helping uyou in this site as I to would like to be a jounalist and also do photography. If you give me you email I can send you a sample if you give me something to write aboput

  72. bareMinerals
  73. Well, I like this guy, he’s my year and I have tech lessons with him (home ec, graphics, systems and resistant materials) and he always go’s out of his way to help me… But he’s also considered a popular where as I’m kinda considered a trouble maker and have had a lot of issues with bullying. I’m not exactly pretty either and all his friends hate me because I got the main leader of the gang in trouble for sexual assault. I’m worried if I ask him out hell laugh in my face or something. I’m 13 and only have a little experience…

    1. Millie,

      If you like this guy, I think the best you can do is to go out of your way to invite him to something that isn’t in school. If he agrees, then I think it is safe to ask him out. But if he doesn’t, or seems uncomfortable that you asked, maybe it is best to back off. Try that and see what happens.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  74. bareMinerals
  75. Hi Morgan,
    I like a guy who’s in my year. We have almost every lesson together and we sit next to each other in everything. We have become really good friends and I can’t tell if he likes me or not. He has some really immature friends and they are very childish when it comes to liking people. My best friend liked one of them and they told almost everyone in our year. But anyway, I am too shy to tell him that I like him because all his friends will tell everyone. I think he likes me back but I’m not too sure. I also have a feeling that he likes my best friend. It worries me that if we ever went out, it would spoil our relationship and we will never become friends again. He is quite popular though. I put a photo on Instagram of a quote aiming it at him but not saying it and he said thanks, so what is that all about? Please can you tell me what to do in this situation. Also he is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

    Emma xxxxxxxxx

    1. Emma,

      It sounds like there are a lot of mixed signals going on right now. I know it’s scary to face the fact that you might be teased, but I believe you need to say how you feel for any confusion to be alleviated. I don’t know this guy and what he is thinking, so I think the best thing to do is to talk to him, and if you are really worried about him saying something, just say, “Can we keep this between us?” because it truly is a private thing between two people.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  76. bareMinerals
  77. im 14nd ive known dis guy 4 some yrs now.we lost contact but later found ourselves on a socialnetwork im in lov with dis guy but i dont know how to tell him that i would like to meet him .pls help

  78. bareMinerals
    1. shalom,

      There really isn’t an appropriate way to tell someone you love them on a social network. I’m not exactly sure how to help you out. Sorry. Social networking, and a relationship over the internet, is a little hard to work with.


  79. bareMinerals
  80. bareMinerals
  81. Hey Morgan,
    I have a problem. I like a guy who kinda knows I’m there in a way since we both share an english class, but we never talk. I don’t know when I started liking him, but I get a tight feeling in my chest and butterflies in my stomach if I’m even near him. I want to talk to him, I really do but I have bad social anxiety issues that makes me “over think” most things in my life (cause from bulling in elementary and middle school) I cant even think of confessing to him without thinking of him telling his friends and laughing or most of the negative stuff.

    I have spent a week wanting to give him a love letter I prepared but I make immediate steps back when I even get to his locker. My friend suggested just leaving the love letter and my phone number inside his locker but wouldn’t be creepy or am I just over-thinking this?

    how exactly can I tell a guy i like him without creeping him out as an almost total stranger?

    1. randomgeniusjay,

      Hey! Thanks so much for your comment. As someone who also has major social anxiety issues, I completely understand where you are coming from. So I will try my very best to help you!

      First, don’t leave him a letter. It just…it’s not good. Instead, just go up to him sometime when he’s at his locker. You might not chat much, but create the opportunity. If he spends time at his locker after school, try to hang out there checking your phone a few lockers down. Then catch his attention and smile and repeat several times. Then go up to him one time and ask him if he understood the english assignment. Or when you leave english class and happen to walk out near him, catch his attention and ask him if he understood the book you are reading. Or, a personal favorite of mine, “accidentally” drop a pencil near him. When he goes to pick it up, rush to grab it yourself and instant conversation starter. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to drop it. I can be so clumsy. I promise to not throw pencils at you anymore.” he’ll laugh because of how harmless it is and you can find your in.

      But yeah, try to create conversation.

      Morgan xx

  82. bareMinerals
  83. So, I really like this boy in my class and we’re like REALLY good friends. A few days ago he asked out this girl named Ashley and she hasn’t confirmed it yet. But today last period rumors went around that she said no. He still believes it and if it isn’t true I want to tell him how I feel A.S.A.P!
    Problem is, I’m SUPER shy when it comes to talking about relationships. I can’t tell him to his face because I’m really scared of being rejected. (By the way I can’t ask him for dinner or anything outside of school!) So how should I tell him, I’m super nervous and I really need advice on this.
    And also a lot of his good friends have been asking me if I like him and he’s right there so naturally, I say no. I’m scared that my immediate “No” got to him.
    Sorry I wrote a novel! But can you help me?!
    Thanks c:


    1. Jasmine,

      So, upon reading your message, I basically got that you like a guy who’s into someone else. But don’t let that discourage you, as feelings change.
      My suggestion is to not tell him how you feel if the Ashley thing is still in the works. If they work out, leave it alone, if they don’t, don’t touch it for a few weeks. If you do it now it won’t go across very well. And when you do tell him, the best way is to do it in a setting you feel comfortable in.
      As for your immediate “No,” I think that you should take it with a grain of salt. He probably understands that it was an uncomfortable situation.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  84. bareMinerals
  85. Hey morgan, It’s me Memorie.
    I see you put a “post comment”
    button up. Lols.
    It turns out that he didn’t go
    through my purse after all.
    but, I kinda wanna tell him that I
    like him, but I’ve been hearing
    things from my friends that he has a
    girlfriend in highschool but,
    I don’t believe it. I kinda don’t want
    to. yesterday, as I told you he -said-
    that he went through my purse but,
    He’s been acting strange around me.
    And He might have overheard my
    friend and I talking about well..him.
    I think thats why hes been acting strange. but, then again there
    also may be another reason I can
    think of….

    1. Memorie,

      Honestly, I think you should just ask him if he is seeing anyone. Start the conversation. See what he says from there and then make whatever move you deem appropriate.

      Morgan xx

  86. bareMinerals
  87. well, okay but, today we had a
    concert (we’re both in concert choir
    together.) and I had a solo and
    I kinda messed up in front of
    EVERYONE and I felt like I screwed
    EVERYTHING up. I cryed and then,
    when we were done singing
    (I have this really good talent of
    crying and singing…I guess…)
    he was THE ONLY one (AND THE
    FIRST) who was comforting me.
    and when I was done crying, I felt
    his shoe kinda “pet” mine…
    you know?
    (It felt akward but, nice.)
    And Then he playfully teased me.
    Then, he asked me if I was okay.
    I said yea.
    what I wanted to say was…
    Of course I’m okay I got you!
    but, there were hundreds of people
    around me. and plus my grandpa was
    there and yea. he doesn’t agree with
    my choice of boys. my grandma does
    though. so, my question is:
    Is the “petting” and Jokingly teasing a sign That he might like me?

  88. bareMinerals
  89. I like this guy and I used to sit next to him and he would like touch me (Arm next to arm, leg touching) and we used to talk and play around but now if I don’t talk to him , he doesnt talk to me, and whenever we see eachother we look like were about to say something but just glance and move on. Please help 🙂

    1. Jillian,

      He might feel that you don’t reciprocate the feelings. I would suggest going out of your way to talk to him to bring back the old feelings.

      Morgan xx

  90. bareMinerals
  91. Please, HELP ME!!!!!!! I like this guy, and its complicated…….. We were friends at the beginning of the school year, then I liked him, then I didn’t. Then my friend like him, and she asked him out ( she’s SOO much better at this things) and he said no…….. And I’m afraid if I tell him, then I’ll be rejected. And my friend keeps saying “TELL HIM!” We get along and everything, I think he likes me, cause there are subtle glances, but I’m not an expert!!!! I just need help.

    1. Brooke,

      I think you should tell him. It seems very awkward, but it is a good way to get everything out in the open, and if you feel that he likes you, it’s a great way to get things started! But start with a very casual get together, like asking to get coffee or to join you on a trip to the shops.

