What's on My iPhone?

Last January my phone completely freaked out on me. So I had to buy a new one to be able to keep up with phone calls and texts from work and friends. I’d been saving up for a while and bought myself an iPhone 4, an expensive but completely worth it choice. Over the last 9 months, I’ve gone through hundreds of apps, trying to find the perfect ones. Actually, at one point, I made a post about my favorite apps (which you can read here) but with time comes new apps and new favorites. With this said, I thought I would give you all a full account of what apps I have and which ones I really do recommend for someone with as much going on as I. Who knows, you might even find an app you’re totally in love with!

Screen 1 of my iPhone

Screen 2 of my iPhone

Screen 3 of my iPhone

Screen 4 of my iPhone (Part 1)

Screen 4 of my iPhone (Part 2)

And that’s my iPhone! I’m constantly using new apps and getting rid of them, so if you have any suggestions for apps I should try, definitely comment so below. My wallpaper is courtesy of HD Wallpapers. I think it is so cute!

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Have a great weekend guys! Next time you hear from me I will be giving my play-by-play of my first day of Senior year!

5 thoughts on “What's on My iPhone?

  1. What I really don’t like about Iphones is that they don’t have widgets. the small portlets, viewlets, which keeps themselves updating, giving you information about a certain thing / information.

  2. bareMinerals
  3. Thanks for this – always useful to see reviews from real people. I’m downloading evernote as we speak! WhatsApp is definitely useful for free texting and if you have friends in other countries.

    Appbox pro is also useful – and star walk is an amazing app (but then again I’m obsessed with stars).


  4. bareMinerals
  5. Do big companies have extra departments to promote their apps or do they hire firms like http://madvertise.com/en/? Do you know that? Thanks for the list, I am gonna check them out, thanks for sharing! I never heard about TeuxDeux, I was searching for an good app to get a to do list. The note app from apple is really not good at all..

    1. Lara,

      I have no idea. Maybe they do. I personally have not been paid to endorse a product, all opinions are totally my own.
      Happy you like Teux Deux! It’s my favorite list app I’ve ever used.


  6. bareMinerals

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