Welcome Back to Me!

I’m back! I have traipsed the lands of Europe and come back to so many things going on! I was Freshly Pressed and was nominated as a Versatile Blogger.

Freshly Pressed
I was Freshly Pressed last week and I am so grateful. You all seemed to have really positive reactions toward my blogging rules and that was fantastic. I am so thankful for all the great things you guys said. I love having a feeling of community here on the blog, so when you all come and give your opinions and advice, I feel like we’re becoming the community of enthusiasts that I set out to create in the beginning. Thank you for all of the positive comments you sent me (I’ve finally read them all) and I want you all to know that you mean the world to me. You are fantastic!

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to 3teensmom for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! The link to her blog is here.I feel so honored to be considered, so seriously, you are fantastic! Thank you for reading my blog and dealing with my constant humor and odd comments. You deserve a star just for reading.

10 bloggers who I believe deserve to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

These bloggers are all people who I read regularly, who I find inspirational, and who I think all people should read to get a little more in life. I definitely want to emphasize reading these blogs!

Now, to 3teensmom, here are 10 pieces of information about myself, Teenage Enthusiasm:

  1. I’m a British lady stuck in an American teenager’s body.
  2. I seriously dislike melted cheese on my pizza.
  3. I watch the same movies over and over again.
  4. I really can’t wait to live in a big city.
  5. I remember things really well. Unless it is about school.
  6. When people compliment me, I say, “Thank you” in this weird, high-pitched voice.
  7. I’ve had the biggest crush on Logan Lerman since I was 9. It’s been 8 years.
  8. I have conversation with commercials. Especially the Scooter Store ones.
  9. My favorite time of day is that 20 minutes at night where I lay out my clothes for the next day.
  10. I really love to-do lists. I just love lists in general!

Thank you for the nomination. Really.

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It’s so nice to be back in the states. I forgot how much I missed my bed, my shower, and all the other American comforts we take for granted, like ice.

And now that I’m back, my travel diary will be up very soon! Expect the link soon!

Thanks for giving me such a great week guys!

7 thoughts on “Welcome Back to Me!

    1. notsosecretfatgirl,

      Thanks! That means so much coming from a blogger whose style I really enjoy. And expect the travel diary up very soon!

  1. bareMinerals
  2. I have not been following your blog for too long, however the first post I read just so happened to be My Blogging Rules and I have to agree, you definitely do deserve the Freshly Pressed. Good job!

    Here’s a link to something you may enjoy… check out the ‘about’ part of the group and … Keep ’em coming 😉


  3. bareMinerals

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