How to Get a Boy to Like You (Without Him Noticing)

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The biggest quest a girl can go on is the quest to get a boy to like her. For him to pine for her affection and eventually ask her out. It’s an art that can take years to perfect. So, to save all you ladies the trouble, I’ve made your step-by-step guide on how to get a boy to like you, without him even noticing that you’re doing it.

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Ready? Let’s start.


  • Β If he works, make sure to drop by regularly. If he works on Mondays, drop by casually every Monday for ‘errands’. This works best if he works at a grocery store, bank, or another retail shop. If he works in an old folks’ home or a high-tech government building this isn’t the smartest way to do it.
    It won’t seem like you’re stalking him at work, but rather as you doing your own thing and seeing him doing his. After a few times, he’ll come to expect you and you’ll be on his mind. And when you don’t come one time, he’ll probably ask you why next time he sees you.
  • Try not to hit him. Even if you think it’s flirtatious. Take this from my own personal experience. In about four years you will look back on it and think, “Wow, was I really stupid enough to think it was cute to punch him in the arm?”
    By not being like the other stupid girls, you’ll be set apart and not seem like you’re trying, which he’ll appreciate. Well, that and your lack of participation in his bruises.
  • If you are still in school and have a class with him, sit near him. I don’t mean rightΒ next to him, but close. Close enough that he definitely is aware that you are sitting there every day. And if he has questions or needs help, you are only a slight lean over.
    It will seem like you’re sitting there for your own purposes, so he won’t think it’s because you like him. Plus, if you do start dating, you’ll already sit next to each other in class!
  • When he talks to you, do not twist your hair or talk like you’re Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. No, no, no. Smile a lot (unless it’s strictly non-smile conversation), look him in the eye, and keep an open body language (no arm crossing). He’ll be drawn to how confident and nice you seem.
    Every boy wants a nice girl to be with, and this way when you are on his mind, he’ll be thinking about your nice smile. He won’t even notice you’re doing it purposefully.
  • Laugh at his jokes only if they’re good. Now, if they’re not but you know he was trying, laugh. But if it’s just some lame thing he said, don’t laugh. He’ll notice how fake you are.
    By laughing at his jokes, you’ll give him a sense of confidence and good self-esteem. This attitude will give him confidence and subconsciously remind him that you did it to him. You’ll be on his mind without him even noticing it.
  • If he plays a sport, go to all his sports games. When you see him the next time and he asks if you went to the game you can say yes and give him little stories about how good he did or what your favorite part was.
    He’ll like your participation and since lots of other people go to games, won’t even suspect your only pretending to like the sport because you like him!
And that is how you get a guy to like you without him even noticing you’re doing it. It will seem natural and you can definitely bond over sports if all the rest goes wrong. Have fun flirting and getting the guy of your dream!
If these tips really did work for you, please say so in the comments!

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574 thoughts on “How to Get a Boy to Like You (Without Him Noticing)

    1. Bri,
      My honest advice? Make the best of the situation you have. If you don’t sit by him, make the opportunity to be near him. When working on assignments, go to his seat and ask him for help with the homework or, if he looks lost, ask him if he needs help. And if he doesn’t talk to you, try to find a way that you can create conversation. If he plays a sport, come to the games. Then, at school, congratulate him on his playing. There, opportunity created!
      The big thing to remember is that you just have to put yourself out there without seeming like a clingy girl.
      I hope that I helped you. If not, or if you want to talk about it more privately, feel free to email me at I’m here to help!


        1. Sister b4 mister. If u go out with him it will more than likely mess up ur friendship. What’s more important 2 u, your best friend or some guy that you’ve started to like? Think about that

          1. I am never been bitchy. I answer a lot of these on my phone so I try to keep them short and blunt. But I am never intentionally bitchy. Sorry if you thought I was.

          2. Dear Anonymous,

            I am sorry that you feel that way. If you knew me personally you’d know that I am not that kind of person and I try to be kind to everyone. To reiterate, I answer a lot of these on my phone and I receive between 3 and 8 of these a day. I try to give everyone attention and answers that I believe will benefit them. If they come across short it’s probably because emotion cannot be expressed through the Internet. So I am sorry that you feel that way, I try not to be.

            Morgan xx

          3. Just an FYI Morgan I was just skimming over your website and honestly I did not get the vibe that you were being bitchy. Sorry for everyone else being jerks. I personally know how hard it is to keep up with a website.
            GREAT JOB!!!:)

          4. supporter,

            Thank you so much for this great comment! I try so hard to give everyone time and sometimes it’s hard to give everyone a super long comment back. Thanks for your support πŸ™‚

          5. random person,

            I’m sorry if you thought I was coming across as mean. I give everyone my honest advice and try to give the best advice I can.


        2. Cheyanne
          The best thing to do is to back off and not tell your friend or the guy, if you don’t want to ruin your friendship then here are some ways to help the problem.

          -Be there
          You should be there if something happens and help your friend or the guy. So if they ever break up then you will still have your friend and have a bond between the guy and you

          -DO NOT FLIRT

          Whatever you do don’t flirt with the guy if your friend is still dating him,that will upset them and and most likely you won’t be there friend anymore. Also if you flirt with the guy and he flirts back you should probably stop, because 1. you will likely lose a friend and 2.Is if he can do that to his gf then if you become nis new gf he might do that again but it will be someone else back stabbing you !

          Those where some ways the might help the problem.You don’t have to take my advice,it’s your life. Hope I helped in some way!! πŸ˜‰

        3. I like this guy at school and want to ask him out but I don’t no if he likes me. He keeps sending me mixed feeling so I dont know if he is attracted to me or not. what shud I do

          1. Jazzy,

            Talk to him! Start out with a friendly conversation and then get to the point. It’s the only way to do it.

            Hope I’ve helped!
            Morgan xx

          2. I have been been talking to him and have really strong feelings towards him and now that everyone knows that I like him they all are flirting with him and I have asked them to stop but they want, everyone is saying that our drama group(that’s where i know him and hang out with him) is my fault because I like him… I can say i have done nothing wrong i dont think….how can me liking a him a lot effect the group i have no friends i am friendless….because of this i have stopped going to drama for a while… Morgan i really like him i never felt that way and now that found a guy that is nice and cute and friendly…im still getting mixed signs from him and the others in the group as they r now flirting with him…. What do i do all i want is for him to like me and to beloved by someone besides family…. i have no friends now because they r being mean to about liking him and that its my fault…..Morgan what do i do i really like him and i getting mixed signs one mintue they saying he likes me and next they are saying that he dont like me everyone is saying its my fault……what do i do may we please talk about this over email is that possible please i am crying as i really like him
            Jazzy xxx

          3. Jas,

            Hi! Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Lots of comments, not enough time.

            I’m sorry that your friends are being mean about your crush. That isn’t a true act of friendship. I’d suggest finding some new ones.

            As for the guy, tell him how you feel. If he’s giving mixed signals it’s likely because he’s not sure how you feel. By telling him you can both sort out your feelings.

            If you need to communicate by email, is my email and use the subject line “Jas – Boy Advice” and I’ll be able to help!

            Hope I’ve helped!
            Morgan xx

        4. Cheyanne,
          When they are talking together pretend you’re passing by and interrupt them. That will make ur friend introduce u. Go with her all the time, including the times they talk. That’ll make the guy know u. If he have a party, go there with ur bf with ur best clothes. But don’t flirt. In class, pretend you need help with ur homework and call him. He’ll eventually like you. The main thing is to not be a clingy girl. Try to be a ‘hard to get’ girl

          1. How do I make him like me I mean I’m still in grade seven you know I’m young I need to see where things go so if it does not work out I can find someone else the person whose got the guts to tell me he likes me

      1. HELP! I am in middle school. I really like this guy in my school and since I go to a private school I am in all his classes. I think we are friends but I dont know! I don’t know how to ask him without sounding akward. Can you help?

        1. Anonymous,

          It’s going to be awkward no matter how you slice the pie. My advice is to breathe and keep calm and just do it as naturally as you can. Try to think of him as your equal as that usually helps.

          Morgan xx

      2. Morgan,
        I need some advice, i have had these strong feelings for the same guy for over a year. I send him really nice letters to him over Skype as that is the only way i can communicate with him, i did see him when i went to drama, but now that i have stopped that because the bullies there, that is that only form of communication i have left with him. I have very strong feelings for him and i always get a picture one minute i feel he is interested and the next i feel he isn’t, but i still despite all of this i am still in love with him, he has helped me so much through my problems. What do i do? Also how do i ask him if he likes me with out ruining the amazing friendship that we have developed as i don’t want to anything that is going to ruin it as he means so much to me i would do anything for him!!!
        What do i do? i need your help, please help πŸ™‚
        – JAS

        1. Jas,

          I would recommend asking him over Skype to hang out with you alone, and while alone talk to him about how you feel. If you live in fear of it ruining your friendship nothing will ever progress.

          Morgan xx

          1. This guy was in my class all year Γ­ really liked him our friend him and I would always hangout and do projects together but since they sat closer to each other they always would work together on partner assignments everyone thought they liked each other at the lunch table I sat close enough to hear him and to talk with him and his friends (when I wasn’t doing homework) anyway they got him to admit he likes her but she told me that she doesn’t like him but thanks to some other boy and his big mouth she is aware that he likes her but he doesn’t know that she knows (yes I know that is confusing) but he was dropping hints around me that he liked me too but I was to shy to talk about it during school and I can’t after school because of homework (I’m in all ap classes) so now it’s summer and I don’t know where he lives and we can only “talk” on instagram and I’m even to shy to tell him there!

          2. Meep,

            I would go on Instagram and invite him to hang out at the park or something. When you’re at the park, I’d suggest talking to him and asking him about his feelings for you and your friend. See where that conversation leads.

            Morgan xx

      3. basically, i go to a girls school and my friend which came from another primary scool ( i love in london ) likes this boys which she went out with in her primary school even though she dumped him for religous reasons….and i like him and so does she what do i do? i already told her that i think hes buff and i told her that i dont like hkm in that way even when i do what should i do ??? plz help me xx

        1. ineedhelpplz,

          I think it’s time you and your friend had a sit down about this situation. Tell her how you really feel, no sugar coating, and see if the two of you can come to an agreement on how to deal with it.
          The best situation is probably for neither of you to make a move on him and set your focuses on another boy.

          I hope I’ve helped!
          Morgan xx

      4. and what if the guy I ike is older and and we don’t have any classes together except pe and he always hangs out with other people

    2. Sit near him at lunch or get to know some of his friends so u can hang out in a group outside school b careful tho don’t get in the friend zone and make sure his friends get the wrong idea and think it hitting on them also if he’s it off don’t go out with him cuz it becomes asks and when u brake up u argue and things don’t go back to normal trust me in from experiences hope I helped πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !!!!

    3. Morgan,
      i need your help i really like thins guy at drama everyone is talking about me and him and how cute we are together when we talk adn hug each other. i talk to him all the time…. I really like him but others say he likes me but he says he like another girl name Kate…. i really like him i care about him so much…. i cry myself to sleep cause i really like him but i dont know if he likes me. What do I do? i have been liking him since about 7 months ago……You see kate knows i like him but she has only just started to realise that she like him but she want admit it? So my question to you is what do i do i really like him i like him that much that i cry myshelf to sleep and i dont know what to do please reply back i am crying right now

      1. If you’re crying yourself to sleep, you have most likely developed an unhealthy crush on someone. I would suggest trying to emotionally distance yourself from those feelings so you can have healthier feelings towards him. I hope you stop crying, sweetie.

        Morgan xx

  1. I want to get this boy to like me, but it has to be quick,hes just moved to our school and is moving back in a week…
    he has a girlfriend but always flirts with me and stares at me in form, everyone sees it, how could i get him to like me back?