      Morgan xx

      1. Brooke,

        Hello, its Ella.
        I thought I might be able to help with you situation…
        firstly, Morgan is right and so is your friend you need to tell him but don’t do this straight away. As Morgan said invite him out for coffee or to the mall and get to know him better and connect. Trust me I know it is scary telling a guy you like him ( I have done this before) but most of the time even though he might not like you back, it brings you a lot closer! But even when you tell him you need to (as Morgan once told myself) you need to wait it out! I waited a year for a guy who I told I like to admit he had feelings for me the whole time… and now he is my boyfriend.
        good luck
        Elle xx

  92. bareMinerals
  93. bareMinerals
  94. Morgan,
    The boy that I was talking about last
    time…well, I told him. but, HE SAYS
    I do act nervous and a little shy
    around him (and my (and his) friends
    say that I blush around him and
    laugh ALOT)
    And one of my friends asked him if
    he liked me and he said yes but ever since then hes been avoiding me…
    I wonder whats going on in
    that cute little mind of his?!
    My Question should I go for it????

    1. Memorie,

      GO FOR IT! You go up to that boy and you say, “Hey, I like you. Wanna go out?” And I promise you results shall happen.

      Hope I’ve helped,
      Morgan xx

        I will! but, I can tell you this my heart skips a beat when I see him
        or talk to him during school.
        ONE question though. What if he asks me out first? I mean I know
        I obviously say yes but, like then

          1. Thankyou Anyways!
            You have helped me so much and
            I am ready for this Monday!
            I Will tell you what happens!

  95. bareMinerals
  96. i am 11 and i like a boy he is younger though he is mature and my friends think i am crazy but i just got through with this jerk and i feel like i need someone i need help i think he likes me he has asked me too come to his b-ball games and stuff im confused can anyone help me ?

  97. bareMinerals
  98. Morgan,
    I need Major help!
    He likes Me and Another girl..
    But he also says hes confused
    I want to tell him I am too.
    Should I?
    The other girl that he likes
    used to be my best friend and then I moved and lost contact and blah.
    so yea. What Do I Do???

    1. Memorie,
      If he’s confused tell him that you understand and you will let him decide. Don’t pressure him at all. Just let him know you are there.

      Hope I’ve helped,
      Morgan xx

  99. bareMinerals
  100. I have this boy I reeeeeaaaallllly like. But major problem! I’m 90% sure my BFF likes him too. We’re all classmates! What should I do????
    I know you’re going to laugh or something but I like this guy SO MUCH that I even daydream about him! I feel like my friendship with my BFF is falling apart just because we like the same boy! BTW, my BFF doesn’t know I know that she likes him or that I like him 😀

    1. Isabelle,

      You need to talk to your BFF. Liking the same guy is hard, and I have a feeling if you talk to your friend all of your problems will be solved. That way you can both work together to keep your friendship and decide what to do about the guy.

      Hope I’ve helped,
      Morgan xx

  101. bareMinerals
  102. bareMinerals
  103. Hey, the guy I like is in a higher grade, but we get along great. We are wonderful friends. I will say, that sometimes he shows signs of liking me. For example, he is always willing to talk, plays games with me, and he always sits by me in class. I just don’t how to get us to relationship. I feel like we would have a great chance and an awesome time. I just need to get there. Please help!

    1. Lucy(M),

      Thanks for your comment! My suggestion would just to say something to him. Get him alone and say, “Listen, I like you and I think we could make an awesome couple. How do you feel about our relationship?” and see where it goes from there.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  104. bareMinerals
  105. Morgan, I like a boy at school and I am pretty sure he likes me. How can I tell? should I wait and see if he will tell me?!? please help!!!!

    1. Nathalia,

      Say something to him. Honestly, boys are clueless to our feelings, so by saying that you like him you’ll most likely prompt him to admit his feelings too.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  106. bareMinerals
  107. Morgan, i really like a boy in my class, but im too scared to tell him and show how i feel!!
    HELP ME, what do i do????!!!!

    1. Chloe,

      My advise is to get him alone and talk to him and ask him if he wants to get some food after school or something fun. Best way to do it!

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

      1. Also my mum doesnt know, so i cant ask him that, im too scared to talk in front of his friends. They might think im weird or something!!
        Help me again!!
        From chloexx

        1. Chloe,

          The best way to do anything is just get him alone. There really isn’t much else I can tell you. And I would talk to your mum, she might have advice.

          Hope I’ve helped!

          Morgan xx

  108. bareMinerals
  109. Good advice, but I am beyond scared to ask him out. Im reallllyyyyy shy and my biggest fear is rejction. I also dont wanna ruin our relationship… and the fact that I am a freshman and he is a sophmore makes everything harder as well…

    1. Lacey,

      The advice I give in this article is really all I can give you. It is the best advice for people who are shy. You have to tell yourself you will be fine and talk to him. Otherwise it is a lost cause.

      Morgan xx

  110. bareMinerals
  111. So I like this guy, but only see him at basketball and he is my twin brothers friend… And he just broke up with his girl friend that he hated. What should I do ?

    1. No name,

      Talk to him more! The fact he is your brother’s friend gives you tons of opportunity to talk to him more and lay on your moves!

      Hope I’ve helped,
      Morgan xx

  112. bareMinerals
  113. Hello my name is Sarah. I really like my friend ( he is a boy). I have known him for 2 years.But, I don’t know if he likes me. I am not in a rush to date him I just want to know if he likes me. He is very different form other guys he is not sporty or active. He is a computer guy. And when ever I hang out with him all we do is talk. I try the get him to notice me but that didn’t work. My family knows him. They think he is weird. How do I get close with him?
    Tip to know: I only see him on Thursdays and weekends.

    1. Sarah,

      My suggestion is just to join him in activities that he enjoys. Become a more regular part in his life and he’ll feel more comfortable with you and like he can confide in you more.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  114. bareMinerals
  115. Hi!(: so my friend talked the Guy I like on Fri without telling me first and all I really heard about it was that he thinks I’m pretty and probably will ask me out but he’s not sure because he’s super busy with soccer and cross country and would want to spend time with me. Tomorrows Monday and really nervous because he will probably get really shy and akward knowing him… I also don’t want to ruin our friendship. We are so alike. Its scary and my friends and even teacher say we are soul mates… but my friends told him I really like him, not just like, and I hope that doesn’t creep him out! I’ve liked him this while school year and don’t want to ruin anything! Plus… my parents say I’m not allowed to date and my dad works at my school… I need advice on how to not make it akward and if I should say yes anyway despite my parents BC I really like hi. And not in that childish ooh I have a crush way. I really care about him. A lot. Should I talk to him tomorrow and be like I really don’t want this akward and its OK if u don’t like me blah blah. Help! I need advice soon! Plus Sorry it got cut off…
    Plus… I’ve never had a boyfriend before and so I’m afraid of awkward silences and that such thing? What did you? BTW I’m 14 and almost in 9th. (2 weeks till schools out!!!)

    1. faith,

      Hiya! So, as someone who was once in a very familiar position, I’m going to give you the advice I had been given at that age. So I hope it helps you out.

      While boys are fantastic and wonderful and we want to kiss them like no one’s business, there are so many other important facets of our lives. Is dating this guy going to ruin any of those? If the answer to that is yes, going into anything with him isn’t worth it. If your parents won’t approve and you’re worried that it will ruin a friendship you care about, maybe waiting a few years is the best idea. Yeah, things will happen inbetween and maybe he’ll find someone else, or you will, but you have to take into account what is important for you all over, him or your parents and your friendship.

      Keep those in mind while you make your decision. I can’t tell you what to say (because it is your life and you need to take control of it) but I can give you some things to think about.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  116. bareMinerals
  117. hi so i wanna ask u , this guy studies with me and he kinda used to stare at me but im a really a shyy girl i never talked to him and avoided him a lot (dont even say hi to him!! ) ,i think he’s shy too from what i have noticed and kinda avoids me too even thought i can feel that he likes me , even one time a girl from our classe (wich is not my friend) told me that she caught this guy once seriousely staring at me , and once a guy tried to approach me and he looked so mad he looked like he wanted to hit him ( btw our interets are so similar ) , idont know what to do ,and cant take the first move , im afraid that he will start liking another girl or something :/ plleez HELP

    1. amy,

      Hi! I know you’re nervous about making the first move, so I would suggest maybe just smiling at him and having open body language (uncrossed arms, shoulders back) when you see him, and then he might feel more courageous and talk to you. Try it!

