My Blogging Rules

I am a rule follower. Always have been, always will be. Rules are a way to guide how you do something so that it comes out in an orderly fashion. So, when it comes to blogging, there are a few rules that dictate how I blog.

My Rules

  1. Post at least once a week – this way, I can get into the habit of sitting down with my computer and writing fairly regularly. You have to start small.
  2. Let people support as they please – contrary to how I was in the beginning of my blogging career, I no longer like to ask my readers to ‘like’, ‘subscribe’, or ‘comment’. I do like to give people an idea of what they could comment about, but if you do really like what I’m writing, then you will support me without me badgering you.
  3. Never appeal to only a small, select group – I don’t want to lessen my view count by only making posts for a small group. I don’t want to disappoint someone who reads regularly by posting something only a handful of people like (i.e. radishes dressed as ballerinas). Now, you personally might not love something I post one time, but I try to range everywhere so everyone can enjoy.
  4. Blog for myself – now, I do want you to enjoy and get something from my posts, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everything I write has to be something I can be proud of reading to people and sharing with the world. I have to really like what I am putting on the internet before I will put it there. It has to put confidence in my writing skills or it doesn’t get posted.
  5. Titles inform and occasionally entertain – I want the titles of my posts to inform the reader on what they are going to read. And, if I feel like giving myself a giggle when I go through my archive, I want the title to be entertaining. I want you all to feel amused and for me to feel like the most clever girl ever. As Peter Pan would say, “Oh, the cleverness of me!”
  6. Videos & photos need to add, not detract from the content – when I add a picture or video, it needs to add to the content and make it better and more eye-appealing, instead of distracting.

Thank you for reading my blogging rules. They don’t work for everyone, but I hope they may inspire you to make some for yourself so that you can blog happily.

These videos were the inspiration for this post:


249 thoughts on “My Blogging Rules

  1. Hey Morgan — well, it definitely appears your rules are golden, considering you’ve been Freshly Pressed. Congrats!

    I think your list is definitely helpful for those new to blogging or looking for guidelines. I’d have to say that personally, I’m more of a rule-breaker than a rule-follower, which may be why I don’t post on a schedule or keep posts short and sweet. Instead, I’m a freelance writer, and I’m currently putting together a book based on my blog — which will be a compilation of humor essays — so my posts tend to be a bit longer.

    But I guess the general axiom should be to do what works for you … and as you noted, definitely write for yourself!


  2. I really liked the layout and content here. How do you balance the expectations of a group of followers who may want to see those radishes dressed as ballerinas, say, with a wider audience? (commenting on point 3)

  3. Thanks for good advice and for making me feel like a loser because I’m not as succinct and disciplined as someone who’s probably half my age. Now, I have to try to do better or I will spiral.

  4. Your videos are “currently unavailable” is that on purpose?
    thanks. this old guy appreciates a young man’s wisdom. keep it up and congratulations on Fresh Pressed status

    1. maxthehandyman,

      Oh, I’m sorry if they are unavailable. They weren’t for me. It might just be your computer settings.
      And I’m happy you appreciate my wisdom, although I am not a young man, but rather a young lady. But thanks anyway!

  5. Great advice! I will ponder #2 if the control freak will let me give up the reigns a bit. I too like to steer people too but that goes against my wandering vibe.

  6. Great job and congrats on being freshly pressed! I love your header. I’m pretty big on rules too. And if you can’t follow your own rules, who else can you really follow, ha!

  7. Those are some cool rules; rules which I may even start to follow myself! I know it’s been said before, but I adore your blog presentation, the way you embolden the key points, and add some humour too! I think you may have a mystical force on your side, I subscribed to your channel :s

  8. Sorry, I didn’t see the last sentence above the videos. Silly me. Still though, subbed to your blog 😉

  9. Guess I’d better delete my 17 drafts on Radishes Dressed as Ballerinas. I was proud of them…

  10. Great! I have been off & on without any plan. More of the style that “Twitter” kind of started out with. However, I have been picking up ideas from different blogs and your’s is really inspiring to have a direction to go with it and ideas to keep it up to date.

