A ‘Pan’ Summer

As you may have noticed if you follow my Twitter or Tumblr, I recently uploaded a picture that looked something like this…

Yes, that really is a picture of several books about Peter Pan. Now, why would a person need five books about Peter Pan (with several more on the way?) Here’s why. I’m writing a book on Peter Pan.

Now, I tried being an author back in 2009. And although I did write a full-length novel, it was not exactly the next Jane Austen or J.K. Rowling. So, I gave up on that dream and moved on to journalism.

I’m trying this author thing again because I’ve found a subject that I’m really familiar with and feel confident about writing. Peter Pan. Peter is a boy who I grew up with. I feel like I know him more than a person should know a fictional character. And that’s why I feel like I can write a true-to-fact story about him. I just know him so well.

Plenty of teenagers try to write books. I know because I read them on Tumblr every day, all the fan fiction and chapter excerpts. And yeah, they are awful! If I read one more fan fiction about this girl and Logan Lerman holding hands in a hospital waiting results for her mother’s blood test, I might have a small meltdown. However, my goal is not to make J.M. Barrie roll over in his grave. Actually, I want him to peacefully stay there and let me write something that isn’t ridiculous fan fiction. I want to do justice to the character he created. I really do.

As for details on what my book is about, you will have to comment below to ask. If enough people are interested, I will divulge the plot to my book, but nothing more. There is nothing worse than spoilers!

So, to wrap it all up, I will be spending my summer in Europe, doing community service projects, doing things with my church, hopefully doing an internship, working, and writing a full-length novel based on Peter Pan and his adventures. It’s going to be a busy summer!

Love to all my fellow humans,

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  1. If you have space for one more, add “The Child Thief” by Brom. I finally read the entire thing and it is quite good, another variation on a “darker” Peter Pan.

  2. Were you aware that this “justice” to Barrie’s character you speak of has been done? There’s a novel out that’s based on his very own ideas for more Pan adventure. And it’s written in his style, too. Click!

    Another great ‘other’ Pan book (can’t stand the non-Barrie ones in your pile, sorry) is this one, but it’s not for kids to be honest. It’s a “what if?” kind of story that takes it all in a whole new direction instead. And yes, despite how it might appear, it *is* entirely respectful of Barrie. Click!


    1. The Never Fairy,

      Thank you so much for the comment, although I do believe that you read my post in a way that it was not meant to be taken. When I stated that I wanted to ‘bring justice’ to Peter Pan, I did not mean that he has not been given justice already. There are plenty of authors who have given Peter Pan the name I believe he deserves. By ‘bringing justice’ to Peter, I meant that I won’t be writing some wishy-washy character that doesn’t capture the true charisma of Peter. There are lots of books about Peter that have done a great job of carrying on the Barrie legacy, and I would like it be one of them.

      As for the books in my pile, of course how you view them is your opinion. And as I am one of those people who does not judge opinion, I won’t say anything. I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine about Peter Pan. In it, she recommended plenty of books and films and shows about Barrie’s character. Here’s how I chose the books I did: I went to my library’s catalog and typed in Peter Pan. Every book that came up about Peter Pan I checked out. I have so many more that are coming, and I will continue to read more. And I don’t believe I ever said anything about other people disrespecting Barrie, as I haven’t read anything so far that has. I believe I dissed the celebrity/trauma Tumblr-style short stories in my post, not any of the Pan ones.

      I hope this reply has changed your view of my post and helped you understand that all that I am trying to do is write something that Mr. J.M. Barrie would consider worthy of his deceased brother.


      P.S. The believe was a nice touch, especially as I’ve been believing since I was 5.

  3. What I meant by disrespecting Barrie are the books (like Starcatchers which not only completely ignore the backstory that Barrie already gave Pan, but changes the facts of the story otherwise, including the very nature of his personality. Even the “official sequel” has fact-checking errors in it. That, to me, is disrespect.

    As for believing… who doesn’t?

    1. Dear The Never Fairy,

      A great quote I once heard is that when you write a story, write something that hadn’t been written yet. I believe that the people you call ‘disrespecting’ of Barrie are trying to write their own version. And while it may not be the same back-story Barrie created, it is there, and that is why their name is on the novel.


      1. Sure, but they’re supposed to be PREQUELS and SEQUELS to Barrie’s tale. For that to be true, they would need to follow what he already established, and they don’t. You can’t decide to change another’s author’s work and expect it to be PART of/connected to the original. They don’t even seem to try… thus, disrespect.

  4. Good luck in writing your novel. I haven’t read much Peter Pan, although I personally recommend “Capt. Hook” by J.V. Hart because I think it is quite well-written.

  5. This is the post that made me decide to follow your blog 🙂 Probably because Peter Pan is one of my very favourite fairy tales… I’m super excited to see what you’ll do with the story! BEST of luck! 😀 ~Aims from http://www.aimsphotos.wordpress.com
    p.s. there’s a sequel to Peter and the Starcatchers by the way.

    1. aimsphotos,

      I have read the sequel to Peter and the Starcatchers, but have given up on reading those as they definitely weren’t helpful to my own novel.
      Peter Pan is my favorite and I hope that if/when I finish and possibly publish it, other fans will like it too.

    1. Yet Another Mind,

      The plot is a bit shaky. It will be different than Peter in Kensington Gardens, as I am writing it as how I thought Peter’s pre-Neverland life was like before I read the book. It will be about Peter’s home life as a younger child who never got the attention he loved and why he ran away and why he is so bossy.

      1. Oh! 🙂 Sounds really intriguing! 😀 ill be waiting to see it online. (if you do post bits/whole thing on).

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