How to Fangirl

Fangirl: to obsess over something/someone in a way that it becomes your wallpaper.

Enthusiasm: to obsess over something/someone that it becomes a topic you enjoy talking about.

I have now described to you the slight difference between fangirling and being enthusiastic. Being a fangirl is obsession to an unhealthy level. Being an enthusiast is obsession in the normal form of fandom. My blog is, from the name, an enthusiasm blog. I like to talk about certain subjects fairly regularly, but it’s all within good fun. One of my school friends is a major fangirl. You so much as mention certain anime characters and she basically pees her pants. And if you follow YouTubers like Tyler Oakley you’ve experienced fangirling firsthand. I tried fangirling this past week, and while enthusiasm is definitely more my speed, I thought I’d give you all some tips on how you can try it too!

How to Fangirl

1. Choose a subject. Choose a famous actor, actress, band, anime character, singer, author, etc. For the purpose of this guide, I’m going to use One Direction (a popular fangirl obsession).

2. Gather as much trivia as you can. Google your subject and learn every single fact you can. Watch YouTube videos, check their Twitters, search other fangirl’s blogs. Accumulate as many facts as you can so that you may be the expert in any conversation that may come up about your subject. You have to know your facts to fangirl.

EX: Harry Styles is the youngest member of 1D
Louis’ favorite band is The Fray
Niall is left-handed
Zayn can’t swim
Liam likes turtles

3. Post pictures of them everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You need to put their faces wherever you possibly can. Don’t leave any website without your subject. If you do, your fangirl-ness is not complete. You must have pictures everywhere. Seriously.

4. Buy all merchandise. Unless I own 1D bedsheets, posters, iPhone cases, notebooks, CDs, pencils, bobbleheads, and life-size cutouts, I am not truly a fangirl. Owning the merchandise shows your true obsession and is what shows the world what you really are.

5. Insert it into any of your conversations. No conversation is complete without mentioning your subject at least once. Someone says, “Which way do I have to go to get to Walmart?” you say, “One Direction.” and then leap into a big conversation over who you ship and whether it’s okay that Harry Styles likes older women. Put it into any conversation and watch your fangirl go crazy!

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And that is how you fangirl!

I hope you all enjoyed this piece. I was absolutely cracking up as I was writing it. And for those of you who have been wondering (a.k.a. my Twitter stalkers), I do indeed like One Direction. It took me a while but it actually happened. I think they are really talented and I hope them luck in their future!

Have a great weekend guys!

12 thoughts on “How to Fangirl

      1. Haha! It’s different from what I would normally read. But you know what, I read it because it was written by you. Most articles on fandom are quite sarcastic, and mostly unrealistic. This one, I must admit, is quite doable! Although I don’t want to be a fan’girl’, it does give me some ideas 😉

        1. It seems like you liked it, which really was the intent. One of my favorite YouTubers is all about fangirling and I think the concept is fun and goofy, so I wanted to do a post that’s a little different from the serious things I’ve been posting and it was a nice little break from reality into fangirling about One Direction. It was meant purely for the entertainment of the Enthusiasts.

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