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  118. bareMinerals
  119. I like a girl but she is popular at school and everybody knows me as the coolest guy at school and if i told her she’d laugh and think im joking and tell all her friends which would spread trought out the school and everyone would laugh at me and i’d loose my title 🙁

    1. Mr. Clean,

      I guess I’m confused what your problem is? Are you looking for a way to show her how you feel without her laughing, or what?

      Morgan xx

      P.S. Thank you for being a boy! I love hearing about boy problems too.

  120. bareMinerals
  121. Hey Morgan,
    I go to an all girls school and have never had a boyfriend (I’m 16 btw and never had much luck with boys) and all the guys I know go to all boys schools as well. There is this guy I kind of like but I don’t know him too well. He usually hangs out with the really pretty popular girls from my school (some of them I am friends with but i’m definitely not in ‘the group’). However he occasionally likes my fb photos and we do have some similar interests and I sometimes see him briefly out and about but we are always both with friends. I have something coming up where I might see him but I would be way too scared to approach him.. Anyway do I even have a chance? Is there anything you could suggest even to get a friendship going? I think there is a possibility that he already likes someone though but if he did know me better I feel like that I could be his ‘type’.


    1. Brianna,
      So happy you’ve come here and I shall try to give you some advice!
      Because you don’t see him too often, or alone, I would suggest maybe trying to strike up a conversation on Facebook. Or if you’re in person, make a general comment about what is going on (like if you’re at a school event, talk about that) and see where it leads you. Just try to be friendly and see where it goes. There is definitely a chance.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  122. bareMinerals
  123. Hey Morgan!
    I have A crush On this Guy And
    My Friend Kinda Told Him That I like
    Him And Now He won’t really even
    Talk To his Best Friend When I’m
    around (I’m also the friend’s
    friend) And I’m Wondering If there is
    Any Advice. And Also Do You
    Think he likes me?
    There has been several times when
    he will make me laugh on purpose
    then there was other times when
    he asked me if I needed help with
    a project that was part of a
    compitition (I and my friend was going against him and our
    Does this mean anything?
    Thx XD

    1. Memorie,

      Hey! So, from what you’re telling me, I think he could like you and just not know how to show it. I would suggest trying to be really open and friendly with him and he might make his intentions more clear.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

      1. Hey Morgan.
        Yesterday I was hanging out with my
        Best friend and she told me that her
        and my crush are Cousins and So
        she called him and told him I liked
        him. I most likely said something to her about him already knowing by then. he said “So?” and She asked
        him if he liked me back and (he knew I was right there with her) said
        “Why Should I answer That?” I
        Ran away. I felt as If if he did answer
        he would say no. I don’t know what
        to do. How do I know what he feels
        If he won’t even tell Me Or My best
        friend? Help!

        1. Memorie,

          He probably felt on the spot, especially with such an odd question. Ask him in a different way and you’ll probably get an answer.

          Hope I’ve helped!
          Morgan xx

  124. bareMinerals
  125. Thank you morgan you helped me out slot I got a boyfriend now do you have anything on getting over a boyfriend

    1. Megan,

      Um, let me see if I can help!

      In all honesty, I’ve never had to get over a boy, but I know that busying yourself and focusing on other things really helps. Get involved with new things, or get more involved in what you already do. Keep yourself busy and reorganize your priorities and before you know it it’ll have been over a week since you thought of him.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  126. bareMinerals
  127. bareMinerals
  128. bareMinerals
  129. bareMinerals
  130. This guy that I like told me of this girl that had liked him for 3 years and he had liked her too during part of that time, but he never told her so they never dated. I asked him who he liked around christmas& he said it was complicated& never told me. I want to tell him that I like him, would it be better if I told him in person? My sister& friend have this plan to get us to hangout over the summer& eventually start dating. Help please! Sorry this was so long😁

    1. Hannah,

      Definitely tell him how you feel in person. And make sure you’re alone and he doesn’t feel pressured.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

      1. hI Morgan i love. this guy. but. this guy pretends as if he don’t likes me .why I ask. this question. is because. oneday. i heard. him. telling. his. friend. that if you like a girl just. play.with her and. due to my experience. he was. referring. to me so Morgan do you think. he likes me

        1. rutex,

          There is a good chance he likes you. I believe you should talk to him and give him a chance to explain himself.

          Hope I’ve helped!
          Morgan xx

  131. bareMinerals
  132. I have a crush on a boy and his twin sister (she’s my friend) told me he liked me but my other friend told my she is probably just saying that. Who do I believe? Also we go to different schools but I’ve been told that he told his friends he has a girlfriend called Aimee (he doesn’t have a girlfriend) and Aimee is my name. He admitted to telling his friends that. Does he have a crush on me? How do I tell him I love him as I’m really shy when it comedy to that and when I see him there is always other people around us, please help I don’t know what to do and it’s stopping me from sleeping.


    1. Aimee,

      First off, I’m sorry you can sleep. Hopefully I can get you back to your zzz’s.

      I do think he likes you and doesn’t really know how to make a move. I would suggest maybe saying something to his sister and seeing how that goes.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  133. bareMinerals
  134. Thanks Morgan I will talk to his sister, when I went to bed last night I got into bed at 9 but didn’t fall asleep till 12 I’ve got school tomorrow and won’t see him between now an when I go to bed so might fall asleep during class and have a black eye. (My friend, who made me and my crush friends, hit me really hard on the nose) I spoke to my friend who said tell a friend to speak to him. Thanks again and I can’t wait to zzzz again. When I have spoken to him or his sister I will tell you how it gose.

    Thx Aimee

  135. bareMinerals
  136. I like a boy, and I think he likes me. I am not 100% sure though. Also he is from swimming club so we are never really om our own. I missed my chance at a open meet a few weeks ago when it was just me, my friend and him. Also I am worried that our mums will find out. Got any advice?

    1. Closabelle,

      I would suggest maybe finding him at swimming club and asking if you could talk to him privately. Also, if you’re worried about your mums finding out, maybe pursuing him isn’t in the best interest. But do as you please, it is your life!

      Hope I’ve helped,
      Morgan xx

      1. Thanks for the advice. What does ‘pursuing’ mean?
        Thanks Closabelle.
        By the way Closabelle is just my nickname. I just didn’t want to say my real name online. Plz reply. Closabelle

        1. Closabelle,

          First, I sort of guessed Closabelle wasn’t your name, but I refer to people as what they use in the name box.
          You’re welcome for the advice! So few people say thank you. Pursuing means to go after, or crush on a boy and make a move to make him your boyfriend.

          Morgan xx

          1. Thanks I will try to talk to him when I next see him. He was ment to be at the gala tonight and the one next week but he can’t do either. Shame 🙁
            Ps thanks for being so understanding.

  137. bareMinerals
  138. Morgan you know I was telling you about that boy I was out playing Nurf guns with him and his sis but I was too scared to say anything I’m scared that it will change are friendship what do I do

    1. aimee9stride,

      If you’re worried about that make a pro con list of having the friendship over admitting your feelings and see which list wins. It will help.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  139. bareMinerals
  140. bareMinerals
      1. I really like a boy but he has a girlfriend however his girlfriend is from Sweden so she is here 2 times a year. When we go hangout alone at the park he usually hugs me but last time he kissed me in a cheek and at school when he’s friends are around he acts like we are just friends. My bff tells me that he is just playing me but I love the way he makes me lough so I decided to tell him I like him on the last day of school but how do I do it so that I don’t get rejected also how do I get rid of his girlfriend????
        Please help !!!!!!

  141. bareMinerals
  142. I’ve got his sister on Skype now so I will speak to her on there as I’m better talking to people across the Internet. Thx for all your help one I have told his sister I will tell you the results.
    Thank you ever so much you have helped me so much

    Love Aimee

  143. bareMinerals
  144. So this boy I like ( the same one ( Finn ) I can’t get him out of my mind. I can’t stop thinking about him. To make it worse my friend likes him too. She asked him out though, he said ‘ I’ll think about it’ but never answered. The next day he asked me whether I had a boyfriend. I said no. Then he asked me whether I liked him
    I said ‘ in what kind of way? ‘ He didn’t really answer but he kept on offering me sweets all that day though. The other day my friend ( the one who likes him too) found out I liked him and made me promise I wouldn’t ask him out unless he said no to her. I promised but it’s so hard. I didn’t realise I liked him sooooo much. Sorry it was so long,
    Thanks for reading

    1. Closabelle,

      First off, my mother and I have both agreed that Finn is the best name ever, so go him!
      Secondly, it sounds like he likes you. My suggestion is to talk to him and ask him what his decision is on talking to your friend. Don’t pressure him into answering, just make polite conversation.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  145. bareMinerals
  146. I can’t tell if this guy was flirting with me, but it kinda seemed like he was just looking for a way to talk to me. Looking back, I guess I was a bit cold towards him, but I really wasn’t trying to be. Now I guess I kinda like him but I don’t know what to do.

