Stumble Saturday: France

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¬†As many of you don’t know, I am going to Europe in 8 1/2 months. I will be traveling to Belgium, Switzerland, and France. It is for a total of 10 days. And I’m really excited.

I find foreign culture the most exciting. I mean, don’t get to me wrong, but American culture is something I grew up learning about and living. Foreign culture is so…foreign to me. I didn’t grow up surrounded by it, I didn’t learn it in school, and it’s a whole part of the world that I want to learn about!

The trip I’m going on is with various French students in my school, some of their parents, and my French teacher. Since I learned about the trip last year, my teacher puts in subtle hints during class of what to expect and places we’ll travel to during the trip.

While I am in Europe I will be writing a new blog post every day on a DIFFERENT BLOG! So watch out for that. I’ll talk about what I saw, funny stories, and have plenty of pictures. This way, you can experience Europe without even leaving your computer screen.

Plenty of love to all you Stumlers!

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