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When you are looking for universities to attend, people always tell you to ‘look for people that look like you’. And that’s important. When I look at universities, I want to make sure I’m not a pasty white girl in chunky sweaters sitting with a thousand tan kids wearing booty shorts. If you’re going to go to school somewhere, you want it to be somewhere where you know you’ll most likely fit in.


Today I went to a university preview day. And, even though I usually hate the idea of basically barging in on university students, it was pretty fun. And I was able to sit in my very first university class, which I absolutely loved. First off, you have to know I want to study Communications with an emphasis on Journalism and Media. That’s just what I love doing in life and how I’m going to spend it until the day I die. The class I attended was a Public & the Media class, which was all about how media affects ourselves and how we are so dependent on media with journalism and such. And it was a perfect class for me. If I were a university student, I definitely would have raised my hand and added to the discussion, because it was right up my alley. It literally was the perfect class for me.

Anyway, on to the actual point of this story. As I was sitting in my very first university class and felt totally intimidated, I remembered people telling me to look for people that looked like me. Today I wore what I would call a very typical outfit for myself: tall boots, jeans, cardigan, and scarf. Next to me, in front of me, behind me, and in every corner of the lecture hall I saw people dressed in basically the exact same outfit. They were wearing tall boots and had on scarves and had plain leather cross-body bags. They had the exact same style I did, which made me feel right at home.


There are so many universities out there, and choosing one can be really difficult. For myself, I’ve been crossing and adding so many universities on my list in the last two years, putting in factors like my given major and class size and study abroad programs. But it isn’t until I’m actually on campus and seeing the people that I realized how much I could actually fit in. I can’t even count the number of times today I leaned over to my mom to say, “Those are some cute boots,” about someone I saw walking by. I can talk about how great a school is with their academics, but you can’t actually tell how well you’ll feel until you actually step onto the soil.


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For all of you who are in the middle, or starting, your university process, I highly recommend visiting your school to see how well you feel on campus. I know that money and location are factors into whether or not you can visit it, but definitely try. There were certain schools when I was a Sophomore that I really wanted to go to, but once I stepped foot on campus, I knew that I would never feel truly at home. Your university is going to be your home base for the next few years, so you really should think of it as a place you’ll be living, making friends, and possibly staying at for a long time. So, when you are on campus, make sure you feel at home and see people who are dressed like you or who have stickers on their bag that you like too. It’s all about finding somewhere you belong, and aesthetics sometimes is the best way to judge.

Thank you all for reading! So sorry about the delay in posting, I’ve been super busy with my life, but I definitely don’t want to take it out on all of you. You’ve all been so supportive this last year and it really does mean a lot to me.

If you have any comments on the admissions process/choosing a school, please leave those down below in the comments as any advice I can get is really appreciated.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post Morgan! I definitely agree with you about visiting universities. When I was applying for university, I went to the University fair and one of the schools did an awesome presentation. In fact it was so good that it literally made me want to go the university. I went for the March Break Open House and ended up disliking it a lot because I just didn’t fit in. I got early acceptance and really good financial aid, but I just didn’t want to go. Funnily enough I ended up in the school that I chose as a last resort. I loved the campus and the people. In fact I ended up having class with my tour guide! So she did do her job :). I’m going to miss this place when I graduate at the end of the semester. But I hope you enjoy your University experience when it arrives 🙂

    Definitely choose the school you most feel at home and come to love :). Good Luck with your applications and everything!

  2. bareMinerals
  3. You are looking at some really great things when looking into colleges! Way more than I did! You’re so right about it being important to visit. I never was lucky enough to get that “feeling” everyone always talked about. I only applied to three schools in the end – most I discounted because I set foot on them and just knew they weren’t right. But the three left, I didn’t know which one was right.
    I threw out one because it’s where my brother had gone and I didn’t want to feel like I was following his footsteps again. And another I threw out because it was twice as much.
    I loved my university (UCLA), but I finally did have that “feeling” when I studied abroad in Glasgow. So if you ever don’t know where exactly is the ‘destined’ place to go, you definitely have a good head on your shoulders for picking!

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