    1. Anonymous,

      I’m going to be honest. If he’s moving away and already has a girlfriend, going after him is going to just be a waste of your time with no reward. If he’s flirting with you, just ignore it and focus on someone else. I’m sure your school has other fairly attractive males that would be greater candidates who aren’t moving away or have girlfriends. Now, if he breaks up with his girlfriend and decides to stay in your town, then you can make a move by just going up and talking to him about where he moved from or what he likes about your town.

        1. Milly,

          Thank you for your comments. Just for future reference, it is easier for me to reply if you just comment once.

          I think he likes you, as he has given all the signs. I say talk to him and say you like him too.

          Hope I’ve helped!

          Morgan xx

        2. milly, I went through that in 2nd grade.
          I’m probrobly wrong, but just a warning u . he may be playing u
          but if he’s an honest person than he’s probrobly not playing u
          I really hope I helped πŸ˜€

        1. lulu,

          Excuse you, but nothing I’ve ever said on this particular comment stream is bitchy or meant with any bitchy intention. The fact that you are saying this is rude and unappreciated.


        2. what the heck lulu she has said nothing you are just a hater you need to freakin grow up she is trying to help people and then there’s you a lonely rude b*tch what do you have against her? stop being mean to people

  2. I want to get this boy to like me but he is my best friend and im scared that if I tell him that I like him it will change how close we are. We already laugh and talk alot and we sit and do projects together but I don’t know if he feels the same about me. What should I do?

    1. Anonymous,

      My best guy friend was someone with whom I felt more comfortable than with most people. When he told me his feelings for me, and I told him I didn’t return them, it ruined our friendship in a way that still hasn’t been addressed and/or confronted. But that’s just me and him. For you, you seem like you really like him. And from what you’ve told me, it sounds like you two are really good friends. Now, if you want to know if he likes you or not, here are some tricks that could help you.
      1. Casually mention hanging out. If he quickly responds, it could mean he likes you.
      2. Jokingly ask him if he likes someone when the two of you are alone. Gives him a chance to be honest with no pressure.

      And if he either admits that he doesn’t like you, or if he’s just really good at hiding his feelings, definitely refer back to this article for some tips on how to make him like you. And if you’d like to take this further for some more advice (that can be directly tailored to your problem) feel free to email me at

  3. What should you do if the guy that you like is your best friend and your afraid that it will change your whole friendship if you tell him that you like him? We hang out and laugh and talk and tell eachother stuff that nobody else knows. We sit by eachother and are partners for projects. What do you suggest?

  4. This is hilarious. I am 28 (female) and remember being in your shoes as a teenager, and you have much more insight than I ever did! I have actually many times thought about writing a book about this exact subject. I dated but I really struggled with this stuff as a young woman, it was always on my brain. The funny thing is that I spent so much time working on strategy of getting the guy I liked (usually worked, sometimes didn’t) and finally got it down to an exact science by my early twenties. But you know how science is – BORING. PREDICTABLE. So, by the time I got married (26) I had thrown the whole ‘get the guy thing’ out the window because I had learned that all I wanted was someone who noticed me without trying and could be a great friend for life – which is exactly what I got and I couldn’t be happier! haha. I ended up marrying a guy who had a crush on me for 10 years that I had no idea about. Chances are, there are boys flying under the radar too shy to ask you out that you would not even think of. Ah, life is great isn’t it!

  5. Ok, so i think i totally bombed it with this guy i like. He invited me over and i siad a few things i wish i wouldnt have siad but he kissed me anyway. But that was 3 months ago and he haasnt talked to me since.

    1. Katy,

      If he kissed you but didn’t talk to you, it’s one of two things. He either didn’t feel like there was a connection or he thinks that you’re not interested. Here’s what to do:

      1. Talk to him. Yeah, it’s nicer when the boy talks first, but if you really like him, you’ve got to get the balls and use your words.
      2. Tell him that you like him and don’t understand what happened and why you two haven’t talked.
      3. Use a calm tone and try to figure it out with the least amount of drama you can. Boys hate drama.

      But talk to him and try to get it sorted out.

      Hope I helped!


  6. Hey! Great article. The guy I like is a grade below me at my school and he is super athletic and popular and he is in ASB… not to mention how good looking he is which he is very attractive. I have only talked to him once and it was alright but I get kinda of nervous talking to guys and I am worried that he knows I like him or won’t want to date me because he might have a big ego and think i’m not cool enough or maybe because my dad is a teacher at the school we go to. I have tried not liking him but it’s hard. Do you think I should find someone else or try to get to know him and get him to like me?

    1. anonymous,

      It sounds like you like this guy but you have some self-esteem issues. My advice? Learn to love yourself and how fantastic you are before trying to impress him. Once you like yourself, you will be able to feel comfortable around him and let him get to know how amazing you are. You sound really great and I’m sure this guy would like to date you, teacher dad and all. But first be comfortable with who you are before trying to get him to like you. I say go for the relationship, but don’t let it compromise who you are.

  7. HELP me!!!! Ok I see this boy I like I write him a letter said ”do you like me don’t tell no one about the letter” then a lot people lol at me in 6 they still then he hates me I do little but I still like him WHAT SHOULD I DO I feel throwing we not talk a lot only Ummm 4 just 4..I feel there no one want me I’m just a shy girl πŸ™

    1. Sarah,

      Just talk to the guy. Guys like a girl who gets to the point and talks to them instead of writing them letters. Try that. And also work on writing complete sentences.

          1. Sarah,

            If you’re too shy to talk to him or even try to reach out to him, then I say find someone a bit more your speed. You sound like a nice person but you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone if you want this guy.

          2. Sarah,

            You’re in 5th grade? Maybe you should just try to be friends for now. But if you want a romance, make opportunities to talk or at least be around each other, like eating lunch at the same table.

        1. I can’t tell if you’re being funny or what? I am legitimately trying to give help to lots of girls who ask me each day. I don’t see how that makes me mean or bitchy. I don’t see how any of my comment could have come off as mean. I’m not an offensive person. I’m just a girl with a blog.

  8. So there’s this guy who’s really good friends with one of my close friends. I have a class with him but it’s one of those classes that the teacher lectures the whole time so you can’t really talk to anyone during it. Also, we have a free period at the same time and I see him in the library a lot. My friend says she mentioned me and he thought that I was pretty, but he hasn’t really tried to talk to me, and I’m kind of scared to talk to him… he’s pretty shy. I don’t know what to do!

    1. Anonymous,

      Make the move! It’s nerve-wracking to talk to someone of the opposite gender, so you need to step it up if you want something to happen. During your free period find him and ask if he wants to study together for a class or even just ask him what he thinks of the class you have together. You’ll look confident and he’ll feel he can talk to you more openly. Hope I’ve helped!

  9. Hi, so last year this guy and I had a class together. We got along great and he told me that I’m beautiful. He even put his # in my phone when I wasn’t looking! I like him and he’s nice to me. This year, we don’t have any classes together and I don’t see at all at school. Though, we text all the time, an average of about 500 a week. I don’t know how to feel about him anymore. One girl, that I’m certain is his stalker, came up to me and told me that he’s a total player and that he’ll break my heart. I really didn’t know what to make of that. And sometimes he texts me and jokes that he should go over to my house. For some reason, that makes me uncomfortable (I’m only a Sophmore in HS and I have’t ever been in a relationship with anyone). I don’t know what to do. Should I just stay friends with him or pursue a relationship. If so, how. I’m completely clueless. My friends are zero help even though they all are in or have been in a relationship. Please & thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Sydney,

      Okay, you gave me a lot to go off of here. So I shall try to answer as best as I can. πŸ™‚
      1. It sounds like the two of you get along super well. Which is great! So, you just be yourself and it can all work out well.
      2. It stinks that you don’t have any classes with him. Is he in any clubs or sports or anything? See if he does any and if he does, see if any of them are interesting to you. Then, when you spend more time together, you can see how you feel about him this year.
      3. If you text a lot, what do you text about? If it’s simple stuff like “whatcha doing?” it could just be friendly, but if it’s more meaningful stuff, I’d look into it.
      4. This girl sounds kind of creepy, and might not have all her information straight. First off, has she or any of her friends dated him? If not, then she might not be your most credible source. Ask someone who has dated him for real information on that subject.
      5. Some boys can be majorly flirtatious. That’s just how they are. And if he’s joking about coming to your house, it’s probably because he wants to spend time with you. He’s probably not implying to hook up, but rather that he doesn’t get to see you in school and he’d like to see your beautiful face.
      Now, I’m not the one to be making your decision. My advice is to look at the bullets I’ve given you and think about them. Really take your own feelings into account and spend more time with him. And if him coming over to your house makes you uncomfortable, maybe go to Starbucks and have coffee and do homework if that would make you feel better. I really hope that I’ve helped you at least feel less confused as to where you stand. I wish you the best of luck in love and happiness!

  10. So I really like this guy that goes to much school and hes a year older than me. Last year we were pretty good friends but then summer came and we never hung out. Well this year we have gotten closer and are like best friends. We have all the same classes together and we used to always sit next to each other, and then this other girl came. She kinda became better friends with her and he never really sits next to me. Also, the only thing that happens in class is that when we make eye contact we sort of smile or do a funny face, but he does that with almost everyone. Hes the sort of guy that doesn’t really express that he likes anyone, but hes like nice to everyone. I don’t know what to do. I know that he has a phone and I really want him to ask for my number.

    1. Rinnah,

      It sounds like you like this guy. And it sounds like he might like you. My advice: don’t sit around waiting for him to knock on your doorstep. Strike up a conversation and when you end it say, “Hey, give me your number so we can continue this conversation.” or something to that effect. Make it seem casual. It sounds like he is friendly, so he’s probably just doesn’t know how to ask for your number.

      Hope I helped!


      1. I don’t know. I guess that I’m not that sort of person who is very straight forward when it comes to telling someone that I like them. Since I haven’t been in a real relationship before, I don’t know how to act. Also, I’m a awkward person and I laugh like a lot. Sometimes I don’t think that he takes me seriously. I’m wondering if there is a way that I can sort of nudge him to make to first move.

        1. Rinnah,

          If you’re a little shy that makes sense. However, you really can’t make people do things. If you want him to ask for your number, try being really friendly to him (maybe slightly flirtatious) and see how it plays out.

  11. Plz help! I like this guy and we’re sorta friends. We have English and Art together, and we normally talk in English (we sit next to each other) but in Art he sits with his guy friends and cuz well it’s less β€œloud” in art and I’m surrounded by other girls (in English we sit together so its easier) I’m afraid to talk too much to him in art or around school, else other ppl will think I like him. What should I do? I recently started texting him (started by prank texting him pretending to be a girl he likes) and so now I have his number and I texted him once for conversation a few days ago. What should I do to become closer friends, I really like him (both as a friend and growing into a crush) how can we become better friends, maybe even best friends? Im in HS btw. And also, I want to text him but idk what to say, what should I start out saying? Plz help!!!!! Thank u : ) !!!

    1. Vic,

      I sort of understand what you’re going through, as I’ve hit a similar sort of dilemma.

      1. Just be friendly when you can. If you see him in the hall or when you sit with him in English, comment on the weather or how you like his choice of shoes.
      2. If you want to start a conversation over text, just do it the simple way. Start with a, “Hey! What are you up to?” and carry on from there. I had a conversation like that yesterday with a boy and it turned out quite nice.

      The most important thing is to not compromise yourself just to be his friend. Boys like girls that take it easy, so just try to make it as natural as possible.

      Hope I helped!

  12. Hi, so i think that i have a crush on a guy who is one year younger than me. He is in the 10th grade and i am in the 11th grade. We don’t talk much but sometimes i catch him looking at me when were in our free period……i want to talk to him, but im not sure what to do….my friends say that girls shouldn’t date boys who are younger than them, but i think he is mature enough……what do you suggest?