  11. Hey Morgan,

    How do you not get discouraged when you put a lot of efforts into your blog post then you find out the page has been visited only 3 or 4 times?

    1. TalkEZY,

      It’s like I said in my rules, you need to blog for yourself. If other people aren’t reading it, it shouldn’t matter. Blogging for yourself means that you like what you are writing. The amount of people reading shouldn’t matter, how much you like your writing does.
      If you really want traffic, try commenting on other blogs, or using tags and categories people will search more often.

  12. I’m so glad you made it onto Freshly Pressed so that I could find your blog. I’ve enjoyed browsing through several of your posts. Thanks for this articulate, refreshing teenage perspective! I love it!

    1. Mrs. Roberson,

      Thank you so much! I’m happy you enjoy the blog and that you are a fan of my perspective. It’s the only one I know!

    1. Ramungarthewriter,

      People always ask me if I am a teenager, and I definitely am. I’m just really good at not going boy crazy when I blog.

        1. Ramiungarthewriter,

          No! I was just kidding around since a lot of teenagers are boy crazy. I’m just a normal teenage girl who enjoys writing and sharing her own personal knowledge.

          1. oh, that boy crazy. i thought you were saying something about boys. by the way, most high school boys are not crazy, they’re just stupid. trust me, i know from personal experience.

          2. ramiungarthewriter,

            I am fully aware that teenage boys are stupid. Not all of them, but a fair number. I spend 6 hours for 9 months with them.

        1. Netia,

          That is so exciting! I will definitely be reading them. And I totally understand finding WordPress confusing. It took me a while but I figured it out finally! Good luck to all of your students!

  13. I couldn’t agree more on rules 1 and 4. Might I add a rule of mine? Whenever the material permits, I try to streamline it into lists or bullets; people are a lot more inclined to read them!

  14. I liked your rules, too. I just started “blogging” and I’m having a hard time with it……my mind goes blank. I’m still navigating the whole thing…..gettin’ used to it. I’ve been on Facebook for a couple of years and people have told me to blog since my posts on Facebook can be hundreds of words long. They say I’m an excellent writer, but I’m really not……above average would be a more accurate assessment.

    1. artvaldez,

      It sounds like you will be a great blogger. Just use those Facebook posts and post them. Whatever you write sounds like it will work. Good luck on your blogging adventures!

      1. THANKS!!! I thought no one would ever read my silly stuff! I’m still learning and I hope I don’t lose interest. I probably won’t……my Facebook friends always tell me to start a blog ’cause my Facebook comments and posts get really long sometimes. Thanks, again!

  15. Loving the blogging rules. Of course the most important one is the ‘why you blog’ rule, I am para-phrasing here, but yes, you do want to write something you can be proud of…like this post. Keep going, you’re doing great!

  16. I especially agree with you on point 1 & 4. You’ve got to love what you write and to try keep some continuity by posting on a regular basis. I’ve started to really like the ritual of writing a post.

  17. Blogging once a week &blogging for yourself. Those are what I look out for too! You’re awesome! 😀

    1. butcheringsaint,

      “‘whoring’ out solicitations”. That is literally the best thing I have heard in a long time. Cheers to you!
      Thank you!

    1. A Gracious Life,

      Thank you! I like to be wise for my years. Being directly to the point is important and is something everyone should work on in their day to day life.

  18. Sounds like solid, practical rules to me! I especially like rules 4 and 5. If you don’t blog at least as much for yourself as you do for others, it’s not gonna work out in the long run. And titles are like the ‘hooks’ middle school English teachers talk about. I take those very seriously. 😉

  19. Nice rules
    I was posting 5 times a week at a minimum when I first started and just recently decided to do only once/twice a week. For me, I noticed that I was ‘working’ on writing and not enjoying myself. My number one rule to to keep the posts accurate to the theme and fun to write/read. Once it becomes a chore, the fun is lost.

  20. I like your rules. I think part of my problem is that I really only write lesbian content because…well that’s the majority of my life and it’s what I like to write about. But I do feel bad that sometimes my straight friends arent included.

