15 Reasons to Love Shopping Malls

As I mentioned Monday, I was in the big city until a few days ago. I spent four days touring colleges, eating amazing food, and getting some good shopping in before my return to small town nowhere. After touring a college Tuesday, I spent a few hours at the mall, living it up. After walking through a gazillion stores, I needed a break. So I settled into a Starbucks to start writing this list.

photo (1)

A mall is an amazing place. It is so jam packed with shopping, eating, cinemas, fountains, escalators, and so much more. Having spent three hours there already, I can say for a fact that you will never get bored. I love shopping malls and here are 15 reasons you should too.

  1. You can find a wide variety of shops in a small area
  2. The food court has lots of options
  3. You can purchase just about anything
  4. Every store smells like perfume or Starbucks coffee
  5. 94% of people are using a mobile phone as they shop
  6. Crazy people always talk to you (like the insane man who asked if I’d taken the survey)
  7. There is wi-fi everywhere
  8. Cute boys are in every store
  9. Vendors try to sell you pointless stuff (like plastic to cover you phone in)
  10. You can always find somewhere to sit down if your feet hurt
  11. You will almost certainly photo-bomb a tourist’s photo (six Japanese tourists now have a photo of a lovely fountain and me)
  12. If you find something you like for $100, go to three more stores and you’ll find the same thing for $15
  13. You get enough exercise walking around a mall in one hour than a day at the gym
  14. The temperature is always perfect
  15. If the weather is bad, it’s the perfect place to hide from the trouble of the world and have a nice time shopping and relaxing

Overall, I had a really great time at the mall. I had a successful shopping trip (spending a little under $70) and cannot wait for my next adventure to the city.

Have a great end to Spring Break and stay safe, you crazy cats.


2 thoughts on “15 Reasons to Love Shopping Malls

  1. Anonymous says:

    shut up……omg air head


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