Hail to Technology

Like most of those in my generation, I too own an iPod, a cell phone, a laptop, an iPad, a video camera, an electronic planner, a tablet, etc.

We fall prey to the multiple gadgets we can own to the most menial of tasks, whether it be making a grocery list to helping you decide what to wear in the morning (they actually have an app for that). Technology takes over a lot of what we do, and if you are disagreeing with me right now, well, obviously you aren’t realizing that you are using technology right now by reading this post.

I’ve always been in love with electronics. From my first iPod (the 2nd generation nano) at 11 to my first laptop at 14. Actually, a little under a month ago I became the proud owner of an iPhone 4 (which is the most amazing piece of technology ever to existed).

The great part of technology is that it does everything you need and it comes in only one device. Why, I can check my calendar, call my best friend, watch a hilarious cat video, check my Twitter account, pin something on Pinterest, and play a full game of Scrabble without even getting off the couch. And that’s what makes us like technology so much, it does everything for us!

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Our generation ‘hails’ to technology, treating it as though a god, like it can do unearthly actions that we can only dream of. Although the dependence is unnecessary, can we really go back to when we didn’t have it?

What do you like using technology for? E-mail, texting, checking your Facebook at the airport? Please leave your answers in the comments below!

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