    Also, I prefer ballerina pineapples, because they eschew the traditional view of ballerinas as just for petit fruit. Just saying. 😉

    1. Anonymous,

      Thank you! I just returned from Europe, where I traveled to Belgium, France, and Switzerland. It was an amazing trip. I will be posting my travel journal in a week or so, so keep on the look out!

  21. Good rules, when I 1st started my blog, I did it by volume…which quickly lead me to be burned out…now, I write more as catharsis and do some personal growth type of posts that can promote dialogue and shares

  22. Cool thoughts! A keep point about blogging is finding the happy medium between you, as the write and a person, and the audience! I’ll keep your rules in mind!

  23. As a new blogger, I have to agree with your rules esp. number 2. Let people comment and like your blog without you telling them. The third one also worked for me. I actually had a hard time writing my ” About” page since I really don’t wanna label my blog as ‘this’ and ‘that’.

    Now, I have followers various blog interests. However, I don’t want to write something of a certain topic JUST to please a wider scope of readers and gain many followers. I just write just the way I am 🙂

    Enjoy blogging.

  24. Excellent, concise post. The most important thing to remember in this blogging process is the adoption of a regular posting schedule and the creation of meaningful, quality content. Don’t be afraid of what others say–be passionate about your blog. Remember, this is your face to the world. I think you have made an excellent start! I find the blogging process helps me make sense of my inner world and helps reduce the stress of modern life. I blog for the sheer joy of doing it. It’s important for your blog to be you. Good luck in your endeavors!

  25. Congrats on being FP !!! Am glad u did cause i could find ur interesting blog that way! LOve this post tons and heading off to all ur other amusing sections ! Love the energy in your words ! Happy blogging ! Cheers ! 🙂 🙂

  26. Very well written! The “blog for myself” is something I can really relate to. I was a very enthusiastic writer and blogger on another site up until two years ago, and have only just started again. It’s a good rule to follow, because it ensure you write often. If you’re writing for other people you probably won’t write!

  27. Yup, clear and to my mind correct. Now I just have to follow them. Fair play to you for putting it up there, and decent of wordpress to fresh press it. Thanks for the post.

    1. vishvajit,

      My header art comes from a lot of minimalist posters I found online. I will be renovating the blog soon, so it will change unfortunately. 🙁

  28. I’m a new blogger. These are great, especially numbers two and four, as I keep finding myself wanting to alter my posts for my potential readers as well as puzzle out ways to foster communication. But you’re right. If they like my writing, they’ll come back on their own. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Thank you! It came to me from one of my favorite books, called Enthusiasm, where I learned that enthusiasm can mean a real preference towards something. As a teenager, I find myself enthusiastic about many things. So, on December 31, I sat down at my computer, started up a blog, and called it Teenage Enthusiasm.

  29. These are a good set of rules for any blogger! I personally struggle a lot with the updating once a week rule, as I don’t always have something to talk about. I told myself I would update once a week as soon as I finished university for the year, but it just hasn’t happened.

  30. “Never appeal to only a small, select group”

    I try to offend small, select groups, one at a time. It tends to work.

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed and thank you for sharing your rules with us.

  31. Hey Morgan:
    As a creative writing teacher I’ve been encouraging my high school students to start up a blog. Yours is one more reason I can say, “See, here’s another great example of stretching your writing abilities.”
    Blue Skies,

    1. criketmuse,

      I hope that your kids will find this little site inspiring. A lot of teenagers find it hard to keep up a blog, as they might find what to say boring or not good enough. Tell your kids if they ever need a teenage blogger to turn to, I’m always open for conversation and help at

  32. Love it! Sounds like you’ve got solid ground rules for your blogging practice. I also try to post once a week, but it doesn’t always work out 🙁 I definitely feel inspired to post a bunch now! Though I do feel like I have a lot of ideas and not enough time to write/draw/video them. Well, I’ll take a hint from you and push through 🙂

  33. I do love your outlook. I also started blogging a few years ago with incredibly high expectations, but I came to the realization (a couple of months ago) that there was only one reader I had to please – myself.
    So now I have a new blog, and I have decided to enjoy it and let the readers come to me!

    1. Zozette,

      You sound like you really enjoy blogging now that you’ve learned that once you please yourself, it doesn’t matter who else. Go you!

