The Good Times, The Bad Times

I heard a really great quote during the latest Glee episode.

“What’s wrong with a story that’s a little sad? Or a song that’s a little depressing? I mean, that’s part of Christmas too, right? It’s the sad things that make you remember what’s really important.”

Sam said it best. It is those sad things that you remember and are important to you.

With Christmas a little over a week, people are high off of presents, tinsel, and eggnog. But it’s time we slowed down and remembered some of the sad things that are more important than the new kitchen knife your grandad bought you.

For me, it’s my dog. God graced me long ago with the absolute best dog in the entire world, Dutch. I love him so much. There is nothing that can make me any more happier than coming home from a long day at school and seeing my dog at the bottom of the stairs smiling up at me, tail wagging. He is the best thing that ever happened to me.

About a year ago, my dog started getting tumors. First it was right inside his lip, but we had it removed. We thought it was the last of it all. But how wrong we were. My dear Dutchie now has a huge tumor outside¬†of his lip the size of my thumbnail. He also has a tiny, pimple-sized one on the top of his head and what I believe to be a tumor on his side. It’s so hard to watch people flinch when they see him or the fact that they will eventually kill him.

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I’m sorry to be such a downer, but it is moments like these that bring us back down to earth and remember the important things. I pray for my darling Dutch every day and hope that he will be healed. And we all have these little Christmas wishes and they are what keep us grounded. What is your doggie tumor story? What keeps you grounded in all this Christmas joy?

11 day until Christmas! Do not forget to submit your entry for my Totally Awesome Christmas Story Contest! Only 6 more days until the deadline!

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