    Btw, great article πŸ™‚

    1. Stephanie,

      Thanks for reading my article! I’d be happy to help you.
      My advice is just to talk to him. I feel like I say this a lot, but honestly it is the only thing you should do. Just go up and say hi and start a conversation. It’s just a great way to get to know someone and if you guys really hit it off, I suggest taking it where it may. Age really shouldn’t matter that much. I know plenty of girls who date guys who are a year or so younger than they are, and their really happy.
      So yeah, my advice is to just talk to him in a friendly way and see where it goes. Ask him if he enjoys such and such a tv show, or what his plans for the holidays are. If you don’t, you might end up regretting it (as I am at this moment) and we all deserve to see what could happen.


  13. Hello, well I’m in the 10th grade, I’m 15. I suck at getting guys. Every guy that I talk to or aka like, starts to fade away. They say they know I like them. I don’t even know why. I’ve had my friends even try to set up with a guy even if he is desperate. And he still turns me down…I don’t even get it. I don’t even have a best friend to get any advice any more from. Because she lied to me about a lot. Anyway, I have been single since may…and it breaks my heart when I see couples in love or kiss in school. I try to hold it back but everything has gone wrong…in august I figured out that my mom has two types of
    cancer. But its so lonley….I mean I have no one to lean on. And I don’t want to lean on any of my family members because I like to hold my feelings in that make me cry. I just need some advice. Please help me&thank you.

    1. Lauren,

      I’m really sorry to hear your situation. I can imagine how hard that can be for you and I hope that everything works out.
      My advice for you, even though being single is hard, is to find a friend. You sound like what you really need is not a boyfriend, but just a friend who can take care of you and help you with such a hard time. So, I suggest finding someone in one of your classes with whom you get along with quite well and spend more time with them. That sounds like the kind of thing that you need.
      Hope I’ve helped.

        1. lauren, I know how it feels to have a sick mom. my mom has muscular disterphy (she cant walk) and the only thing that got (and still is ) me through it is God
          God is the all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, Creator. and remember: all things work-out for the good for all those who believe in Him.
          and by ‘believe in him’ I mean admit your sins, believe that Jesus (God’s son) died for YOU the most painful death (crusifiction) so that you could live eternily with Him (the all loving Lord) in heaven where their are no sicknesses, allergies, sin, hunger, or even darkness! it is a completely perfect place. the third step is to confess your sins

          so just say a prayer like this:

          “Lord I know that I have sinned and Lord please forgive me for all my sins and I believe that You died for me to save me from my sins and I confess that I have sinned and im not perfect but You are and please save me , I don’t want to go to
          hell. in Jesus name, Amen.

          and that’s how to get saved πŸ˜€

          if you need any help or advice contact your nearest Baptist church.

  14. Well this guy I like is Charles he is in the 9th and I’m in the 10 . My friend gave me his number to text and I started to like him and we texted every day…then I figure out he goes out with someone. Then four days later I told him I liked him. Three days after that he broke up with her for another girl and I really like him now…and he calls me bestie and everything…but he friend zoned me…ugh and I really don’t kno how to talk to guys in this kinda situation… please help.

    1. Charlie,

      You got friend zoned, it happens. But luckily you got friend zoned by what sounds like a player. I know the type. I used to be the object of affection for one. Here’s my advice: find someone new. I know that you really like him, but he is not the kind of guy who is going to make you happy. If he dates a girl, find out another girl likes him, and then dates a totally different girl (all within the same week), he is going to break your heart faster than you can say heartbreak. Be happy that you are friendzoned now and find someone else to be the object of your affection. Just be friendly to Charles (kinda weird that his name is Charles and yours is Charlie) and if it is really meant to be, then he’ll straighten out his act and you can try this whole dating thing. But never settle for someone who flits from girl to girl because you will end up one of those girls.
      Hope I’ve helped!

  15. In fourteen years old and normally I wouldn’t get so attached to a boy but its been ten months of a very repetitive on and off relationship. He started becoming friendly with me a short while back and then grew feelings for me very quickly and this was very apparent. Then without warning he would unite me for weeks. Just as I got over him and was thinking that it was never meant to be he came back and liked me all over again. The same story happened again and again and again. It is so furstrating, confusing and actually boring. He cannot even see what he is doing . I don’t see why I care so much he isn’t the most jaw dropping guy exactly by the worst thing is, I have never or over him. I may be your but I think I have a real ‘teenager love’ for him. Anyway at he moment hw is liking me at his stage, surprise surprise. I want to pluck up the courage to tell him how hurtful he is being to me but I cannot tell for sure if he likes me and I definitely do not want to make a fool of myself, his friends are real rowdy boys! He loves to playfully annoy me and flirt and always manages to hold me and stand close to me but honestly he is he harder person to read. I want to be with him but I wouldn’t mind to completely move on well only if he ha he same strict idea. What should I do ??

    1. Emily,
      You are 14. You are going to grow up and meet incredibly great guys who will always like you. Tell that boy how you feel and then move on. That’s what’s best for your heart.

  16. Okay there is this guy and he is a senior. I kinda like him but I don’t see him much. I don’t really know if he likes me but last summer during baseball season he would look at me often when I was in the stands. I want him to notice me and maybe like me. It wont hurt my feings if he don’t but I want to try to see were we would end up if we dated. He is a few years older than me so I don’t want to seem annoying but then I don’t want to seem boring. Can u help?

    1. Anonymous,

      I can try! I would definitely encourage just talking to him. I know I say this for everything but it actually works! Go up to him, say hi, and just have a conversation. That’s all I can really say to do!
      Hope I’ve helped!

  17. Hey Morgan,
    So for the past several months I have liked this guy. He’s a junior and just one year older than me. I would be asking my friends for advice, but I’m usually the person they go to for this sort of stuff. Well anyways, I really like this guy. By the way his name is Sai We have almost all the same classes together. When school first started we didn’t talk to much, but then we got used to each other and we talk more relaxed now. Just yesterday during English I caught his glance so I held it and sort of smiled. He smiled back and for the next two minutes, we were having a staring contest from across the room. It felt so good, but he was the first person to look away. I don’t know what to do. Whenever we hangout he’s usually with a bunch of his friends, and he doesn’t talk to me. I think that he is a little self conscious to what his friends might think about him. Then about a month ago, one of his really good friends, name Gabe, asked for my number and I said yes. We’ve been talking for a long time and I might’ve started to like him. But now there have been rumors about me and this guy going around, and I’m afraid that Sai is thinking that he can have nothing to do with me. I like both of them, but I’m not willing to let either one of them go. What is your advice?

    1. Anonymous,

      Seems like you’ve got yourself in quite the pickle! If you like Gabe, and you seem to be on a good page, I say explore this relationship with him. You like Sai but nothing has happened, and if you just keep at bay waiting for the next move, you’re going to end up alone and single and wishing you had more cats. That’s my advice.


      1. Hi Umm I like this boy name Byron he is a junior n I’m a freshman he knows I like him but he doesn’t know how I feel about him I tried telling him wen we were sitting at the cafeteria table having a conversation but I don’t think he ever caught on we talk every other day n I get a hug from him every blue moon how do I get him to notice how much I like him without him actually noticing we are. friends but not close friends I talk to him at his locker he looks at me everyrime I see him we walk to our 2nd block together I try to start a conversation but its these two gurls that try to get his attention away from me Wat do I do???????

        1. Timaje,
          Read the post. It’ll give you some ideas. Other than that, I suggest just telling him. Having an actual conversation and saying how you feel can solve all of your problems. And if getting him alone is the problem, then invite to sit with you privately during lunch.
          Hope I’ve helped.


  18. dear morgan,

    so, i’ve had a crush on a boy in my class. he’s actually been in my class for two years straight and i have never noticed him and now , out of the blue, i feel like i love him! i think its because we have so many things in common. we both hate the same person, we are both book worms, we both LOVE to read myths, and so many more things! so anyway how do i find out if he likes me back i CANT talk to him. PLEASE HELP ME!

  19. theres this guy that ive been getting really close to and he keeps on being really wierd around me,like crazy. the problem is..hes in yr11-16yrs old and im 13,but i think he likes me but i dont know?

    1. Don’t interpret people acting crazy around you as them liking you. Just talk to the guy. And don’t date him. He’s just…a lot older than you are at this age.

  20. Okay so I have this guy friend and we are really close friends and we are not in any of the same classes we used to text eachother alot and we still do but what I need help with is how do I get him to ask me out. While we have been friends hes had about 2 gfs I think? hes one of those guys that my friends think hes ugly, but I dont think so, I just play along when they ask about him. So we never talk in school and barely text anymore so is there somethin I could do to get him to ask me out?

    p.s I’m not like my friends where I want a relationship that lasts for a week and I’m not very expressive. So I know it might e confusing but anyway you could help that would be great!!
    LOVE YOUR BLOG <3 <3 check out mine

    1. Anonymous,

      Text him! Even if you don’t text much anymore, just text him. Guys love when you start the conversation, as they are about as nervous as we are. Start with a simple “Hey! Haven’t talked to you in forever. What’s up?” And take it from there. Starting that initial contact is key.
      Other than that, just be your normal charming self and you should be fine!

      Thank you! That’s so sweet!

  21. I am starting to have feelings for my ex again. We dated last year but only for about a month and a half. It was kind of an awkward relationship because we never got to hangout outside of school. This year I like him again and he has his license so we will be able to hangout more! We don’t have any classes together though so I am not sure what to do. I don’t want him to know I like him which is the problem. I am good friends with one of his friends so I talk about him to his friend sometimes. Please help!

    1. Katy,

      I’m not totally sure what you want help on, but I can lend the friendly advice of just talking to him and becoming friends and seeing where it goes from there!


        1. Katy,

          Okay, so my advice stands. Talk to him, arrange to hang out, and then use all your womanly charms in a very unnoticeable manner (which is the classy way to do it). That should accomplish what you want.


  22. Hi umm there is this guy and hes really cute ok well idk if he likes me and i want 2 go out w him. I asked 2 use his fone once and he really didnt yes ir no but i never got 2 use it anyway. Please helo me idk wat 2 do 2 get th guy. And also iv caught him looking at my boobs bcause they r kinda larger than a normal 7th graders so. Please help!!!:):(

    1. URAQT,

      Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I guess just talk to him more? As a seventh grader I believe you’re a bit young to be dating, but just go with your natural instinct or ask your local agony aunt. I’m probably not the person to be asking for this advice. Sorry.

  23. hi morgan. i have a little boy trouble! i have a crush on a boy named…well i’ll just call him s.p. . s.p. is in my 1 class,because my school teaches all of the subjects in 1 class. we are practicly the same person! we are both bookworms, we both love mythology, and we both are scared out of our minds of a girl we BOTH sat next to. and alledgedly his best friend has a crush on ME! back to s.p. , he stars at me at recess and in class and he tries toact cool when i’m around him and his friends. pleeaaase tell me, does he like me back????

  24. Right, sorry if this bores you but it is quite urgent. There is this year 9 boy that i like, but there is also another boy in my year that i like. The first guy in year 9 gets the bus home and i get that bus too. i often see him staring at me and a few weeks ago one of my boy mates said that the year 9 huge crush on me. From then on he never talks to me, only stares. The boy in my year always persuades the teacher to go in the same group as me, now the teachers just put him in my group because they know that he’ll ask. I really like both of them but i don’t want to hurt any of their feelings. Please help

    1. Jazmyn,

      It sounds like what you need to do is figure out which boy you like. Once you do that, talk to him and ask is he likes you too. From there, it’s a matter of just being respectful to the other boy and not seeming snobby about your choice. That’s the best way to do it.

