Why Popularity Isn’t Important

In high school, popularity is the currency. If you are popular, you are the rich tycoon who owns half of Florida. If you’re not, you are the guy living in the cardboard box. Popularity is what fuels the school system. Oh, also, what I’m saying right now is complete crap.

Mean Girls

The idea that someone is better just because they own a fancy car, an expensive wardrobe, and have flawless skin is ridiculous. No one is better than someone else. We were all born equal, and treating people like we weren’t is silly.

People believe that being popular is what will get you through high school. Fact: I’ve gone through the last three years of high school not being superbly popular and my life is still fantastic. Just because every person in the eleventh grade doesn’t know my name doesn’t mean that my high school experience is going to be miserable. It just means that I’m going to happy in a different way.

Last night I watched the Disney Channel movie Geek Charming (which is adorable) and I think it did a really great visual representation of what I’m saying. Although the male protagonist, Josh, wasn’t sitting at the popular table, he was still generally happy with his life. And the female protagonist, Dylan, was the girl with the life that she believed that could only be great if she were wildly popular, she was proved wrong once she learned that true happiness comes from having awesome friends and being yourself. Once again, great representation of what I’m saying, no?

The masses believe that popularity is what leads to happiness in general. And, sure, for some that might be true. Lots of popular kids are happier because they are adored and are surrounded by lots of friends with whom they have fun. At the same time, there are kids who are not popular in the least who aren’t very happy because they don’t have any good friends and don’t get the social experience to have fun. But popularity doesn’t determine your happiness, what you make of your life does. If you want to be happy, choose people who like to hang around. Do activities that you enjoy. Be yourself. Whether or not everyone in your class adores you shouldn’t determine your happiness.

Being popular isn’t important. It’s as simple as that.

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5 thoughts on “Why Popularity Isn’t Important

  1. I like reading blogs about Popularity in high school. You did really good work on here. I’ll bookmark your site. Thanks, Ann-Christin.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I jus. Don’t believe in popularity,but what is important to me is to be respeceted so do I to others


  3. amyishyper says:

    Geek Charming was great, but I doubt that a popular mean girl would ever date a film geek, no matter how she really felt. And it doesn’t help that all the other Disney movies are highly stereotypical when it comes to the whole popular thing


  4. Anonymous says:

    i’m doing a speech on why popularity should not mater and I think this really helped me thank you


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