Revealed: My Wish List

One of the most time-honored traditions of Christmas is writing a letter to Santa Claus. As I am sixteen, I grew out of doing that long ago. But I still like the idea. So I wrote a mental list to Santa. And I’m going to share it with you. So, without further ado, here is my wish list to Santa.

Dear Santa,

This year I would like…

  1. The new Adele DVD. Adele is my soul sister. And her new live album at the Royal Albert Hall is so good. That’s why I want the DVD for it.
  2. All of the Harry Potter films. I want all of them. In a boxset. And then I may have a Harry Potter movie marathon on Christmas. Which I really want.
  3.  A white Christmas. Please let it snow. Please.
  4.  A new MacBook. Yes, Santa, my laptop is still broken. And I need a working one.
  5. A beret. I’m going to France in 6 months and I want to look French. S’il vous plait.

Merry Christmas,


And those are all the materialistic things I would like for Christmas. Other things that I would really like are for people to be more considerate, an end to world hunger, and for people to donate to their local children hospitals. If people could do that, I wouldn’t care whether I got my new MacBook or not.

Only 4 more days until Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Revealed: My Wish List

  1. Dear Morgan:
    As an official Santa helper I’d like you to know that we like our requests a little earlier than 4 days before Christmas…but hopefully people will be a little more considerate, less hungry, and donate more so that you won’t be disappointed in what’s under your tree.

    Love, an Elf

    1. Dear Elf:
      Oh, my letter to Santa came out in November. I’m just sharing it with the world now. But whatever is under it I will love.
      Love, I totally know it’s you Mom

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