      1. After reading your comment, i have had a long and hard thought about this. All through spare period, break, lunch, after school and on the bus. i finally have figured this out. I like the year 9 boy 100% better. Tomorrow is a learn4life day and year 9’s are pared up with us. I have high hopes that he’s pared with me. Although, if he is my partner, it may be a little awkward for me. How do i speak to him confidently without any faults?

          1. i have a lot more to say and don’t exactly want to share it to the world. please could i have your email address?

  25. Heey morgan, how you doing :)? Theres this guy hes a grade older, and one of my friends already told him i like and i dont know what to do. We know eachother cause its a small town. I like him alot and i want to slowly get him. What do i do?

    1. Hi!

      So you want to get the guy? Story of my life, haha! The best way is to definitely talk to him more, and try to make yourself seem more like an appealing girl (ie, keeping the conversation around things that make both of you look good)

  26. Heey, how are you ? I like this guy hes a grade older. Weve talked before but not alot. We mainly just joked around. My friend decided one day to tell him that i like him and we havent talk since then. I want to talk to him but i just dont have the courage. Im so confused. I dont know if he thinks im clingy er what? Help me please !

    1. Cassie,

      Hi! I’m fantastic! How are you? I’m sorry your friend did that, and I know how it goes. However, the issue is that if you don’t talk to him, he’s going to get mixed signals and not want anything to do with you (guys like a simple girl). I suggest talking to him in a neutral situation and just having a normal conversation (leaving out all conversation about you liking him) and seeing where it goes from there. As said in ‘We Bought a Zoo’ “It only takes 20 seconds of insane bravery”. I wish you luck!

      P.S. He probably doesn’t think you are clingy. He’s probably really flattered.

  27. hi, theres this guy who i like and i literally try to help him when he needs it, i smile at him all the time some times i even flirt without me myself not noticing. but he likes this other girl just because she’s pretty and then he ends up flirting with me. what should i do?

  28. There is this guy but he doesn’t know I exist.He stares at me somtimes and I don’t know what to do and I can barly talk to him ,because I don’t know how to start. He is cool, plays football and he has dated my mortal enemy scince 4th grade so I’m not sure i am his type plese help.

  29. My best friend moved to another city about 9 hours away and I really liked him. When I saw him (don’t call me cheesy) but every thing slowed down. What made it worse was that he used to live with me before he moved so we went to the same school and lived under the same roof! He had these annoying little sisters that would lie all the time but he would stick up for me and everyone I know that has met him says he liked me. He would blush and get mad when some one would say we flirt. Then my best friend asked him out! I was devistated but I was the first one he told.Now about 2 years later I’m still sad my mom also freinded him on facebook please help I miss him so much.=Β°[

    1. He has already been gone but I have dreams about him is that weird I’ve developed a new crush but I don’t feel the same as with rockport boy but kermit boy is still cute

  30. Morgan! I’m trying to figure something out and would love your help.
    So, there is this guy. He is one grade lower than me. I’m in 9th and he’s in 8th so clearly there’s a problem since we go to different schools and we both have different groups of friends. Plus.. he lives in a city right by mine. super close, like 5 minutes. We go to PSR together, since i didn’t go last year. I noticed him looking at me a lot and his friends making comments about me toward him and i heard stuff like “ahh you like her”. Kind of making fun of him about it. I saw on his facebook wall a few things about him possibly having a girlfriend or is..complicated with some girl. I don’t know. I only get bits and pieces in person since he’s at a different school. I really want him to make a move. I tried friending him on facebook to show i was interested. He never accepted it. And yet i saw he just became friends with a bunch of people around the same time i requested it. Wow, that sounds really creepy.. hahaha but, i don’t understand why he would talk to other girls and ask for their numbers but not give me the time of day. ahhh! Advice would be greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚ Thankyou

    1. Anonymous,

      I shall try to help you! I know we all want the answer to how to make the guy make the move, but unfortunately that doesn’t exist yet. My advice is to re-add him on Facebook, smile whenever you see him, and focus on what makes you happy. When you’re happy you look most gorgeous, and what guy can’t resist a gorgeous girl!

      Hope my advice has helped!

  31. Hey Morgan,
    i have this friend that likes this guy in year 9 called adam (the boy). I think he likes her a little because he is all ways staring at her. We all get the bus home together but we get off well before adam does. Adam is 13, an he’s young for his year group. Me an my friend are 12 an we are slightly older than many people in year 7. So, there isn’t much of a difference age wise. Adam is really sweet, has a gr8 personality, cam fight his own battles an looks fit. I can’t blame my friend for wanting him badly!
    Anyway, i am looking for some advice. I don’t want to go up to Adam an say my friend loves him but what else could i do?

    1. Ellie,
      If you want to be a good friend, definitely ask your friend if it’s okay you talk to Adam first. You HAVE to get her permission. If you do get it, just tell him that your friend likes him and that he should talk to her.
      Hope I’ve helped!

  32. theres this guy i like in my science class, and we are friends, but im not sure he likes me back, because some days he’ll flirt with me and others he just acts like im one of the guys. it doesnt help either that my VERY flirtatious and gorgeous friend is in that class also and generally steals the attention. its frustrating.

    1. Anonymous,

      Steal the attention back! If he is sometimes flirty, chances are he likes you. Now you’ve got to reciprocate and show some attention back. If that means going around your friend and outdoing her, don’t be embarrassed. If you like a guy, you should be able to go slightly out of your comfort zone for him.

  33. Morgan,
    There’s this guy i like who’s in my history, geography, english and religious studies class. We talk a lot, sometimes at break and sometimes in classes. i sit either on his table or behind or in front of him during classes. i like him a lot, but so does one of my mates. she doesn’t know that i like him and i’m totally fine with that! whenever my other mates hav asked him out for that one mate of mine he has said no. but no one really knows if he wants to or not. i have caught him staring a few times and a while ago when we had snow, i was the only person he didn’t throw snow at! Xxx πŸ˜‰ but they are only small signs which could lead my assumptions the wrong way.
    The thing is, if you tell someone that you like a guy or girl then the news would have reached the whole year group by the end of the day and possibly more groups… and it’s hard to keep secrets because you die inside if you cannot tell someone!
    Also, what other signs should look out for that he likes me?

    1. Eleanor,

      If you’re having trouble keeping it a secret because you want to tell your mates so bad, you need to do this: Write your secret on a piece of paper. Don’t put your name on the paper. Then, leave the paper in a semi-public place. This way, someone will find the paper (possibly) and know your secret without knowing it’s yours.
      Signs to know that he likes you? Boys are tricky, there is no definite way to know how they feel. But if he tries to spend more time with you than necessary or if he talks to you even when he doesn’t need to, it’s usually a sign that he has you on his mind.

      Hope I’ve helped,

  34. I like this really funny, gorgeous, nice boy. We talk at least 5 times a day. I know his number and we text after school quite often. I like him……a lot. My friends all laugh at me bcuz i talk about him so much. But anyways, i don’t know if he likes me like i like him or if he’s just a nice friend. I want to tell him my feelings to propell our relationship, but then again i dont know if i should yet :/…….What should i do???????????/

    1. mady,

      It sounds like you both like each other. If you talk a lot and everything seems to be getting along quite well, I see no problem in telling him how you feel. It does nothing except get everything out in the open. If he likes you, you’ve saved yourself months of guessing. If he doesn’t, at least you won’t get your heart broken before you fall too hard.

      Hope I’ve helped!


  35. There is this guy i like a lot. He is cute, clever and funny. He sits in front or on a close by table during lessons and i notice him looking at me a few times. But the thing is, i am shy…. so it’s hard to show my feelings for someone. I go to the same school as the girl called Eleanor above me and the situation where if u tell someone you loves another, it goes viral. But i don’t really mind that as long as people don’t hold it against me. I like you suggestion of writing it down on paper and leaving it in a semi-public place. But in my year, everyone recognises people’s handwriting and no of by heart who it is in less than a minute! So that kinda backfires…. I want to give tell tale signs and know what his would be if he felt the same way. There’s this guy i know who likes me and all he does is stare, i don’t think he cares. But my crush doesn’t do that he only gives a few seconds of eye contact and looks away. What girls do, id write their crush’s name on their hands. I used to do that on the back of my hand now i do it on the inside. But boys don’t tend to do that.

    1. Samantha,

      Guys are shy. It’s weird. Example: there was a guy who liked me way back when. I had no idea he liked me. He was always just sweet and he’d talk to me normally and there was never anything that gave me any idea he liked me. Then one day he told me. And I was blown away!
      Anyway, guys don’t really give you much indication if they like you, unless they are very outgoing. What you need to do is turn on your flirty underside and show him that you like him. If he has the confidence that you like him, he might get the confidence to show you that he likes you. Flip your hair, smile, wink, touch his shoulder for no reason. Flirting is definitely going to help you in this situation.

      Hope I’ve helped!


  36. There is this guy i like a lot. He is cute, clever and funny. He sits in front or on a close by table during lessons and i notice him looking at me a few times. But the thing is, i am shy…. so it’s hard to show my feelings for someone. I go to the same school as the girl called Eleanor above me and the situation where if u tell someone you loves another, it goes viral. But i don’t really mind that as long as people don’t hold it against me. I like you suggestion of writing it down on paper and leaving it in a semi-public place. But in my year, everyone recognises people’s handwriting and no of by heart who it is in less than a minute! So that kinda backfires…. I want to give tell tale signs and know what his would be if he felt the same way. There’s this guy i know who likes me and all he does is stare, i don’t think he cares. But my crush doesn’t do that he only gives a few seconds of eye contact and looks away. What girls do, id write their crush’s name on their hands. I used to do that on the back of my hand now i do it on the inside. But boys don’t tend to do that.

    1. Jasmine,

      Guys are shy. It’s weird. Example: there was a guy who liked me way back when. I had no idea he liked me. He was always just sweet and he’d talk to me normally and there was never anything that gave me any idea he liked me. Then one day he told me. And I was blown away!
      Anyway, guys don’t really give you much indication if they like you, unless they are very outgoing. What you need to do is turn on your flirty underside and show him that you like him. If he has the confidence that you like him, he might get the confidence to show you that he likes you. Flip your hair, smile, wink, touch his shoulder for no reason. Flirting is definitely going to help you in this situation.

      Hope I’ve helped!


  37. Hi Morgan,
    My dilemma is that i have liked thia boy for awhile and he is now available. I am in HS and I have art and biology with him. The problem is that he likes my friend, but he too shy to ever talk to her in person, so he has tried multiply times to text her but she never reaponds because she doesnt like him. I talk to him face to face all the time and feel so comfortable around him, but I feel like if i ask for his number he’ll get wierd towards me. I dont know what to do, should i give up or keep trying?

    1. Lily,

      So you want to know how to get his number? Oh girl, you have come to the right place! I wrote a post a while back called ‘Can I Have Your Number’ in which I made some jokes (link here: And while the post is humorous, all you have to do is ask in a creative way that makes them comfortable sharing this private information with you. He’ll probably give you his number and won’t get weirded out. I can guarantee you that.

      Hoped I’ve helped!


      1. But I am still wondering what I should in terms of getting him to like me, or should I just give up on this operation? He likes one of my friends but she doesn’t like him back at all; she won’t even text him back. Should I wait until he gets the message and loses hope in her?

        1. Honestly? Wait until he cools off a little. If he likes another girl he’s not going to give anyone the time of day. But when he cools down, definitely take the chance and see what happens.

  38. So I like This guy at my school, We have been friends for a long time, We text, and Write each other a lot on My Big Campus.. We talk a lot. But How do I know if He likes me? I like him ALOT! and idk how he feels.

  39. hi Morgan em i like this guy like alot i’ve been crushing on him for 4 years now but my other 2 boyfriends dumped me because they liked my bffs and now i feel like givin up on luv . But him and i tlk all the time we have a laugh together and if i drop anything hes da only boy who helps but my bfs dumpin me 4 my friends its kinda pushed me bac a step . And wen im confused , scared or sad he makes it ok . WAT SHOULD I DO ……..