  34. Good blogging rules. I think the most important one (at least for me) is to post every week. That is the hardest for me. I do try:plan, I write, I re-write, I scan pictures, I edit, crop and save pictures, I then, re-read what I wrote and eventually I post! Phew! And, then I start all over again. But there is that ‘great feeling’ you get when your post is published. I love that feeling – so much I go back and write some more.

    1. sewforward,

      You seem to a bit of a burden on yourself with blogging it sounds like. Definitely remember to enjoy the process of writing and putting it all together, or blogging will hold no appeal at all, even when you finally hit the post button.

    1. Shreyas,

      Aw, thanks! No one ever tells me that. I actually had to find this to show my roommate to show that someone else thinks I’m funny. Thanks for making my day!

  35. Great tips! Number four is my favorite. After all few of us are getting paid for this, so we might as well enjoy it! Number three is crucial, but very hard for some of us.

  36. Great set of rules 🙂 I especially like #3 “Never appeal to only a small, select group”. I’ve heard the opposite so many times but I think writers are more interesting and more useful to the world when they’re all over the place.

    1. ritatherandom,

      That is very true. My favorite book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, is not set for a small group of people, and that is why so many more diverse people enjoy the book. Books like Twilight appeal really to a smaller group of kids who enjoy supernatural and vampire books. By not just aiming towards a smaller group, you find many more readers. Thank you for reading!

  37. I always wonder how others perceive blogging-it’s nice to see your perspective of it. Ultimately blogging tends to be public. I always try to write for myself but not exclude the experience I want others to feel when reading my writing. and I’ve always gone through phases of posting-heavy and little to no posting months. The once a week rule should hit me in the brain and force me to post. Anyway, keep it up!

  38. I see SUCCESS written all over your future! Easy to read format, direct, and to the point. Video good addition. Organized, outgoing, professional, and great accent–perfect-o!! KEEP GOING!

    1. Liz,

      Thank you so much for your positive words! They just made me smile. I’m so happy you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading!

  39. Rules are good, once we all agree on them – and that is basically the problem 🙂 I agree with you on your points for blogging though, but I particularly fail on the consistency one. I have several blogs on various topics and I tend to loose interest after a while. Note to self: Must be better at producing new material!

  40. yoyoyo, your rules are my rules. I totally agree with not picking a nieche but appealing to the masses. I think it got a bad rep in the past.

    Nice post! Keep it up bro.

  41. I like your rules. I like rules in my life too. I try to post every day (and leave comments) in the morning with my coffee. Except I take weekends off, usually.

    1. Morgan,

      Thank you so much! I’m happy that you enjoyed my rules. It’s nice to meet another Morgan, and especially one who enjoys the nerdy parts of life too!

    1. livvisthenewblack,

      Thank you! My sure fire way to start writing when I feel blocked is just to go out and do things. They don’t have to be major adventures, but it has to be something. Sometimes I watch YouTube videos (which is where I found the inspiration for this post). Sometimes I go out and have lunch with a friend and our conversation sparks my writing cogs. Sometimes it’s even just watching a movie and being inspired by a line a character said. If you have writers’ block, put down the WordPress and go do anything. Imagination can come in millions of different forms, so get out there and inspiration will come to you!

  42. I like this! Good idea to lay out the ground rules- I feel that setting boundaries sometimes make it easier to do your own thing, if that makes any sense? Especially true with running a blog- it can be such a creative outlet, yet at the same time it needs to have some sort of structure or you won’t get (and keep) readers. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed, too! 🙂

    1. omeletta,

      Thank you! I completely agree with how structure makes blogging, something that can be interpreted and created any which way, better and easier to maintain. Thank you for reading!

  43. #4 was the hardest rule for me to learn, and the one that has helped me most. Thanks for sharing, you’re like the most clever girl ever =)

    1. t,

      It is one of the hardest things to learn, but once you do, it’s so worth it. You’re welcome, I try. Thanks for reading!

