The Girl Who Was Finally Sorted in Pottermore

As I promised yesterday, I am now about to share what house I was sorted into in Pottermore.

As you might remember way back in October, Pottermore was about to open. But it didn’t. So I wrote this lovely little rant about how I felt about the whole delay. Well, Pottermore is now open and you can go and be ‘Sorted’ and have an amazing Harry Potter adventure.

Okay, now is the time you’ve been waiting for. I was sorted into…


Yes, I have been deemed a Hufflepuff. Personally, I’ve always thought myself a Ravenclaw but J.K. Rowling knows best.

Have any of you been ‘Sorted’ in Pottermore? Comment with your house!

4 thoughts on “The Girl Who Was Finally Sorted in Pottermore

  1. Yes, i’ve been sorted, twice, into slytherin. I was hoping to get into Hufflepuff for my 2nd acc but I was placed in slytherin again. Looks like im a true slytherin. LOL!

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