    1. Anonymous,

      If he started up conversation, it’s definitely a sign that you should go up to him. He made the first move and now you can go talk to him as you please. Say whatever you like.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  147. bareMinerals
  148. This boy (his family and my family are friends) asked me out and now a couple of months later I like him and don’t know how to ask him out and We both have lots of brothers so we are hardly ever alone.

    1. Carls,

      I would suggest maybe just talking to him more when you do have other people around, but definitely try to get him alone.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  149. bareMinerals
  150. bareMinerals
  151. bareMinerals
  152. I’ve actually read your entire list of comments (obsessed ;P) and I thought, since you’ve answered so many other problems I though you could help me with mine –

    I’ve had a crush on a boy in my class for nearly a year (he is really, REALLY cute, and my crush has ‘worsened’ over the last few months) but I am very shy when it comes to feelings. All of my other crushes passed within a month and I am out of my depth when it comes to saying anything to him! I can’t look him in the eye or even talk to him without feeling embarrassed. Asking him out outside of school isn’t an option, I don’t have social networking accounts (I don’t think he does either – what kind of people are we?! ;P) and I can’t speak to him because I’m afraid I’ll say something wrong. One of my friends has offered to ‘discreetly imply’ a couple of things to him and I trust her, but how am I going to actually tell him? If I get it wrong I worry I could be the laughing stock of the entire year (unlikely but possible) and he could stop talking to me entirely – is there anything you can suggest to me or do I sound like a lost cause to you? HELP!
    (Sorry for the long post!)

    1. Jenna,

      Wow, I’m impressed you’ve made it through them all. I can definitely try to help you.

      I don’t think you sound like a lost cause at all. A lot of girls are in a similar situation and find it really hard to talk to their crush. I would suggest maybe making a group outing and asking him to join in (if you feel uncomfortable asking him, ask your friend to do it). It’s the best way to maybe engage in conversation and start something. That’s what I would suggest doing.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  153. bareMinerals
  154. So I really like this guy and I want to tell him that but he likes someone else. So I don’t really know how to do it.

    1. Alex,

      If he likes someone else it’s kind of difficult. I would suggest being a good friend to him and seeing if things pan out. But if you know he likes someone else then it’s best to not put yourself through that pain.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  155. bareMinerals
  156. Well idk what to do I hardly ever see him we go to church together every fifth sunday and we hardly ever talk and last time I saw him I didn’t like him and I tackled him cause we were playing around Morgan plz help me!!!!!

    1. kendall,

      Thanks for your commment. I would suggest being nicer to him and trying not to tackle him and just trying to make more opportunities to talk. That’s the best advice I can give you.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  157. bareMinerals
  158. i like this certain guy at our church and i really want to go out with him but we have never talked before and i dont know where to start from please help

    1. chashe,

      I would suggest just going up to him and saying hi and if you go to church together maybe commenting on the service.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

      1. I really like this guy and have for awhile. he knows and we are both in a summer school program and went to school together. we’re going to highschool this year and I have asked him if he likes me he just won’t answer. My best friend Which also happens to be his cousin says he definitely likes me and as far as I know-SHE HAS NEVER LIED TO ME. What do I do Morgan…gonna go nuts! HELP!!

        1. Memorie,

          If he hasn’t said anything to you yet, it’s probably because he’s nervous about telling you his feelings. Tell him how you feel and see what happens.

          Hope I’ve helped!
          Morgan xx

  159. bareMinerals
  160. i like this other guy at our church but we have never talked before and am i shy to start a conversation with him but i can see it in his eyes that he wants to talk to me but we are all shy.. What should i do?

    1. chashe,

      Just smile and seem friendly and open to conversation. If you’re too uncomfortable to start conversation that’s all you can do.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  161. bareMinerals
  162. I am in 7th grade I like this kid I get real nervous around him and say stupid stuff I am not popular but he kind of is we talked like a little but I think he like by BFF should I just straight out tell him or should I wAit and talk to him a little more my BFF does not live here tho . P.s. It’s summer we r going to the same school going into 7th grade same 6th grade school

    1. Anonymous,

      I think you should just talk to him more. Get to know him a bit better and that way you can figure out who likes you better.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  163. bareMinerals
  164. Morgan,
    Not Much Progress With The Guy I
    Like.(telling Him wise).So, Now My
    Friends All Think He Likes Me.
    They Think This Because:
    EVERY TIME I Sit In Front Of Him
    (alone or w/friends) He Punches My
    Side Of The Seat….They Have Seen
    Him Pull My Braid…They Have seen
    Him Poke Me While I Was Taking A Test And Many..Many Other Times…
    Tomarrow Is My 15th Birthday And
    I Want To Know If YOU Think He
    Likes Me And Should I Go For It.
    Should I Do EVERYTHING I’m Afraid
    Of? Should I Face My Fears? Of
    Getting hurt again? I Know I Should
    But, Is It Worth Getting Hurt?
    Will I Regret It Later Like My Uncle
    Says I Will?

    1. Memorie,

      Happy late birthday! I hope you had a nice birthday!

      Honestly, go for it. No matter what, vocalizing how you feel is the best way to make something happen, so don’t let any fears keep you from finding out. I hope you go for it and I wish you the best of luck!

      I don’t think you’ll regret it because then you’ll for sure know. And if it doesn’t work out, grab some ice cream and a friend and you’ll be fine. There are so many fish in the sea it’s not worth getting upset over one.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  165. bareMinerals
  166. I like this guy, and he’s a little confusing to figure out. I’m not really near him a lot especially since its summer. We’re going into high school and sometimes we are walking home with some other people. I feel like he hates me but I don’t know and I need help. Major help.

    1. Sheyenne,

      I think just talking to him and making the first move is the way to find out how he feels. That’s the only want to really find out how people feel towards you, to talk to them.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  167. bareMinerals
  168. I think I like this boy, but.. I kinder hurt him. We use to talk a lot on Facebook, Skype, snapchat Ect but he started talking about suicide..he says that he wants to stab himself in the heart because he hasn’t had a girlfriend I’m like overt 4 years and he is really depressed. I kept trying to Change his mind for days but he just won’t stop.. I was tired and got really angry. I told him that he didn’t need to, that he was looking for an easy way out. He was being stupid and I had had enough of it. He then said “wow, just another one to add to the blocked list.” Then well blocked me.. I can only talk to him on snapchat, well kinder, i mean he hasn’t blocked me… I want him to forgive me but I don’t know what to say.. What should I do?

    1. Anonymous,

      I would suggest chatting him in anyway you can and apologizing whole heartedly. Suicide is a very sensitive subject, and giving him a sincere apology is the best way to go.

      Morgan xx

  169. bareMinerals
  170. I am freaking myself out with trying to tell the guy I like that I really like him. I have two problems, I’m shy and I over think way to much. I like this guy for a long time now and he is shy too. We work together and one night we got off at the same time. We talked out in the parking lot for almost an hour. The girls I work with tease us all the time because when me and him talk, we will talk and talk. I love that, it never gets boring. I was to nervous to tell him anything about how I feel then he got in an accident ( he is fine now but couldn’t work for a few months) Well I was scared and wanted to make sure he was ok so a coworker gave me his number. I texted him because I didn’t want to call in case he was sleeping after surgery and well I didn’t want to make things worse. Then I think I made a mistake, He said thank you multiple times for getting a hold of him and asking how he was doing that I got stuck and said we are friends that’s what friends do. After that he doesn’t text me unless I text him. Which I rarely do so I don’t look like some weirdo. One day I was in the store we work at shopping when all of a sudden he yells my name, stops what he was doing and came over to me just to tell me he is back. After that we talk at work all the time. He usually finds me and we talk to where we almost get in trouble. The teasing started back up again from coworkers. This weekend alot of my friends have lost someone and one told me to never wait to tell someone before its to late because then you will regret not saying anything. I now really want to tell him that I like him more than friends. We work different times now so we don’t get off at the same time for me to get him alone to tell him. And we live in different cities. I travel for work 30 mins for work when he travels 15 mins in the opposite direction. Someone said I should just text him asking him if he like me that way I can have an out if he says no by saying ok because people are talking. I feel that if I do that it will send the wrong message and he will tell me no because he thinks I don’t like him. See my problem with over thinking? I really need help, I have never felt so connected to anyone before.