    1. Anonymous,

      I think you should talk to the boy you like. Your ex-bfs going for your friends has nothing to do with you or how great you are. Talking to this boy can only help you, in that he might like you back too. Try it.

      Hope I’ve helped!


  40. so i really like this guy, i have one class with him in the morning and we sit next to each other, which means he does talk to me sometimes. we’re already pretty good friends but its more of family friends since our moms are best friends.
    he’s really funny and he has that really cute, clean sense of humor that i cant help but laugh even when its dumb – but if its actually a bad joke i dont laugh, i usually roll my eyes. since we sit next to each other i guess i kindof flirt with him, when he’s being annoying on purpose i hit him lightly on the head with a spiral notebook – i know that goes against the no punching rule but im not doing it to flirt with him its just really annoying.
    i’ve gotten some advice from friends: “just be direct and tell him you like him” to me, that seams like really bad advice, im kinda shy and i dont want to risk my neck or make it awkward. “get someone to find out if he likes you” that one seams a little too suspicious and sneaky. “flirt like crazy, twist your hair and bite your lip adorably,” that one is easier but it still doesnt seem right.
    what do i do?

    1. Anonymous,

      I understand your position, I totally do. However, you’re going to have to go out of your comfort zone if you really want something to happen.
      1. “Just be direct and tell him you like him” If you’re shy, that makes sense. However, this really is the only way to get the result the easy way, without feeling sneaky. If you just get him in a position where there are only two of you and you both feel comfortable (not rushed or anything, but you have time), just simply say, “Listen, I don’t want this to ruin our friendship, but I really like you and I’d like to get to know you more.”
      2. “Get someone to find out if he likes you” No. Just no. No. No. No.
      3. “Flirt like crazy, twist your hair and bite your lip adorably” It works. Just be your cute adorable self and see what that does. But I mostly encourage 1.

      Hope I’ve helped!

  41. hey there Morgan i don’t know if your still here but I’m going to post anyways.Ok so I’m 13 years old (don’t judge me)and I have a crush on this boy I’ve been liking him now for a few months.I really want to talk him but everytime I think about ways to approach him it always gets ruined or i just chicken we rarely talk but the last time he talked to me was to day be he just asked if this classroom smells like butt which was really funny anyway where both in the 7th grade we have the same homeroom/3rd period class (which is the same class)and he has 2nd period with me which is french but we don’t go to it everyday and we ride the same bus but i always sit next to my sister.And in both of are classes we sit so far apart and him and this other girl seems so close which is why I get jealous sometimes to be honest but that girl seems to be more close with this other boy which gives hope for me and the boy I like but I really want to talk to him but like I said I chicken and always get negative thoughts about him not wanting to talk to me.What do I do?!Help please!

    1. Nationunited,

      Hey girl, I’m still here! And I’ll try to help to the best of my abilities!

      I think you just need to initiate contact. If you’re just waiting for him to come to you, it’s not going to happen. If that means walking up to him during class and asking him, “What was the homework?” or “Don’t you think that it smells weird in here?” On the bus, ask to sit next to him. Anything to initiate any contact. This is the only way to get to know him/find out his feelings towards you.

      Hope I’ve helped!

        1. nationwide,

          Invite him to hang out with you. Now that you have contact, spend more time with him. Ask him to hang out or to help you with homework.

  42. There is this lad in my form and we have to sit next to each other and we talk and have become really good friends, all my mates say hes flirting with me and he likes me but im not sure.We live right near each other and walk to school together sometimes- i really like him and im not sure if he likes me back. really urgent!!!!
    Thanks in advance

    1. Tasha,

      Tell him you like him! Walk up to him, look him in the eye, smile, and say, “Listen, I really like our friendship, but I really like you and I’d like to go out with you.” And that’s how you get the result you want!

      Hope I’ve helped!

  43. Hey Morgan, I need some help. This guy I really like doesn’t want us to date because he is going through some hectic stuff at home right now. Ir understand this and agree with him completely but I didnt want a relationship with him in the first place. I wanted to get to know him better and to be a good friend who he can trust and is there for him. I liked him when I first met him but immediately pushed the feeling s aside because he had a girlfriend. They have broken up now. My problem is I want to be there for him but I dont know how.

    1. Annonomous,

      If you want to be there for him, the best way is to just make yourself available. Show that you’re there to listen and be supportive, which when there are family issues, that’s all you really can do. Show him that you’re going to be there for him. And that’s the best thing you can do.

      Hope I’ve helped!

  44. Hi Morgan, loved the article btw! Anyway so I am a 16 year old girl and I really like this guy Jason. He’s been in most of my classes for the past 2 years and, because of alphabetical order, he sat next to me in many of them. At the start I just wanted to be his friend and I thought our friendship was cool and special. But people started saying that we were compatible and we would make a good couple, and now I feel different and I want that relationship too. But how do I know if he does. Also he gets on really well with my friend Alice and comes to her for advice and she told me recently he likes this girl Rachel his brothers friend, who doesn’t love him back. I am not meant to know that but I do and I don’t know what this means for us or what to do now!! Please help, this is urgent.

    1. Amy,

      So sorry it took me so long to reply! I’ll try to help.

      So, to put this bluntly, you got friendzoned. My suggestion is to talk to him and learn if he has a crush on anyone. If he refuses to tell you, it means that he likes you. If he tells you, it probably means he doesn’t. No guarantees on either side.
      If he does like you, tell him that you like him, as it does give the boy more confidence to move forward.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      1. Thanks Morgan
        One question though. What if he doesn’t tell me and I tell him that I like him, and he still doesn’t feel the same way? Then our friendship could be ruined and I really want to have this guy in my life.

        1. Amy,

          What you have to do, if in this scenario, is simply tell him, “I understand. However, I really like having you in my life and I want to keep this friendship.” Because you shouldn’t lose someone over something as ridiculous as that. I did that years ago and I should have told them. That’s all you have to do.

  45. Hi Morgan! This is amber. i go to a school where it stared in kindergarten and now i am 14 years old. Anyway there is a boy that i have spanish and math with and i really like him. He is super cute but is a bit strange and awkward to be around. There is one person sitting between us in spanish and in math we are no where near each other. He lives pretty close to me and I don’t know how to talk to him. What should I do? I am afraid that he is not the type of guy to ask a girl out but how do I get him to?

    1. Amber,

      Hi! I just love it when people are cordial to me, you know?

      Okay, so you’re at that stage in life where boys are becoming really apparent and it makes you nervous. The best thing to do is reach yourself out there and make the first move. Whether it’s leaning across the desks in Spanish to ask him how to pronounce a word or something, find a way to start contact.
      Once you’ve made contact, the best thing is just to be your adorable self. If he likes you, he’ll ask you out. Simple as that.

      Hope I’ve helped!

  46. I like this boy at my school and I have for two years. He’s really quiet but nice and he seems to smile at me a lot. No one knows much about him but he’s really cute and sweet. B keeps smiling at me and when he does his eyes light up and he looks really good. But he doesn’t talk to me, he’s not shy at all so I don’t know if he likes me or not, what do I do?

    1. Boo,

      If he doesn’t talk to you, but shows all the other signs of liking you, that means that he is incredibly intimidated by you and doesn’t know how to approach you, because he does like you. My advice is to talk to him first. Make it casual and simple, but make it known that you don’t bite and that you’d like to have a conversation with him.

      Hope I’ve helped! This sounds like a start of a great relationship!

      1. Thanks Morgan,

        I asked to work on an assignment with him today and he agreed, his house is only a street away from mine so we walked there to get started on it (creating a parody of hamlet). His mum dropped his little siter off and B and I watched her for a little bit, when his mum got home B walked me home, but when I went to open the door he grabbed my hand and pulled me back. He said not to hate him and kissed me! It lasted a couple seconds and I asked “is that your way of asking me out?” he laughed and said he’d pick me up tomorrow at eight! The moment was kinda ruined when my brother came out of the house and threatened him with bodily harm but still!
        Thank you Morgan, if you hadn’t helped me, I never would have gotten the courage to talk to B, hope you can help lots of other girls the way you helped me.

        1. Boo,

          I’m so happy my advice helped you. I was in math class when I got your comment and I had to bite my lip to keep from squealing in delight! I hope you and B are really happy and keep me posted!


          1. M,
            First date last night, dinner and a movie, clique but sweet. We went to see finding nemo in 3d just for kicks. He kept cracking jokes and we have the same sense of humor, no one ever has my sense of humor! We ended up getting kicked out of the theater for laughing too loud (among other things) which just made us laugh harder and then we went to nandos, my favourite restraunt. It turns out he started asking around to figure out the best places to take me on a first date to make a good impression, it’s so sweet how much effort he put in. He walked me home (we don’t have licences) and kissed me goodnight my brother, my sister and her fiancΓ© slammed open the door and glared at B, but we shrugged it off, I walked in and he went home.

          2. Boo,

            That is super sweet! I’m so happy you had a great time and I’m happy that all of this is working out. I wish you and B the happiest of romances!


  47. Morgan, i know this is a website for girls trying to find a way to seek their guy. But i am a guy trying to seek my girl. I was wondering if you could give me similar advice. My crush is smart, active, artistic, kind, caring and full of passion. She is blonde, with hazel eyes and the odd freckle on her cheek. i notice her looking with a trained eye at me, but when i hold her gaze, her eyes look away. My friend said he notices her staring sometimes. I love her so much and have done since the first time we met in September last year. i just don’t know what to do with myself. I am not the guy who likes her, plenty do, some don’t. They all talk about her and maybe how she will like them. but i want her so much. i watched her get the bus every school afternoon and scrutinize her leave. my love for her is so strong that the bond cannot break until forever ends…

    1. Arran,

      First off, I am not a dating website. But I have created love. I’m going to try to help you.
      Now are you talking to her? If not, start.
      1. Look good. Dress handsomely and make sure your hair looks nice and wash yourself. Don’t pull a Robert Pattinson.
      2. Casually bring up conversation you know she likes. If you don’t know, find out!
      3. Try to get interested in something she’s interested in. Go to her sport games or other activities with your friends so it doesn’t seem creepy.
      4. Give her compliments. If she wears her hair differently, tell her you like it. It will make her happy!
      5. Smile at her in the hallway and say hi. You will seem like a gentleman. Do other gentlemanly things like opening the door for her.
      6. Casually have lunch with her. Sit at her table and say that you wanted to have lunch with her. It’ll make her feel special.
      7. Be yourself and don’t blend in with the crowd and make it obvious to her that you think she is great and you like her.

      I hope this helps and let me know!
      Also, great job in being the first British guy to comment!!


