To a Good 2012

Happy New Year!

This New Years is especially special. It is Teenage Enthusiasm’s one year anniversary! What a milestone, huh?

The whole thing about new years and anniversaries and even just getting older is that we want to improve. We want to become even better than previous years. That’s why we make New Year’s resolutions. And I’m no different. I want to become bigger and better than I was in 2011. I want to be HUMUNGOUS!

Most resolutions are health-related. Wanting to lose weight, eat healthier, stop smoking, etc. But some resolutions are completely different. Some people want to publish their manuscript. Or start their own cupcake business. Personally I believe that a person should have a mix of the two. Like quitting alcohol and learning a new language.

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The hardest part of making a resolution is keeping it, as any person who has made a resolution can tell you. It’s unfortunate, yes, but it can happen if you aren’t motivated enough. So I guess the true success (though not for every resolution) is self-motivation. If you are in it for the gold, the likeliness of you accomplishing your resolution goal is very high.

I hope you have a fantastic 2012!


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