  44. Interesting rules. When I began blogging (which was not too long ago), I tried posting everyday, which eventually became every week, and now, no pattern at all. :)) I will try your other “rules” as well. 😀

  45. I really like these rules. I have some similar rules for my own blog. The one I struggle most with, though, is the rule #1: Blog Every Week. I’ve been so burned out lately. I really need to start visiting the Freshly Pressed area for more inspiration.

    Thanks for the advice and the motivation push! Keep up the great work!

    1. pallasathena2007,

      I’m happy you liked them. I find that a lot of people are having trouble with that rule. A good trick for me is to just write down whatever comes to mind and make a list and when you have time, write out the posts. The best way to get it done is just to do it.

      So glad I could help you with your blogging troubles and I hope that you will now find the energy to post like you’ve never posted before! Thank you!

    1. Andreas,

      Breaking rules is okay, but not when they are illegal. Illegal = bad. Breaking blogging rules = you’ll live and not go to jail.
      As I said before, these are my rules that I just tend to follow because they make blogging easier and more efficient for me. If I break them, blogging just becomes harder.

    1. thehangeron,

      I am a huge Charlie fan. Like, huge.
      And I have seen Danisnotonfire. His videos are quite funny. Especially since his last video was about him shipping himself and Maltesers, which is basically all I ate on my plane to America.

      1. He’s sooooooooooo funny, I LOVE his facial expressions. Especially in the video about annoying stuff people in shops. HIS FACE!
        He looks amazing as a woman, Ha!

    1. addgirl0394,

      Thank you! I am so happy that you enjoyed reading and took the time to tell me. Having people comment really helps create the mood I want here, a sense of community. And thanks!

  46. I definitely write for myself it serves as a contract for self betterment! Started blogging for practice since i was writing blogs for this small business then realized i was getting more hits per month than them. I decided to continue and it has been influencing me everysince.

    1. Brian,

      That is fantastic! That is a great story and I wish you even greater luck as you continue blogging. Thank you for reading!

    1. genuinelyunhappy,

      Thank you so much! That’s really sweet. I hope that they helped you with your own blogging needs. Thanks for reading!

  47. Simple and straightforward – thanks for sharing! I always find it difficult to keep regular posting schedule… I stated “it’s gonna be every 5 days” and then… 2 weeks go by and I realize I haven’t posted. Something to keep in mind.

    1. backpackerina,

      Thank you! Something I do every once in a while, such as when I have a busy schedule full of work, internships, and babysitting, is to schedule posts. I sit down and write three or so posts, type them up on the site, and then schedule them to post themselves automatically on certain dates. When I went on my trip to Europe, that’s what I did so that I didn’t have to find a computer and write something every few days.

  48. I think that writing for yourself is by far the best reason of all to write, whatever form that ends up taking. I blog for myself and I’m genuinely pleased and surprised when I find out that others enjoy what I write about too.

    1. David,

      I totally understand what you mean. I feel so much happier when I post something that I enjoyed writing and others enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!

    1. Dan and Kristien,

      Well thank you! I’ve never seen any food blogging rules, so you should definitely go for it. I think it would be great for the growing number of food bloggers out there. Thanks for reading!

  49. This was good – different from your standard “how to blog” posts. Keep it up and I may scroll through and find some of those funny archive titles you were talking about 🙂

    1. Maria Speight,

      Thank you! I definitely wanted to make a list that was unique to my own personal standards. I will continue blogging and I hope that you will continue to enjoy them. Thank you for reading!

    1. ChangeTheWorld,

      You’re welcome! Congratulations on your new blog and I’m so happy that I have helped you. Blogging is such a great creative outlet and I hope that you enjoy all of your time on the interweb! Thank you for reading!

  50. Great tips, Morgan. Thanks for sharing. I am big fan of tip 3, since I cannot make myself write about just one thing. Most experienced bloggers say that we should concentrate on one topic. I cannot.

    1. funnyphuppo,

      Thank you! I am constantly reading about people focusing their blogs on only one topic. I personally couldn’t do that. I watch so many YouTube vlogs that are people just talking about what really matters to them at any time. They don’t just talk about one thing. For me, my blog is called ‘Teenage Enthusiasm’ because I talk about the things I am enthusiastic about, which are a lot. I hope that you will always talk about whatever you think of because that makes your blog yours. Thank you so much for reading!