          1. we talked about her interests and she showed me her amazing drawings, i mainly based the conversation around her but i did talk a little about my own interests. we have this dance tomorrow (girl’s choice) and she asked me! she described how she would have her hair but she wouldn’t tell me about her dress clothes. i can’t wait for it and we will be sitting together at lunch too

          2. Arran,

            That is amazing! I’m so happy for you! I wish you and this girl the best of luck. Remember to never take her for granted and you will be forever happy(:


  48. There is this SUPER cute boy in my class but I can’t ever hang out with him becaulse he’s always with his friends.

  49. hi morgan! i like this boy but of course he already has agirlfriend but he flirts with me a lot and he doesnt even talk with his girlfriend and we get along great like we arent even afraid talk to eachother and i like him soooooooo much plz help

  50. Hi Morgan,I waswondering if you could help me πŸ˜€ So theres this guy I`ve liked since september. We knew each other for years, he even bought me a cheeseburger a few years ago (He remembered it too).We started to talk a lot and he told me some secrects and problems, he was open. Then we werent close after Iasked his friend for his number. He lied to me and told me it was broken>.< I believed him. But a few months ago he asked for my number i gave it to him and pretended to not be interested when i texted him, Igot him to make more of an effort to text me. then we once again lost closeness. On valentines day I think he friendzoned me, he had said something but i didnt hear due to my earphone in my ears. after i took it out and asked him to reapt he said "happy valintines day buddie". He had told me about girls who liked him and made it awks for him so i dicided to tell him. I did it differently though, I asked to talk and he said"sure". I told him this exactly,"hi so i know a lot of girls have liked you and made it so yeah. Ijust wanted to say that ive liked you for a long time, i know theres no point in trying to pretend like things will be normal so yeah bye!" and i walked away. but before that he made one of his many faces, this one was more of a shoced appaulled tome.since then i havent really talked to him. Hes been trying to talk to me. He always says hi and waves and smiles, he also has said to me"you never say hi to me anymore". I told him i smile that must account for something. he said"yes it does but its not a hi".He will always get up to get off the public bus with our friends and turn back and ask if im staying when i say yes he frowns looks down and gets off the bus. Also I and my friends have notice him gettingbhis friend to constantly watch me. he walked through the hall to his locker where my friends hang out by himself, then walk through again with his friend.

    1. Sara,

      I think the only thing you can do at this point is talk to him and tell him that you like him and you’d like to go out. Let him speak. Make it open. Don’t say that it will be awkward or anything. Just say that you like him and let it all work out.

  51. hey morgan there is a super cute guy in my class and we can tell each other anything and he flirts with me all the time bur of course he has a girlfrend but he never talks to her he is sooooohard to read plz help

  52. HEYY Morgan, could pleasee help me? So first I love your blog! second this guy and I have gone through some things. i liked him since september, he bought a cheese burger a few years ago(we both remember).He has told me sercets and problems,i think i was friend zonedon valentines day too. i had said happy valentines and he said something back but due to my headphones i did not hear it. when he reapted it for me he said happy valintines buddie>.< i opened up to him about my past suicide thoughts &attempts and how back then i would not have been missed and he told me that people would miss me and he will be mad if i burn myslf again. Ibuilt the courage to tell him i like him, but i did it differently then the others girls who liked him and made it awks for him. i told himand didnt let him talk , also added that things would change so we shouldnt pretend things are normal and walked away.he awlys waves smiles & says hi to me especially now.he has walkedto his locker by himsef and then return wuth his friend mutiple times. his friend always watches me closly, i get really uncomfortable.he has also said thati no longer talk to friend says he misses me thats why he nticed.he lied to me about his phone being broken when i asked his friend for it. a month later though, he asked me for my number.hes a year older btw,theres a lot more but my hands teird lol so can you help me pleaseee. Please excuse my grammer and spelling πŸ˜€

  53. the cute ginger in my classes and i love him to bits. although i don’t know if he likes me. i see him look at me every now and then, we talk often and see each other a lot at school. but people tell me to be aware cos he is ginger. what do they mean. i know lots about him and he isn’t horrible, he is super cute, sweet and kind.

    1. Jordan-Leigh,

      The ginger comment is because of the joke that gingers don’t have souls.
      I say talk to him and become closer with him and then his true feelings will come through.

  54. Am i doing the right in front of my crush?:
    I smile sometimes at him when somethings awkward
    At laugh at his jokes when he laughs himself
    He stares at me sometimes and i stare back.
    He sits opposite,my right
    The problem is the girls sometimes act girlie and all that if they sit near him and its
    really annoying me and sometimes him is well

  55. HI (: im 14 year old girl and i like this guy… He has one same class with me, but my problem is, is that he has a lot of friends in that class so i wont be able to have time to talk to him.. also he is one of the hottest guys in school. Do i have a chance with him? What do the hottest guys in school look in for a girl? Im kinda friends with his best friend.. i mean we use to talk way back then in 7th grade but he moved and came back at the begining of the school year, and im in 9th grade now.. Any Advice? thanksss (:

    1. Olivia,

      Hello! So you asked me if you had a chance with the hottest guy in school and I don’t really know what to say. Is all that matters is that he’s attractive. I say to actually find more about his personality and see if you like him then. And by learning more about his personality you’ll become closer to him. So that is my advice. It might not be what you hoped for, but at 14, it might be what you need.

  56. my friend Lea has a crush on my friend Luke – but they aren’t friends. they know of each other. they are in the some of the same classes. Lea really likes him and finds it nervous to speak to him but i told her what she should do about that. she told me not to tell him she likes him cos she is worried about his reaction. i am debating whether or not to drop of hints or just tell him. it would crush her if i did tell but maybe it is for the best if i did so she would then know and stop worrying about it. what should i do?

    1. Jordan-leigh,

      DO NOT TELL LUKE THAT SHE LIKES HIM!!!!!! First off, it really isn’t your place to tell and second, if she’s your friend and told you not to, don’t. What you need to do is get her to talk to him. Make her make it obvious. She might be nervous but in the end if she wants to be with him, she’s going to have to eventually speak to him.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      1. My friend has finally told Luke that she likes him, but she went away before she could see his reaction. while me and Luke were walking to music we somehow came across to the subject. i gently asked him whether he likes my friend and by that point we had reached class and he just went in and sat down without saying a word. i haven’t asked him or spoke to him about the subject either. i have told my friend that if he likes her then he will come fourth. but it has been about 10 days since and nothing. i want this (badly) for the two of them because they are both good friends to me and they would go together great. but Luke is kind of shy and doesn’t like to go first usually. i could ask my friend to see if she would take the 1st move. but the thing is, they are both shy. they are meant to be together, i know it. how can i help them?

        1. Jordan-leigh,

          I don’t know if there is anything that you can do. If she’s made her feelings clear, it’s kind of all out of the table. I guess the only thing I can suggest is just set them in a room together, tie them to chairs, lock the door, and see what happens when they are faced against each other.

  57. Heyy Morgan,
    i found out that this guy said he fancied me and my friend during D&t but he isn’t in my lesson so i had no idea what-so-ever. i found out at lunch from another friend who was the one who he was talking to about it. she said that he was blushing when he spoke about too. i had spanish with him last lesson. he asked me if i knew what he said. even though i did, i said no. he explained the situation as my friend did. but then he said that it was to cover up who he really liked. yet again, when he said my name he blushed. do you have any idea what this means? some people say to watch out for his friends’ reactions when i am around but they don’t smirk or laugh, etc. they are good friends to him and wouldn’t do that, a few of them would accidentally let slip some things about him but other than that his friends wouldn’t do anything of the sort. i know there are signs which say how he may feel towards girls. P.S. i kinda like the guy too

    1. Jordan-leigh,

      If my knowledge of guys is correct, I’m going to say he likes you. Trust me, he wouldn’t have said he likes you to someone else if he was trying to hide another crush. Boys aren’t that smart (no offense to the male gender.) I suggest that you tell him that you give it a week or two and keep an eye out for more signs, and then tell him that you kind of like him too and see his reaction. He might be hiding it from you because he doesn’t know how you feel. So yeah, try that!

  58. Hi! Im 17 yrs old, i really like this shy guy at college. Hes not popular but is pretty cool, how can i get him to notice me??

    1. Molly,

      Put yourself in his line of sight. Get involved in the things that he is involved with, go to restaurants/places that he frequents, etc. Make yourself a repeated image in his mind and that will help him notice you.

  59. Okay so again the hottest guy in school, his personality is great (: My teacher just moved me to sit right next to him!!!!! How do i start a conversation that makes me sound cool? how do i make him get to talk to me more? how do i get him to like me??? AHH HELP SO NERVOUS!!!

    1. Olivia,

      Start a conversation about what you’re learning in class. It’s common ground and cannot possibly make you sound stupid (unless you know nothing about it). Just talk to him about the class and it will involve into more. Just be yourself. You’re awesome!

      1. what if he doesnt know much about what we are learning.. one thing i know about him is that he isnt so great in history xD

  60. Hi (:Im Hannah. I like this boy in my grade but he doesnt hangout with me or any of my friends. He’s one of the most popular guys in school (Im not really popular). He’s nice to me and flirts with me once in a while but Im afraid that if i talk to him and try to start a conversation with him, he’ll think I’m weird. πŸ˜› Im just really nervous!!

    1. Anonymous,

      If you don’t feel like you’d be comfortable around him, try to move on. Otherwise, suck up your gut and talk to him. Make it casual and friendly and see how it goes!


  61. I like this boy in my school We sit next to each other We talk but I really don’t know how to tell him I like him I’m leaving primary school very soon so I need to tell him now P.s I live in the UK

  62. Hello, Morgan! How goes it?
    I have a little bit of a problem. There’s this boy, Brooks, who I’ve had strong feelings for since 7th grade. We are now high school freshman and pretty good friends. At times, it seems he likes me. He gives me hugs all the time (which are quite nice, I like those) and says hi to me every day, but then other times he hardly talks to me at all. He’s had 4 girlfriends, three of which have been older than him (it strikes me as weird at this age), and one of whom asked him out the day after my birthday when I was expecting him to as me out! He said yes to her, and they dated for 3 months. Anyway, now he’s dating a junior and I hear that she’s a little trampy, which doesn’t fly in his book. These girls aren’t very good-sounding for him. And I hate to sound self-centered, but I think he and I are almost meant to be. I’m just afraid he’s going to get a reputation and be hurt by these older girls. I want to tell him or show him I like him more than I already do (I don’t show it too much) without throwing myself at him or coming off as creepy. Any advice is extremely helpful! Thank you!

    1. Sarah,


      Well Sarah, I don’t completely know what to say. First off, if he’s dating someone, don’t try to get him off of her, because that will only irritate him. Wait for it to pass (if you say she’s not his type, it probably won’t last long). Try to be a good friend to him and spend time with him and bring out your good qualities. If he likes you, being around you will make him think about you more and could lead to him asking you out. The best thing you can do is make it obvious that you enjoy his company without seeming needy.

  63. Hello, Morgan! πŸ™‚
    I have a bit of a problem. There’s this boy, Brooks, who I’ve had strong feelings for for about 4 years now. We’re pretty good friends–he gives me hugs quite a bit (those are nice, I like those) and says hi to me every day. At times it seems he likes me, but at others he doesn’t. He’s had 4 girlfriends, 3 of whom have been older than him and one in my grade (we’re high school freshman, going to be sophomores next year). All of these girls have pressured him into sex, which DOES NOT fly in his book. I’m scared he’s going to get a reputation, which I don’t want to happen at all. And none of these girls seem very similar to him. Maybe that’s just me. He and I have a lot in common. It’s like at times he does like me but others he doesn’t even acknowledge me. It’s so weird. I try to show him I like him without throwing myself at him, but it’s like he doesn’t notice. It makes me incredibly sad because I think we’d go great together, but he just doesn’t see how much he means to me. Any of your wonderful advice is incredibly helpful. Thank you!

    1. Oops, ignore that!! I thought the first one didn’t go through so I posted it again. Anyway. Continue on with your day. πŸ˜€

      1. Sarah,

        Sorry about not replying right away. I’m right in the middle of my last week of high school, so I’m a bit swamped, but when any advice comes to me, I’ll be sure to reply. You’ll get a cute little email and I’ll try to give you the best advice I can. Until then!

