Play-by-Play: First Day

As promised, an account of my first day of Senior year is to come. I’m sorry for it coming so late, but since I had to work, and set up my new laptop (!!!!), I hope you can understand the delay.

Every year is different. The homework load, the people, the teachers, it’s never exactly the same. And my first day of Senior year, it was more than different. It was unique.

Walking into school as a Senior felt different. I felt like I could pinch the building between my thumb and forefinger, that I couldn’t be stopped. And as I went through my day, I felt like nothing could touch me, not even Zeus himself.

All of the kids who signed up for AP Lit had to read Jane Eyre before school started, so I spent my first morning back discussing the key points of the novel with a friend. Let me tell you this, for those who have not read it, Jane Eyre is one insane story!

First thing in the morning I have Pre-Calc/Trig. Now, don’t get me wrong, I kind of like math, or at least don’t hate it because I’m good at it. Yet, having to do complicated math before my caffeine rush has set in is just unfair. Luckily I have a good teacher and quality brains on my side.

Once again, I return to one of my first loves, acting. Our advanced acting class has some really great actors (luckily) and I’m excited to work with all of them. Our teacher made us group into pairs of two and perform scenes. I had to be a drug dealer who beat up a poor druggie. Don’t ask.

I love the French language, and the French teacher at my school is amazing. I was really excited to one again be reunited with all my fellow French-ites and to reminisce about our trip to Europe this summer and realize how rusty our French is.

I strive to be intelligent, interesting, and informed. Which may be why I signed up for AP Government. It’s a tough class, with tough tests. And I’m actually excited for it! The teacher is absolutely hilarious and the people seem really great. Plus, I want to know a bit more about the American government, so this should be a great class. I’ll keep you posted.

I ate, I talked, I discussed Mr. Rochester missing body parts. Normal lunch-time things.

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Honors Biology II was a class I was really nervous about. I’ve never really been one for science, and as this class is graded pretty harshly, I’m really hoping to do well. And since we get to go on a super fantastic marine biology trip at the end of the year, I know it was worth the sign-up.

You all know I’m an English nerd. And this year I’m more of a nerd than usual. My teacher is so adorable, all we’re doing is talking about books that I love, and it’s during the one class of the day I pay the most attention. Yeah, I’m actually really excited to be in my AP Lit class!

Communications. It’s a dual credit class, which is why a lot of people are taking it, but I want to go into communications. Plus, the teacher is a hoot! We spent the whole period learning how to introduce other people. My mother does public speaking as part of her job, and I was kind of pleased to be seeing part of what she does. I really like this class and so sad that it’s only a half semester! Sad smile

And after last period I rushed to the car to go to work. Today was a crazy day but an enjoyable one. In previous years, after the end of the first day I just want to cry. This year I want to exhale in joy because of how great this year seems. Sure, today was all about reading rules, but I’m thinking this is going to be my best year yet!

Have a great school year. I know I am!

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