    1. Megan,

      Thanks for your comment!

      My suggestion is to talk to him. Find a way to get him alone (even just invite him to grab lunch or something) and say, “Listen, a lot of people joke that we like each other and I want to clear the air. I like you and I want to know how you feel.” By being open and honest, he is more likely to do the same. If he doesn’t like you back, try to remain friends because feelings do change.

      I wish you luck and hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

      1. Morgan,

        I took your advice from your blog and your comment. I asked him out but I never said date. We went to a movie the other day. He said for me to pick the movie and I told him to pick the time because he had to work really early and I didn’t want it to late for him. He payed for the tickets and I payed for the drinks and popcorn he argued about that but I wanted it to be fair. Well the movie started at 5:30 and it ended alittle after 7:30 . We didn’t leave the parking lot till 10. 😀 We just talked and it was amazing. At the end he said he was glad I had alot of fun and that he did to and that we should do it again hopefully soon.


  171. bareMinerals
  172. hi morgan im pretty sure u hear this alot but im life is sooooooooooooo jacked up because i did some bad things in 8th grade and im still paying for them.i am gunna b homeschooled for 9th grade and i feel like im dying inside and out.anyways………………..i am a Jehovah witness by force and i like a boy in my congregation but my friend likes him too.she ASKED ME TO get his kik and give him hers.i wanna talk to him but im afraid.i honestly dont know if he likes me so i dont know why im so upset and jealous.i know im pretty but im shy and i know tht ppl say u must love yourself to love others but now all of a sudden i find myself unintresting and boring.i dont wanna hurt my friend but i feel i have to jump at the chance even though jehovah witnesses arent supposed to date unless they planned to b married but i dont care because i loveeeeeeeeeeee breaking rules. morgan pllllllllz find it in your heart to help a shy little crybaby like me -skiler(skylar)

    1. skiler johns,

      I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but I’m saying go for it, after talking to your friend. Explain to her that you also have feelings and talk it out with her. Your friendships are more important than your relationships. And if your friend is cool with it all (which a good friend would be) then go for it and talk to him!

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  173. bareMinerals
  174. I like a guy and I know that he likes me as a friend at least. I want to tell him that I like him or something but I don’t want to ruin our friendship if he doesn’t like me back. What do I do??

    1. Maya,

      I think you should get him alone and explain how you’re feeling, but also that you don’t want it to make things awkward. Your confession will spur his thoughts and the two of you can figure it out on your own. Communication is key in a relationship.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  175. bareMinerals
  176. I just started school again yesterday. At the end of last year I liked this guy but never got the confidence to tell him how I felt, but over the summer I started to lose feelings for him. But after seeing him again yesterday and talking to him, I am starting to like him again. I am a sophmore in high school, he turns 16 in 2 weeks and might start giving me a ride to school. Should I tell him how I feel or wait a little while?

    1. Hannah,

      Go for it! Starting open communication is the best way to alleviate doubt. Just try not to put him on the spot and be friendly, those are my best tips.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  177. bareMinerals
  178. hi lady. Morgan I hope you. are. fine. well. I have. a problem. and start like. this there. is this guy I love. so much but girls in my class. likes him and don’t. tell. me to tell. him how. I feel. about. him love. you Morgan a good friend and also Morgan i will like. to be your. friend .

    1. perpe. damxel

      Hi. So I think you should tell him how you feel.

      Also, please don’t leave lots of comments asking me to reply. I reply to all comments and it just clogs the article when you continue posting. Thanks xx

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  179. bareMinerals
  180. hi Morgan I am scared. to tell. him. I love. him. but the way am seeing things. his. beginning. to focus on me and am shy what can I do

    1. rutex,

      Just know that the worst thing that can happen is he says he doesn’t feel the same way. And if that happens, there are so many more amazing guys out there who do like you, so either way, if he likes you or not, you win!

  181. bareMinerals
  182. bareMinerals
  183. Morgan,
    Is it weird to give the guy the first gift? A rose to let him know I like him seriously after I already told him?

    1. Destiny,
      No, I don’t think so. Showing you are serious is a good way to communicate your feelings, in any way that you want.

      Morgan xx

  184. bareMinerals
  185. Hey! There is this super cute boy named bryent at my school and I am pretty sure he likes me. He always stares at me and he always jokes around then looks at my face to see if I fought it was funny. I am also pretty sure he keeps trying to flirt with me but he just told my best friend he likes another girls named Mitzy do you think he still likes me? 🙂

  186. bareMinerals
  187. I really like this guy and I’m sure he likes me but I’m too scared to go up to him. I’ve like him for ages now.
    What do I do??

    1. Emily,

      Try to build up the courage to talk to him. I know it seems scary, but he’s only a human boy. He farts and poops. Remember that you are on the same level as him and talk to him.

      Morgan xx

      1. Hi morgan ,how are you today,i was wondering if you could help me with something.i like a boy that i wanna talk to but so does my friend.WE LIKE THE SAME i am asking what was your first experience like and what age were you.i am 14 gonna be 15 in april.

        1. skisohigh,

          Hi! I am absolutely great! Thanks for asking.

          Um, I’m not completely sure what you mean by first experience. But I will say that if you and your friend like the same guy, talking to each other is the best way to figure it out. Otherwise it could ruin a friendship.

          Morgan xx

  188. bareMinerals
  189. Hay Morgan,how are you today,i just wanna ask a quick question(no long paragraphs).i like a boy named Ben who goes to my church.but….my friend likes him 14 and she is first she wanted me to ask him for his instagram and i don’t wanna cuz i like him.i am starting to wonder if i am a terrible friend.and also at our church we can only date people there if we are planning on getting married.i feel so confused on what to do.(ps i tried to keep it short lol.ii am a huge fan luv ur blog!)

    1. skisohigh,

      You left me another comment, so I’ll just continue on with this one because it has more information.

      Honestly, talk to your friend about it and tell her how you feel. She’ll be able to talk to you more clearly about it and you will be able to work it out with your friendship. There’s no good reason to let a boy to get between two friends.

      Morgan xx

  190. bareMinerals
  191. Hi Morgan

    There is this guy i like, he is my sister’s friend. Last Saturday we were at the party and h e kissed me but I refused to let
    him continue cause we only just met but i do like him. Now i don’t know if i should tell him or maybe the kiss meant nothing.
    I don’t want to embarass myself. Please help.

    1. Anonymous,

      If he kissed you you need to go for it! Talk to him and tell him how you feel! Obviously he feels something if he kissed you!

      Morgan xx

  192. bareMinerals
  193. I really like this boy and I think he likes me too but Im not sure how to tell him that I like him, we talk everyday and he looks for me at school. I want to tell him but like what if I do tell him and I like ruin our friendship… thats what Im afraid would happen what should I do? I really want to tell him but Im not sure how he is going to react…

    1. Mariel,

      Everyone worries that admitting their feelings will ruin a friendship, but usually it just opens discussion and makes the person consider the relationship. In my experience that’s what happens. Go for it! Get him alone and tell him how you feel. Don’t pressure him or make him uncomfortable, but just say how you feel. He’ll appreciate the honesty and think about how he feels towards you.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  194. bareMinerals
  195. bareMinerals
  196. Well I like this guy and I have a gut feeling he likes me. The problem is I never talked to him. He is in a few of my classes and he looks at me. Here’s the problem I am going to graduate soon and I wanna tell him before graduation. I want him to know he likes me. I am really scared to tell him my self. And if I did his friends are with him 24/7. I was going to let my friend tell him and later on over the summer ask him if he got the message on Facebook. Is that like a good thing? I don’t wanna date the guy because I am by aloud I just want to know if he feels the same way……What do I do?!