  64. Hi i just read you article and i wanted to say that ive like the same guy for a while now we are literally best friends he is funny and cute to me and his personality is even better so we dated mid last year but it didnt work out because we felt really pressured at school with all our friends. We are still good friends and act like nothing happened but sometimes it does come up and he gets shy. He just recently told me he liked another girl in his class and he asked her out she said no because she liked someone else he is devestated. Yet he still likes her and says he cant stop thinking about her yet she only hangs out with a small group of friends and is anti-social with most people excluding a few close friends i approached him and told him this but he still likes her. As if this isnt complicated eneough i still like him a lot and a few guys have asked me out yet ive said no because i dont want anyone but him, i would have gotten over him yet he flirts with me a lot we hug and hang out heaps and we had our school dance a few months back and he told me that i looked really beautiful and hot Hes also told my friends that i looked pretty good at the dance, my friends say that he is always staring at me. We sometimes catch eachother glancing at one anotherso we blush and look away. We had school camp as well about 3 weeks ago and i live 4 blocks away from the school so i have to walk, he catched the bus anyways he walked me home, to my front steps.He also knows my family and gets along with my mum. Overall i feel so comfortable around him i always am laughing and blushing but he leaves me so confused and i dont want to tell him that i like him im afraid of getting rejected, becaus ehe tells me hes crazy about the other girl, it makes me upset that this girl is driving him crazy, yet she does nothing to make him crazy. The next school dance is in 5 weeks what should i do?

    1. Alex,

      Wow! You gave me a lot of information!

      My advice is to tell him how you feel. Just go up to him and say, “Listen, I know things didn’t work out, but I still like you and I’d really like to give us another chance. Would you mind going to the dance with me?” He’ll not only appreciate your confidence, but it might give him the balls to say that he feels the same way. The only way to get what you want is to go out and grab it, so do just that!

  65. There’s this boy at school and he’s so cute and funny and I want to go out with him but he likes another girl and he hangs out with the popular group and I’m not one of the popular group! I try to talk to him and be friends with him but I don’t think it’s working and I know that he likes me a little bit but he won’t ask me out! Should I ask him out? And how do I make him notice me more?

    1. Anonymous,

      Continue talking with him as much as you can and get comfortable with him. Don’t ask him out until you are really comfortable with him otherwise he’ll feel really cornered. The best way to get him to notice you more is to follow my tips in this post and to just make yourself as available as you can.

  66. I am a 14 year old girl and i really like this lad and we are in the same year but in some of the same lessons. what do i do because i really like him and he always looks at me what do i do ???????????

    1. sarah,

      Talk to him? Catch his eye and let him know you see him? I dunno, but if he has an older 18 year old brother, send him my way πŸ˜‰
      I like them British boys.


  67. pls help
    there is this guy i like and hes invited me to his party and its a sleep over lots of my other friends are going to what can i say to him to try and move to the next level if we get a moment alone

    1. Laus,

      Thank him for inviting you to the party and be really friendly. Don’t come onto him during the night though because that makes you seem easy, but try to stay near him and have a smile.

  68. i like this guy and hes super cute and he us really nice to me and i want to be more than distant friends pls help

    1. emma2,

      I would try to talk to him. If he’s nice to you then go up and start a conversation about something: a class you both take, the weather, what he’s doing this summer, etc. That’s the only way to become closer to someone.

  69. this guy likes me but I didn’t like him at the time and now I like him but I don’t know if he still likes me? I mean he flirts a lot but I’m not sure he still likes me.

  70. What if you only get to see him once a year for a week at summer camp? What if you’re never going to see him again?!? Not to be dramatic, but that’s kind of the way it looks.

  71. I have a crush on this boy but he is 5 years older than me .. He has a gf but still eyes me along the way I walk pass him everyday at school .. We had an argument and now I don’t know how to react at school .. Morgan help plz

  72. k so i need help. i like this cute guy who’s from another section(we NEVER have class with each other) and he’s always ever been 2 rooms away. previously, I’ve been waving to him and smiling and he does return it, although just a smile, no warmness etc. Every time i pass his class I wave and he just stares like he doesn’t know what to do, and eventually he waves back. It’s been like that for a month or so, but today something WEIRD happened. (we have a big school, etc so our cafeteria is open and has 2 stories and 2 stairs, 1 on the left and1 on right to go up, this was during club time and we had to go to other rooms, and my friends and i decided to skip, there were also a few people around doing the same thing.) He was there on the lower floor of the canteen and my friend and i went up the stairs on the right and bought food and drinks, when we came up he also came up on the upper left side and started to walk to our area.(just walking, i thought, nbd) and i waited for my shake to be made. so we went down the (R) stairs, and strangely, he was ALSO downstairs using the (L) stairs. okay, kinda odd i thought. then my friend forgot her change so we went back upstairs, THERE HE WAS AGAIN! so we went down and went to the soccer field. (etceetcetec nothing happened here) I had to go home, so as i was walking towards my car (there were lots of people going about) i didnt see him and passed right through him and just before i completely passed him he suddenly said HI with a big smile.

    :>>> does this mean something? sorry for the extra long post, i’m just rlllly excited hahaha

  73. Well this is pathetic! Don’t u have anything about a guy that knows u but doesn’t particularly like u to like u? That’s what I’ve been looking 4 for ages and none of them r right! Plz just put something right on!!!! I’m desperate here πŸ™

  74. i’m using my brother’s account. i like a boy, and i can’t speak with him i’m to nervous to speak with him what ken i do?????

    1. Anonymous,

      Honestly, the best thing to do is to relax and realize that he’s just as human as you are. Don’t put him up on a pedestal and think of it kind of like talking to one of your mates and it will make talking to him a lot easier.

    1. charlize,

      Why is my blog your contact website? Anyway…

      Try to remain calm and remember that he is human like you and that the best thing to do is to act like he is one of your mates.

  75. i really my neighbor but is scared he doesnt like me back like he is really friendly and flirts alot and invades my personal space alot but cant seem figure out if hes just being flirty or really likes me. What do i do?

  76. I’ve had a crush on this guy for years now, but I’ve never acted like it or shown him because our families are close and I don’t want things to be awkward if he doesn’t like me back or if things don’t work out. Sometimes, I could swear he likes me back. He makes so much fun of me, remembers things I say and even things I wore months ago, stares at me, and jokes around. But we’ve been friends forever and I don’t want to be a dumb girl and read into things he does because he’s the type of guy that’s super confident and flirty, so I think that maybe he’s like that with everyone. Also, he has a girlfriend, but he never, ever talks about her in front of me and just doesn’t seem like he’s that into her.

    Lately, I just have become so irritated being hung up on him, so I decided to just tell him so that if something happens, it happens, and it doesn’t, at least I’m not hanging onto the possibility that it might. I just feel horrible about telling him when he is still dating his girlfriend though.

    What do you think he thinks of me? Should I tell him?

    1. Anon,

      I deleted your other message. In all honesty, don’t say something if he is in a relationship. It’s going to cause a lot of drama. If he isn’t into her he will break up with her and you can make your move then.

      Hope I’ve helped!

  77. Hello. Well, my problem I just don’t have a lot of self confidence, I’m shy, and a little fake and cold sometimes. When I met T, I know he had a soft spot for me, but I think I messed it up a bit, because I told someone I didn’t like him (which was a lie :/ ) and don’t dare to go to him. But I know that if I don’t do i soon, it will seem even harder after. We share and activity, and I’m scared to make a fool of myself in front of everyone if I ask him out and am rejected….please help. Oh, and yeah, I’m 13.


    1. The best thing to do is just to attend the activity and if you still get the feeling he likes you, just ask if he wants to come over and practice with you or something.


  78. This guy that I’m really into works in the electronic section at a local store in my town and I don’t know how to talk to him without it seeming that I’m stalking him if that makes any sense? I know he doesn’t live in my town or go to my school so the only way I can see him is if I go to the electronic department but I feel like a creepy stalker! Please help!!

    1. Samantha,

      Go to the store with a purpose. If he asks why you are there, simply reply you are looking for a certain camera or CD or something. You need a purpose to seem like aren’t stalking him. Go in once or twice a week and make a regular appearance. You won’t seem like a stalker and he’ll notice you.

  79. Hi there Morgan, thanks for this article, it seems like really great advice. I have a question.

    First of all, a bit about me. I’m in year eight, going into year nine this autumn, and I’ll be 14 in a few months.

    Several times over the past few years, I’ve had guys say, or sometimes, even shout, that their friend (who is standing nearby) likes me. After this happening about three or four times on different occasions, with different guys, I still haven’t figured out what to say. I’m really flattered, even though most times I don’t like them back, but the thing is, often, these guys are huge jokesters. I’m pretty sure that at least once, they were just winding up me, or the guy that supposedly likes me, or both. What can I say without being rude to the guy that might like me? I could ask them, but I have a feeling that they would be to shy to answer honestly.

    Sorry for making that so confusing, hopefully you can still follow it. Thanks!

    1. Cc,

      Hi! Thanks for your message. I’m sorry this is happening to you, it doesn’t sound fun. My advice is to just go up to him and lay all the cards on the table. Avoid the awkwardness that is going to inevitably happen by just getting it out of the way. He’ll say how he feels and if he doesn’t feel the same, you can just go forwards. We all make mistakes when we’re that young, and the best thing to do is to take the mature action.


  80. Hey, I need some advice. I’m in year 8 and I like this boy he’s in the same year as me, in year 7 he use to have a crush on me but I hated him because he was an annoying popular boy so whenever he used to talk to me I would either ignore him or tell him to shut up. We then started getting closer and became friends not close friends but just friends and we always used to stay together when we played tigee at lunch. I got to know him a bit more, but now this year he’s still popular and I notice he stares at me at lunch and during class when we line up (he has classes across from my room) he stares as well. At lunch times he comes over to my friends and I and randomly starts talking to us or he does stupid things to my friends (throwing food at them or rubbish). I just really badly want to talk to him, because I still like him and he’s really nice when you get to know him but I don’t know how to talk to him.

    1. Jondie,

      It sounds like he likes you and is trying to be around you. I say spend time with him and get really comfortable and either he will say how he feels or you can say something. But I strongly encourage spending more time with him.


  81. I am just a seventh grader and i like a boy.He likes me too he gave me a love letter but i said i hated him . that was 2 months ago now i like him much more . Today i said that i liked him just a lil bit. an he was kinda happy . He is a very shy guy and so am i. what should i do to be closer to him without the others knowing. please help me.

    1. Minti,

      I say that you should just talk to him. That’s really the only way to become closer with someone. Do it when others aren’t around to keep it secret.


  82. OK. So here’s my problem.There’s this guy in my grade that is kind, smart, nice, friendly, charming… Anyway, we used to be together-well, actually we just told each other that we liked each other and it was really cute. But then suddenly out of the blue, he started asking me out on dates, but I thought it was still a bit to early in our relationship for dating. Ever since then we started drifting apart. But since a while back I’ve started noticing him again and here I am falling in love again. My “condition” is getting worse every day. I try to strike up a conversation every now and then without seeming to pushy, but every time we talk, my mind goes blank and I can’t seem to find a good question to keep the conversation going. Oh, one more thing. He is the tallest guy in our class and i’m the second shortest, so everybody keeps trying to get him and the tallest girl in class together. Luckily, she’s my BF, so I don’t think she’d make a move on him, but I need to do something before anything happens+can you give me some good questions to keep a conversation going? I already know almost everything about him from our first relationship, so I can’t ask him about his hobbys and so on…
    Help, please?


    1. Megan,

      Hello! Okay, so since you have previous history with someone sometimes developing a crush can be difficult. But it isn’t impossible.
      The first thing to remember is that even though your feelings have changed, he still liked you back then, and if you just act the same, he’s not going to be thrown off. He likes you for you, so continue acting that way.
      Some conversations that I’d recommend are talking about his hobbies (don’t ask what they are, but ask how they are doing, such as asking if he scored a goal at his soccer game or whatever). Another is to discuss shared ground, such as if you share a class or are both about to get your driver’s permits. Find something that both of you can talk about.
      I hope this has helped you. If it hasn’t, please let me know and I’ll try to give more specific advice.