  51. Love your take on things….. entertaining, informative and like you say….. something for everyone…. even those who prefer their radishes dressed as ballerinas.

    1. seventhvoice,

      Thank you! You say so many nice things about me that you’re making me blush 🙂 And for those people who like their radishes, well, maybe I’ll try to add something for them in the future. Thank you for reading and having a really lovely comment. You made my day.

  52. I agree! I blog to keep the writer inside me alive, and if my work is good enough, I might just get the limelight too…and besides even if I don’t it doesn’t really matter as far as I’m loving what I’m doing and it’s not affecting someone in a bad way I should keep going at it!
    Awesome article, way to go!!

    1. Ash,

      You are so on track about what I am saying. You seem to love what you are doing and not caring how the world sees it. I will be honest, when I wrote ‘My Blogging Rules’ I was just writing a quick post to fill the space while I was unable to post in Europe. I literally spent 20 minutes quickly writing, typing and formatting it. Then, when I checked my email that morning, I was Freshly Pressed, and it was just because I’d written about something I enjoyed talking about. I wish you luck on blogging and that you will continue to love it.
      Thank you, that’s so sweet! And thanks for reading!

      1. Exactly!!
        Thankyou. I wish you the same! 🙂
        And you’re welcome!

        P.S. Congratulations for being a part of the Freshly Pressed, sorry forgot to wish you earlier!

  53. This blog certainly inspired me, but I do disagree about point3… My blog is for a small audience right now… But I think it could be bigger when the time is right. Or is it? I really don’t the potentiel size of my blog? Can someone give me feedback?

    1. gwsongs,

      Thank you! Now, audience really does depend on yourself. I personally want a large audience of people with whom I can feel a sense of community. You may just want a smaller group of people who enjoy your writing and just observe rather than communicate. I want to emphasize point 4: blog for yourself. Don’t question how others should look at your blog. Just blog in a way you enjoy it, and if it wants to be big, it will be. If not, it won’t. And if you later decide to change your blogging direction, point 3 is always helpful. Have a great time blogging!

      1. Ah. Thanks a lot. You’re right about blogging for yourself. I agree with you there. I think you have to believe in yourself and not just count visitors. Number of visitors should be secondary.

  54. Pretty awesome stuff. I’m a blogging newbie and while I don’t seek to gain many fans, it does help to keep this stuff in mind anyway. Thanks!

    1. Silas,

      Thank you! Congratulations on the new blog! If you aren’t seeking to gain many fans, blogging may be a lot easier for you than it is for people who want a big audience fast. I wish you luck on your blogging experience and that you enjoy every minute of it!

  55. Very nice post. I just started a blog around a week ago and am trying to get things going. I try to post at least once a day. I agree with your titles. I tend to create a title that hooks someone, but yet is also about the post. Great job.

    1. Learn 2 Be Geek,

      Thank you! Congratulations on the new blog. I’m sure that it will be a really great one as you continue on your blogging journey. Now, speaking as someone who has been blogging for a year and a half, posting as often as you are now might change. You might end up losing time to be able to post that often, but don’t let it discourage you. Blog when you can give your full attention to the post and you’ll be golden, even if it is only once a week. The title is quite important, yes, and you seem to be on the right page about them. Good job!

    1. missionabspossible,

      Thank you! I wish you lots of luck on your blogging adventures and, although my rules are not for every blogging experience, I hope that they might help you.

  56. hehe, “OH! Click here…” Very different!

    Well done on the Freshly Pressed. Ah, well, rules… after several years of reading everybody’s rules on how to write novels and finding mine totally non-compliant, I decided to follow the one rule that my friend and fellow author Arkenaten (also on WordPress) suggested: We make the rules. 😉 (so that we can break them.)

    Anyway I think your rules will help many a newbie blogger get started nicely. Well done.

  57. I love the idea of having set rules to blog by. I have just started and although never codified, I find myself operating under similar rules as you do. However, like the “pirates code”, I find them not always to be rules to follow as much as they are guidelines. Keep up the good work.

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