  197. bareMinerals
  198. Hi morgan! so, in my first period business class, we run a coffee shop for our school, and different groups of 4 or 5 work it each morning before school. i work mondays and the guy i recently started liking works it wednesday. i went in last wednesday to buy a coffee and he made a funny remark i dont remember what but we looked at each other for like 2 seconds dead in the eye and hes really attractive! haha but anyway, i ordered a white chocolate flavored drink, and usually if you are working it, you write the flavor the customer orders. well, he wrote on my cup “Got kik?” and i am stunned by this because i wouldnt expect someone like him to like someone like me, i guess is the bets way to put it. i dont see myself as “pretty” like everyone, the issue is that i cant find him on kik, and i found someone with the same name but it doesnt seem like its him, theres no picture either. so my question is, this happend last wednesday and i want to kknow if its too late or not bc i dont want him to think im not interested. and hes “cooler” bc his friends are more popular and hes the varsity pitcher. so, sjould i write him something bc i dont really know him enought to just go up and start talking ad im shy! pls help i really appreciate it!
    Thank you!

    1. Haley,

      Hi! I’m sorry this is so late! But I definitely think if you can’t find him you should just go up and ask him for his kik. Just say, “Yes I do have kik” and have him come find you! Always be in for the chase.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  199. bareMinerals
  200. Hello! My name is Jess (not real) and I have a problem. I really like this guy named Alex, and I’ve known him since 2nd grade (I’m in 7th grade and 12!). He’s my best friend, and it’ll feel awkward if he rejects me. I really want to tell him how I feel, but I’m really afraid of how he’ll react and if he’ll reject me. I THINK that he might be interested in me (I don’t see signs of him with another girl), sometimes he takes a few glances at me in class, he lets me have his jacket, I talk to him a lot everyday, etc. It’s kind of like I’m with him 24/7. I want to let him know how I feel, or is it too early? I’ve liked him for 4 years and I’m getting really impatient. Please help me!

    Jess ^_^

  201. bareMinerals
  202. I’m also really shy (I REALLY prefer introversion over extroversion), and I don’t know if I’ll have enough confidence to act out.


  203. bareMinerals
  204. Hi I’m not sure if he likes me and I like him and how do tell him something like I want to talk to you if only available time is recess and he plays basketball so his friends might come find him and be wondering or he might tell his friends why he wouldn’t be playing basketball which is talking to a girl separately. They will be wondering the friends.

  205. bareMinerals
  206. bareMinerals
  207. Hi! The name is Fire_Kitty and I want to know. I like a guy and I don’t know how I should confess to him. I’m really good friends with him right now. I’m afraid of rejection, what should I do? I also can’t just ask him to hang out anywhere either because we don’t do that stuff. Please help! I’m a 12 year-old in 7th grade, am I too young?

    :1 Fire_Kitty

    1. Fire_Kitty,

      Honestly I think that you shouldn’t be scared of rejection. The worst that can happen is he says no. And there are way too many great guys in the world for you to be intimidated by one rejection. At 7th grade, it’s a bit early to be properly dating, but definitely spending time is great! Just ask him to like sit with you at lunch or something. Keep it casual.

      Morgan xx

  208. bareMinerals
  209. bareMinerals
  210. yeah; this should work with a lot of people. But not me. First, he’s in 8th grade, and i’m in 9th grade. Second, he’s new and shy, and all the girls in my class are after him. Third, he doesn’t hang around with his friends; he hangs around with his brother! And i hang with my friends: they’d understand but still; I can’t do it! Help…

    1. Lexi,

      The advice I give is advice that works for most situation and can be modified to fit different situations. My advice to you would be to take the advice I have given and see if you can fit it to work with your situation. I mean, even if it is his brother he spends time with, just treat it like he’s spending time with his friends.

      Morgan xx

  211. bareMinerals
  212. Ok, so I like this guy, and I really really want to tell him how I feel. I see him everyday, so if he rejects me, it would be extremely awkward and weird. I’m in 8th grade, and he is in 9th, and we have a lot of mutual friends. Whenever we see each other, he smiles at me, but recently, it’s been a bit awkward whenever we see each other. Should I tell him? I asked one of his friends if he might like me, and he said that he didn’t know if he liked me or not, but he knows that there is a different girl that he somewhat likes. Please help me!

  213. bareMinerals
  214. Hi Morgan,
    I just began school at the end of August and I noticed this guy in my p.e class named Jeremy. Were both freshmans in high school but I didn’t go to the same middle school as he did so I don’t know him. My p.e teacher assigned him to stand next to me in the beginning of class so I see him every day right there. My friends do know him since they all went to the same middle school. He seems like a really nice guy and from what I’ve seen he is funny. I have caught him staring at me a few times but I am not completely sure if it was me or something behind me. He also smiles and says hey at times. I have also noticed that he hugs a lot of people including my friends… Except me of course. I have been wanting to talk to him but I don’t know how or what to say since I don’t know him and p.e is the only class we have together. I think that at some point I have to bring myself to say something since he stands so close but I can’t bring myself to say anything. One day my friend camila and I were walking to class when all of a sudden he came next to us and says hey camila (since they know each other) and then he says hey camila’s friend (meaning me) my friend says this is my friend Yvette. And he says Yvette? And I say yea. I already knew his name but he didn’t need to know that. So I said what’s your name? He looks at me and says Jeremy. I just nod, I didn’t know what else to say. Its been two weeks since that happened and we still haven’t really made conversation except for a few heys and smiles. Some of my friends say that I should tell him that I like him but I feel that I shouldn’t because I hardly even know him and he might think it’s weird. I really don’t know how to talk to him especially since he is always with his group of friends. Please help… Btw sorry for the long post.

    1. Yvette0123,

      I would suggest going up to him in the hall or even in your p.e. class and going, “It’s Jeremy, right?” and just being friendly because you do have mutual friends and that’s the perfect way to create a connection. Go off of that and create some sort of relationship before you tell him how you feel.

      Morgan xx

  215. bareMinerals
  216. Morgan,
    There’s this guy. He’s in 8th grade and im in 7th grade. We have the same zero period class and he walks me to 4th period. I really like him, but my mom’s a teacher at my school, and he had her last year and this year. I want him to like me for me instead of liking me because my mom is his teacher.( My mom is a nice teacher) WHAT DO I DO???!!!

  217. bareMinerals
  218. Morgan,
    There is this guy I really like and I think he likes me back. Some of our mutual friends have asked me if we’re already dating or not. The problem is that we are both kinda shy and I know he isn’t going to make the first move. My friends have told me that I should tell him but i don’t know how!
    What do I do if he says he likes me back? Do I ask him to be my boyfriend or not?
    We are really good friends and i’m scared that this might ruin our friendship. Do you have any advice for me please??
    xx Wendy

  219. bareMinerals
  220. bareMinerals
  221. Hey there is a kid that i like but he likes me to i need help. i never see him so what do i do. his sister said he thinks i hate him but i dint morgan please help

  222. bareMinerals
  223. It’s hard to get a boyfriend so it’s good to go on youTube Google or anything else to help you and you might see me on youTube Ok that’s it my name is jada smalls

  224. bareMinerals
  225. I told a guy that I like him about a year ago via note in locker but he’s never said anything to me. He still looks at me in that ‘I have a crush on you’ manner but he still doesn’t say anything. I don’t know if he just hates me, is waiting, or if he’s really shy and just thought I was kidding. I wasn’t and I need help.

  226. bareMinerals
  227. So there his boy and hes one grede above me but he makes me feel so magical.I suffer from depresion and hes the only one that noticed when i was sad.But theres a problem 2 other girls say they like him one is in his grade ,and the other one is in my grade.Im not even kidding there kind of my friends but they do talk behind my back.I would do anything to be able to talk to him alone but they are always around.I. have a note i want to guve him but om scared the other girls will find out. Pplz help me!!!😳

    1. Becky,

      Hi! My advice would be to talk to your friends and sort it all out. If you all put your feelings in the open you can decide on how you all want to deal with talking to him. I think that is the smartest way to figure out if you should tell him, especially if you want to keep the girls’ friendship.

      Morgan xx

  228. bareMinerals
  229. So I have an issue and I really don’t know what to do! I’m 16 and on Halloween I met this guy and we just watched so movies at a friends place, when we were alone he started making some moves and then we started making out! I stayed the night and the next morning my friend and I left before he was even up so I couldn’t talk to him, we havent “talked ” since but we have followed eachother on Instagram and I want to get his attention and tag him in this one picture that says “I should’ve kissed you longer” but I don’t want to creep him out! Help?!?!

