The Benefits of Being a Babysitter

In the last two or three years I’ve become a babysitter. Over the past five months, I’ve become a regular babysitter for a family near me. Over the past week, I’ve realized why I love babysitting so much.

I’ve only had two regular jobs, working at my local children’s museum and being a regular babysitter. They’ve both involved me working around kids. And they are both jobs I love. If it weren’t for the fact I love journalism so much, I’d probably go into a child care position. Being around kids is a rewarding experience, as you are helping mold minds and having fun at the same time!

The Benefits of Being a Babysitter

  1. 2 hours on the treadmill = 1 hour playing in the park.

    When you take kids to the park, all they want to do is play with you. Sure, they can play by themselves on the slide, but they would much rather you come over. I like to play zombie, as the kids love it when you run around with them. Plus, if you get tired, you can pretend to die and lie in the grass for a little while.

  2. The best food is at their house.

    People who have children usually have all the goodies you don’t have. Goldfish crackers, Swedish fish, Fritos, etc. Food at little kids’ house is pretty amazing, and the nicest parents will tell you to help yourself. Forget 4-star restaurant, say hello to little kid gummy pizza!

  3. You can practice your teaching skills.

    A few weeks ago in math I learned how to do some pretty complicated algebra. That night when I was babysitting I decided to do some basic math skills with the kids. When they got bored, I showed them my homework and how I did it. I then gave a 7-year-old a problem on my assignment. She got it right. Child genius in the making!

  4. Presents, presents, presents.

    This is a rare benefit, but some babysitters do get presents. A few weeks ago the kids I babysit gave me a dozen roses. It was probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever received and perked me right up. Here’s a picture!

  5. Watching Disney Channel with no judgment.

    Whenever I babysit I get to watch Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and every other kids’ channel there is. I’ve become a fan to the shows Lab Rats and Austin & Ally, and it’s just because I went to go babysit.

  6. Gain new best friends.

    I’ve become such good friends with the children I babysit. We have a real connection that is really special to me. I look forward to spending time with them each week and they look forward to me coming over each week. Although I might complain sometimes (because we all complain), spending time with them is sometimes the highlight of my week. Babysitting is like hanging out with your friends but you’re just a little bit taller than them.

If you are someone who wants to start babysitting, read these rules and see if it is right for you. Every experience is different but what kids really want is someone who is going to play with them and help them have a good, safe time. Babysitting is something I will never grow sick of, and if you really enjoy kids and having a good time, I suggest giving it a try.

If you have any questions about babysitting or maybe want some tips and tricks, feel free to ask so in the comments or e-mail me at

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Hope you all have a great week!

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Being a Babysitter

  1. This is not what I really wanted. How does babysitting help benifit towards the holy spirit. towards the gift of the hohly spirit. How does it benifit anything? Does it benefit because the kid gets smarter or what?

    1. Nanny10101,

      I feel like you have missed the point of my blog post. When I say benefits I mean beneficial towards the babysitter. I did not consider the holy spirit in this.


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