    1. Emma,

      Don’t tag him in the photo! But I know you can message people on Instagram and you should start a conversation with him. That will be the best way to re-establish that connection!

      Morgan xx

  230. bareMinerals
  231. i like this particular guy and i ask him if he likes me and he looked at me and said well as a friend nothing else i lkd into his eyes and i knew he was lyin my fnd said i should take him as an incurerable deases is she rite

  232. bareMinerals
    1. Anna,

      Because just like you may feel awkward around certain boys, boys will feel awkward around certain girls and that makes them shy.

      Morgan xx

  233. bareMinerals
  234. Hello there,

    I’m 19 and rediscoverd that I am in love with a former classmate and friend. As we are both out of school, we both moved away and the only mean to stay in touch is social media.
    About two months ago he broke up with his girlfriend and we started to write more and more. We have the same humor – a little bit on the naughty side and we teased a LOT. So yesterday (I was a little drunk) it slipped, that I am in love with an old flame from school.
    He got curious and asked, we teased, and today I wrote him that I am in love with him.

    He hasn’t seen the message yet and hasn’t answered as a result.
    My heart is pounding, I’m affraid, I’m stressed and I’m waiting. I’m not sure how I WANT the situation to end, I never was the typ of girl to engage myself in a realationship and so I tossed every crush aside.
    We are living far away, needing hours to visit each other. (The one time we tried the train failled coz of strike.)
    He is freshly out of a realationship, out of a love that he cared lots about. I’m not supposed to load my feelings on him. As a good friend I wasn’t supposed to tell him and still I did.

    And while there is my heart hoping my mind knows that it will end in heartache, that there wont be a happy ending and I’m so ashamed that I slipped. And still my heart is racing.

    I can’t say what I will do, I can’t say what I’m supposed to do and I can’t say what I want to do, and so I’m writing my troubling feelings down in hope to get it out of my system and to cool down.

    Thank you for listing.

    1. Kisaki Sakura,

      Hi! Okay, so here’s my advice: Send him a message saying what you just told me. That you do like him, but you respect that he did just get out of a serious relationship and you shouldn’t have unloaded your feelings like that so soon. He’ll feel more comfortable and you guys can talk about it more. The most important part of a relationship is being open and honest, so start now to create a strong bond with this boy if you really care about him.

      Morgan xx

  235. bareMinerals
  236. there is this boy I like but my friend likes him to and she doesn’t know how long I’ve liked him. I’m going to try your advice but I’m not sure how to get him alone, He joined our group of friends a few days ago so that makes it easier. he may like me back but it is a small chance. my friend I mentioned first makes it harder and if I tell him she may hate me. I have liked him for 3-4 months and I am in year 6.

  237. bareMinerals
  238. The person I like moved away, but I still like him, I just don’t know how to tell him. I don’t know where he lives now, and I don’t know his friends, and information
    Please help me tell him that I like like him

  239. bareMinerals
  240. Hey morgan !!

    Jesse here

    So I have a crush on a guy in my class ( ia m 14 and he is too )
    I asked him if he liked me a fmonth ago and he said I dont know .
    I thought he meant no ! And so I kinda left it but I still liked him .

    Aandcso over the week he asked about my fav things and he talked for 2 hrs on fb .
    So today after school he asked if I had time he would show me what he made.
    He puled out two wooden things out of his bag coloured with my fav colours and one with the owrd love on it
    He was shaking and he apologised for it . I said it looks amazing and he left I don’t know hat to do ? Please help !!!!!

    1. Jesse,

      Hi! Talk to him! Tell him that you like his things and go from there! He was probably embarrassed for showing his feelings and the ball is definitely now in your court for reciprocating in saying how you feel.

      Morgan xx

  241. bareMinerals
    1. Does your friend know that you like him? If so tell her you do and find what she thinks, maybe she doesn’t t like him any more. Me and my friend had a crush on the same guy but she stepped down for me and I told him how I feel and it went great, good luck.

  242. bareMinerals
  243. Hi Morgan!

    I have never had a serious relationship (I’m 20) and I am pretty sure that I have no idea how to act in one.I am one of those people that open up to guys start dating for 4-5 days and than I close myself, I become scared of being hurt and everything goes to hell. Oh but it’s not that I don’t have self confidence .. it’s just so far I haven’t been soo into having a serious one (I just have flings and things now and than). Buuut there is this guy he is not my typical TYPE of a guy .. but something attracts me to him. I want to get to know him better but I don’t know how to approach him. We hooked up (only kissing nothing more) once on this seminar (we first met there as well) my closest friend says he is really an introvert and shy so the fact that we hooked up once makes it even more complicated for me … I want to get to know him and this time its not just a fling, but how can I make a serious thing without scaring or pushing him away. So yieah how to approach him?!

    Thank you for taking your time ^_^

    Lots of love.

  244. bareMinerals
  245. Great advice, but I’m still petrified! Maybe if I ask him out with friends too, then ask him then? I don’t go to a mixed school and he’s one of the only guys I know! :'(

    1. Madster,

      If friends are around he’ll feel a bit cornered. Getting him alone will make him more comfortable in expressing how he feels.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  246. bareMinerals
  247. bareMinerals
  248. bareMinerals
  249. hi my name is Katie and I am 14 years old, there’s this guy I have liked since 2012 and he’s the same age as me expect I’m almost 3 months older than him. I really want to go out with him but the problem is, he is a friend of the family since my aunt and his mam have been best friends since school. Me and this guy have been really good friends since we were 2 years old and were even in a picture together as babies, so I guess you could say we’ve been friends since we were babies. If we do go out I don’t want it to be awkward between us if we break up and I also don’t want to ruin the friendship I have with him so what should I do I really need ur help and advice Morgan should I just stay friends with or have confidence and make the first move and seeing if he likes me too? We don’t go to the same school, I go to an all girls secondary school and he goes to a mixed school. We are both in 2nd year and both 14.

    should I just stay In the Friendzone with this guy? or see if he likes actually in 2012 he sent me a text message saying Happy Valentines to me from the guy I like

    1. katie,

      Make the first move. It can’t hurt to be confident and tell him how you feel. It will clear your conscious and make the air clear between you two. Make the move and you won’t regret it.

      Also, don’t read into messages from years ago. They usually don’t mean much, especially years later.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  250. bareMinerals
  251. if you want to give someone a note and don’t want the guy knowing it was from you, here’s my suggestion for everyone you could change your handwriting a little and that the guy wont know its from you I have used that on a valentines card before and it worked! give it a go and then the next day or that same day even if u give it to him in the morning of school go back to ur normal handwriting it may work it may not but give it go

  252. bareMinerals
  253. bareMinerals
  254. I like this boy a lot but he is super shy and we have been friends since kindergarten and I am not sure if he likes me back I mean we will share glances and then if I catch him staring I will smile and he will either smile
    Back or look at the ground and I’m not sure my friends think he likes me but…😕

  255. bareMinerals
  256. So I really like this boy but he Is super shy he feels like no one likes him or even if they did like him they wouldn’t date him because of his ex-girlfriend Lizzie who really doesn’t care because she is dating a new guy and she really likes him. Me and the boy I like we will share glances a lot and if I catch him staring he will look at the floor or if I smile he will smile back I’m just really confused with what he is giving me…btw I’m 13 in 8th grade 🙂

    1. Anonymous,

      I think he’s shy and doesn’t know how to tell you he likes you. I think your best bet is to talk to him and tell him how you feel, I think it will definitely work out in your favour.

      Morgan xx

  257. bareMinerals
  258. Hi Morgan ,
    Okay here’s my story , I like this guy ( a lot ) and I’ve liked him for around 2 years . Anyway 2 weeks ago some kid found out that I like him and TOLD him the very next day. I saw him tell him and he reacted very eagery and was smiling a lot and asking a lot of questions ( i didn’t hear the questions though) . After that he seems to be more nicer and I catch him looking at me more often. So my question is should I make a move and tell him myself? Or should I wait for him?
    P.s I also saw him tell his best friend ( he was smiling then too)

  259. bareMinerals
  260. hi Morgan remember me Katie I asked u for ur advice about the guy I like at the start of February well I seen the guy I like and I made the first move and he felt the same way now were Boyfriend and Girlfriend THANK YOU so much for the advice I will keep in touch

  261. bareMinerals
  262. Hi im alexis and im 14 and there is this guy i like im crazy about him! We go to different middle schools and met from my friend when we first started talking we really connected and wanted to meet up for the first time i couldn’t come and then he got a girlfriend! We still kept talking though and it feels really natural around him i feel like i can just be me and we talk alot on Facebook and he is still dating his girlfriend and i know i have to respect her but its so hard we have a good friendship going and we go to groupies together and if i tell him i like him i feel like he wouldn’t be in my life anymore i dont want that to happen should i tell him how i feel?

  263. bareMinerals
  264. OK, I was just wondering how would you tell him if you can’t offer to go somewhere? (all the other advice there was amazing to be honest)

    1. Skyler,

      If you can’t offer to go somewhere, I’d suggest finding a quiet spot (like a park or a quiet part of your school) and offering to chat.

      Morgan xx

  265. bareMinerals
  266. bareMinerals
  267. I really like this guy, but my friend likes him too. And I think he likes me back, but I don’t know how to tell him. I have read EVERY single one of these messages but none of them work for me, because I just has a negative feeling in my gut that something is going to go wrong. +we are really good friends, and I don’t want to scare the guy off you know, and I don’t want to ruin the relationship between me and my friend. I am really stuck, plz help!

    1. anonymous,

      Hi! I would suggest to you that you talk to him. Ask him if he likes someone, because he’ll most likely be honest with you. But don’t make him feel pressured or anything, just casually ask and be friendly. That’s the best way to deal with this, even if your best friend likes him too.

      Morgan xx

  268. bareMinerals
  269. bareMinerals
  270. Hi I am Jada I’m in love this boy he’s 11 years old he said hi to me a whole bunch and he stares at me in class one time at our valentine party he put his hands on my shoulder and we looked into each other eye and he laugh at me a lot in class so I have no idea if he likes me does he like me!!!!

  271. bareMinerals
    1. Abby,

      There is a chance he might not like you but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. I’d talk to him about it, it will clear things up.

      Morgan xx

  272. bareMinerals
  273. I like someone a lot but I am so scared to ask him
    I always plan to tell him and I try but I get to scared
    We go to the same school and R in the same class
    We are both in the fourth grade
    I think he likes me back
    His best friend has a crush on me to but I hate the friend

    1. Juliana,

      If anything, you need to talk to the friend. Don’t go after his friend that’s not okay and will make him not want to date you if his friend likes you. Talk to the friend first, get that sorted out and then talk to the guy you like and tell him how you feel.

      Morgan xx

  274. bareMinerals
    1. Anonymous,

      Then just talk to him. Tell him how you feel and go from there. Communication is the best way to solve problems.

      Morgan xx

  275. bareMinerals
  276. I have a big problem. I have a major crush and we never talked before. We’re in different classes.(I’m in 5th grade) I’m going to a different school next year and it’s nearing the end of the year, 2 more weeks! I can’t talk to him. I don’t know if he likes me, but we make awkward direct eye contact. Please help!!!!

    1. Anonymous,

      Just go up to him! Honestly, that’s the best way to do it. Just tell him how you feel, see if he feels the same way, and then you both can figure it out from there. Have that open and honest communication and everything will work out like it is supposed to.

      Morgan xx

      1. One thing is he is one of those “cool” guys who is annoying but I like him. Plus, he is never alone, and why would he like me? Lots of people have crushes on him, but we sometimes make awkward eye contact. I just don’t know if he likes me!

        1. Anonymous,

          He might like you. Don’t push things like other people like him keep you from keeping an open mind. Go for him if you feel like he pays you attention.

          Morgan xx

  277. bareMinerals
  278. Hi Morgan:

    Love your advice! they’re amazing, when it comes to guys I’m very shy and for me it’s hard to talk them. There’s this guy I have a really big crush on from college since last year and we were taking a class together so I will see him almost every day but sadly this semester we don’t have any classes together but I see him every morning when I walk through the hallway to my classroom, he’s always looking at me when I walk pass by and when I’m outside the classroom too, I don’t know if that’s a sign that he might like me too and I don’t know if I you should talk to him, he recently added me on facebook and I been willing to send him a message and talk him but I feel very embarrassed to do so. what would you advised me?

    1. Natalia Maria,

      Because he added you on Facebook that’s a great sign! I think either saying hi to him in the hall or send him a message and tell him you should grab coffee or something. He’s made his move, it’s time for you to make yours!

      Morgan xx

  279. bareMinerals
  280. I think you should get talking make sure u know he likes u coz u don’t want to ask and him say no ,then when u do know go for it u might regret it if u don’t

  281. bareMinerals
  282. bareMinerals
  283. I didn’t put my real name because I am paranoid af and for some reason I have this strange illusion that my crush will see this and just know that it’s me.

    Anyways, I’ve had this crush on one of my really close friends for the longest while, (since September last year) and at one point we both liked each other (he confessed that he used to like me too). I told him that I didn’t like him anymore (which is a big fat lie) and he told me that he liked one of our other friends.

    The thing is, I think he might still like me. My friend doesn’t even like him like that and she knows that I like him too. She even stopped talking to him when she found out. (which I think wasn’t a very nice thing to do).

    He shows all the signs of liking me(like flirting with me constantly, walking to classes with me,complimenting me,telling me about personal things that he hasn’t told anyone else) and one of his friends always teases him about me too.

    If it makes any difference, I’m 16 and he’s 15. I swear I’m not a pedo. Ahaha.

    Wow, this is longer than I expected…..anyways, what do I do? Does he still like me? Or am I just a hopeless teen with an undying love?

    1. Ariana (or whatever your real name is)

      It sounds like he could like you. I suggest having a sit down conversation with him and talk about your feelings. He’s been open and honest with you, it’s time you do the same.

      Morgan xx

  284. bareMinerals
  285. He laughed at me then told his friends.he saw me crying and regreted it he told me he was sorry then he kissed me and he said he actually does like. Thank you

  286. bareMinerals
  287. Okay so I’ve been going to school with a boy I’ve liked for ten years, and I told him I liked him, and he told me that he liked me, but then he told my friend that he didn’t like me enough to ask me out. I don’t know what to do! I really like him!

  288. bareMinerals
  289. I’ve been going to school with this guy since preschool and were really good friends. I’m gonna be in high school next year and were going to different schools. I’ve told him I liked him, and he told me he like me, but he told my friend that he doesn’t like me enough to go out with. I really like him and I don’t know what to do.

  290. bareMinerals
  291. I like a guy since 2 yrs, we barely talk! all of a sudden in our 3rd meetings few weeks back , he asked me if i am interested in a relationship with him or not! I asked him the same, he said yes! I was like you know the answer is yes then why u r being so rude, why don’t u directly propose me? And in my another side of brain, i knew he is a flirter, a serious! Since i believe in a long term relationship i was confused with if he would leave me after! After that day, i old him my views and he told me “see, i wil not flirt with you , nor i will be in a serious relationship with you” We are still talking , barely, but i still love him, he clearly doesn’t .:( what to do?

    1. rebeka,

      You gave him an ultimatum and he didn’t live up to it. Either find a way to compromise or find a boy who will love you like you want to be loved.

      Morgan xx

  292. bareMinerals
  293. There is this boy I went to camp with and we didn’t really talk but just laughed with each other. we didn’t meet till the last couple days so I didn’t learn his name or where he came from. I tried to forget about him but it was hard so I thought god was saying yes its meant to be. One day my family and I went out to eat and Isaw him pplaying a guitar there so I thought it was cool we both lived in the same town and both played guitar. Then that Sunday I went to church and he was there to and the church I go to is in a different town then where I live so again I took it as a sign from god. I want to talk to him but its hard because he is in the worship band and I’m a year too young to try out. I just want to know what I should do with all these signwhat do you think Morgan.

  294. bareMinerals
  295. bareMinerals
  296. bareMinerals
  297. I really like this guy. He considers me as a sister though…. And I’m way too scared to tell him how I feel… What should I do?! Please help me

    1. Emma,

      It’s hard to get out of the friendzone. While the best way is definitely to say how you feel, if you aren’t comfortable doing that I would maybe ask him out to do things that are more romantic than friendly, such as seeing a more romantic film or going out to dinner at a more formal place than a local burger joint.

      Morgan xx