      Morgan xx

  83. a couple other ideas. sit with his group at lunch. i sat with mostly girls and didn’t even notice if there was another one. if you have the same phys ed class or free period, this is a great opportunity to hang out without seeming like a creeper. if you ride the same bus, sit near him. when you are ready to step it up, sit next to him or in front of him. act like a friend. being a friend first really does help.sad but true, appearance does matter. try to look cute. don’t try to look beautiful or even pretty. just be the cutest YOU you can be. i’m a guy and i was in school too

  84. We’re still in school but not in the same year, he’s a year older than me, but i do have an after school club with him can you help me on what to do??

      1. Oh Thanx, we recently went on a school trip together and it lasted about a week and a half (when i realised i liked him) and since then he seems to be MUCH more friendly, and i’m not sure if its a sigh if he likes me or not, can u help?!?!?!?!?!

  85. i like this guy hes 14 and im younger than him hes in manchester but i live in wales and i dont know if he likes me what should i do? i speak to him everyday on facebook n we both send love hearts but idk if he playing around or not plz help

          1. he says hes confused because my best friends also like him thqts why n idk what to do coz theyre my best friends and im 12

  86. um. i have a crush on a boy in my class he stares at me in class but idk what to do. should i make first move? i dont want to get embarressed coz of it.

  87. Ok I’m in this club called FFA, and there is this guy from a rival school. We talk maybe once or twice a week. In the spring we see each other just about every Saturday at a contest. I really really like this guy, but I’m afraid to ask if he likes me. And I don’t want to come off as desperate or clingy, I don’t know what to do, but one of my friends told me I could do better, but that was off of a picture and I don’t know what to do. He is really sweet and nice, he is nothing like a stuck up guy or a player and I’m so confused. He is also a senior and I’m a junior. We are both agriculture people. We have stayed up late to talk about trucks one time but that was it. I really like him and can’t come up with a way to figure out if he likes me. I need some amazing help soon!! I have never had a relationship but I really like this guy.

    1. Abbie,

      Hello! My suggestion is to talk to him more and maybe ask him to hang out with you one night. It sounds like he likes you and the best way to do anything is to create opportunities to be together?

  88. What if I don’t have any classes with him.. He is a junior and I am a freshman.. should I just leave it or what should I do?

    1. Anonymous,

      You don’t have to leave it. The trick is just to insert yourself into his life as much as it is possible for you. If it isn’t possible for you to do that, I’d say leave it.

  89. I rly like guy and we get on with each other his friends and my friends say we’ll make a perf couple we’re in the same form and he seems to like me but I don’t know how to ask him out cause I I don’t want to sound to despreat and clingy we go on the bus with each other and we laugh and chat alot so if u could help me out thx

    1. chioma,

      I think you should casually him out. Ask him to see a movie with you or ask if he’s doing anything and invite him on a group bowling date or something.

  90. ok so there this boy in my classroom we talk but not too much, my friends said he might like me but i don’t know because he plays with most of the girls in the school so that’s why i think he might not like me. He plays with me too, but i don’t show i like him in any way because most of the girls in the class like him so that’s why i don’t show it but there are a lot of haitian in the class, i am haitian too but he only talk to me out of all the haitians, that’s why my friends thinks he likes me too, what should i do? help please.

    1. Tharly Severe,

      I think that you should try talking to him more and from the conversations between you two decide if he likes you or not by yourself. That is the only way really to know.

  91. I live over in the uk so It’s expensive to watch a movie or go bowling and I heard rummor that he was going out with his ex-girlfriend again he won’t talk to me any more when I sit next to him he just go’s quiet and not talk all my friends say he likes me but I don’t know what to do

      1. guess wat he asked me out apparently the rumor was fake and he actually asked me out it wasn’t that romantic it was on the bus home but he did it’s kind of akward bc hes my first real life boyfriend it would really help if tell me how to act and say around him so it dosen’t makes the relationship any weirder than it is and wat do u get a guy for his b-day

        1. 1. When talking to him talk about things you both know about or things you have in common. Keep the conversation in neutral ground. Example: on the way home ask him how his day went and if he says he had a test, talk about the test you also had that day. Keeps the conversation rolling.

          2. It really depends on the guy. My advice is to look at websites like Seventeen and they might have gift ideas on their site.

      2. Look there is this guy called Leon in my year he asked me out like 5 times and I rejected him 4 times I don’t know why he is black and no that is not the reason why I rejected him I am not a racist he is amazing. I want to go to year 11 prom with him I was going to ask him last week but I didn’t. But last week he smiled at me so that’s a good sign

  92. Ok so recently I have started to notice a guy at my school…and I’ve never actually talked to him but I can tell I like him a lot…we don’t have anything in common except we both play sports…and I don’t know what to do…I really like him and he is a year younger than me…also we don’t have any classes together…help!!

    1. Indiana girl!

      My advice is that you need to find a way to become more of his schedule, whether that means changing the way you go home or what. Find a way to involve yourself more into his life and that way you can talk to him more!

  93. I have a friend who is a guy, and because we’re friends I want his number. But I don’t like LIKE him, and I don’t want him to think I do, because he’s one of those people who would trash a friendship over it. Help!

  94. Dear Morgan,

    I really like this guy but I don’t have the guts to say to him that I like him…
    I have tried to give him a note on how I feel but I always end up throwing then all out… What do I do?

    1. Emmy,

      You seriously need to use your words. I know it’s easy to cop out and write a note, but going up to him and just saying, “Hey, we should grab dinner or go to an arcade sometime.” is pretty easy to do.

  95. Hey Morgan, haha! I have a situation I would like your advice on. Okay, so I’m in 8th grade currently, I like this guy whose in 11th grade. He’s good friends with my brothers who are freshman. We talk sometimes and I always catch him looking at me or in my direction. He seems really cool and nice to me. He always smiles and stuff. I don’t know what I should do I’m so confused. It seems like there’s something there, its weird. And he seems like he just doesn’t wanna hit and quit with me so I guess thats a good thing!

  96. I am best friends with this boy and I really like him LOTS. Everyone says he likes me but I’ve never seen him do or say anything that suggests this might be true.

  97. What if we’re on the same sports team (track)? I really like this guy, but I’m not sure if he’ll ever really like me :/

    1. Sherran,

      If you are on the same sports team that is fantastic because then you have a common interest. Use that to build up conversation regularly. The only way to get to know if a boy will like you or not is to spend time with him and get to know him well.

      Hope I’ve helped,
      Morgan xx

      1. be careful of putting yourself into a awkward position and make you genuinely like him sometimes guys can send alot of mixed signals that maybe having you think he likes you one minute and doesnt the next but let him fall for the beautiful person you are and try not to all your efforts into one guy cause may go wrong and may cause you hurt.

        On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 7:53 PM, Teenage Enthusiasm wrote:

        > Morgan commented: “Sherran, If you are on the same sports team that is > fantastic because then you have a common interest. Use that to build up > conversation regularly. The only way to get to know if a boy will like you > or not is to spend time with him and get to know him we” >

  98. How do I make him like me I mean I’m still in grade seven you know I’m young I need to see where things go so if it does not work out I can find someone else the person whose got the guts to tell me he likes me

  99. I like this guy hunter but I don’t know if he likes me. His friend josh used to like me and I sit with hunter and josh at lunch. Hunter always walks with me to 6th period the we split. How do I find out if he likes me? Please help. Last time u gave me advice it really helped and I am over Daniel now and I still bests friends with Jensen the girl Daniel is dating. Please help me know I hunter likes me or not!
    XoXo -Megan

    1. Megan,

      First off, I’m really happy that the advice I gave you last time helped! Honestly makes my day!

      Second, finding out if a guy likes you is a very tricky job. Because you don’t want to be too secretive and turn him off. My advice is during the time you walk to 6th period is to ask if he likes anyone very nonchalantly. If he stutters or blushes or seems very secretive, chances are he most likely likes you. However, all boys are different and it could just mean that he is shy. But definitely just go out and ask him if he likes anyone. Saves you from going behind his back or anything.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  100. What if he does not have any classes with u but it seam like he like u but sometimes it seams as it he doesn’t and u have never talks to u????

    1. Stephanie,

      Find a way to talk to him! If you guys are taking the same class (but not at the same time) strike up a conversation about it.

      Hope I’ve helped!

  101. What if the guy is a senior an your a freshman and he has a major case of senioritis but you can’t get your mind away from him. It’s like I’m not noticed :'(

    1. Unnoticed freshie,

      If he has senioritis it means that he’s really focusing on what is coming towards him, not what is behind him. You need to really step up your game if you want him to notice you. As someone who had senioritis last year, unless someone makes a big move, I was going to focus on the future.

      Morgan xx

      1. The problem is the only time I see him is at basketball games while I’m cheering or he is playing. I don’t see him outside of sports, so I don’t really have a chance to talk to him. I’ve tried talking over Facebook but he still doesn’t think anything of it.

        1. It’s like once I say something like good game awesome interception etc. ,he will say thanks and then just leave it at that if I try to continue the convo he just blows it off. Sorry It’s just I’ve liked him for like a year and I just can’t find the right words. You just get lost in his appearance.

          1. Unnoticed freshie,

            Honestly, if you’re giving it your best and he’s not noticing, there isn’t much else to do. I know you think I have all the answers, but if he’s just not noticing, it might be time to move onto some more worth your time.

            Morgan xx

          2. thx morgan u r really giving me good advice and the past few days i have been doing everything u said and guess wat he said yes he will go out with me so i wanna thank u so much for helping me out on this journey

  102. I like this boy who is in 8th grade but im in 5th grade (I know totally weird) we talk a lot and he smiles and waves at me but i dont think he has feelings for me. I like him though

    1. Unnoticed person,

      If you like him make a move. Though because of the age difference I think it would be difficult, especially as you are just entering middle school and he is entering high school. But if you feel he doesn’t have feelings for you, maybe that is for the best. Age gaps are very hard on relationships when you are young.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  103. Hello,
    I was just wondering if you could help me with something. I just moved to France in August and started in a new class around the month of October. Here’s the thing: I really like a guy in my class but (like most of the guys in my class) he seems to be attracted to the most popular girl in class (look: cute, pretty, tough, caracter, rebellious, flawless) and I feel like I really don’t stand a chance. The relationship between me and the guy is kind of like we tease each-other and stuff but not alot more. Here’s the twist: I guess I kind og know how to be “cool” but I really don’t feel like it in this new environment, so I guess that I come out as kind of “weird” and dorky to them. My looks don’t really help me either, I guess I have nice hair-brown and curly- and eyes-that change colors- but I have a pretty large forehead and my nose is quiet long (I think it brings relatively a lot of attention to itself) and I don’t really have any curves except maybe a little bit of hips (I’ m kind of thin too).
    I saw your site and though you might be able to help me…

  104. hello i am 13 and i have a crush on a guy at school. His friends tell me that he likes me but when my friends ask him who he likes he ignors them. People tease me saying that him and i would be a great couple but our kid would be albino! grrrr, they say that as i am blond and he in albino. What do I do?

    1. Anonymous,

      Honestly, you should talk to him and say you like him. It sounds like he likes you and just gets nervous when your friends ask.

      Hope I’ve helped!

  105. I’m in middle school and I have a crush. I know, I know, I’m too young to have a crush, I should be focusing on important things, etc. I can’t help it though. I’ve decided that I need to do something about it, I just can’t decide what to do. You see, I’m shy, and there’s no doubt about it, I’m uncool. The problem is, he is cool, and popular. He’s really good at sports, and I have the worst hand-eye cooridation in my whole P.E. class. He gets bad grades and I have an almost genius level IQ. He’s loud I’m school, and I only talk with my friends when I have the chance. (My friends are also quiet.) But, one time in Social Studies, we were assigned a new seating arrangement and he had to sit by me. We were in the back row, and I was in between him and this other girl, who was really really really popular. They were talking, and I think at some point he noticed me. He got considerably quieter. I did roll my eyes and scoff at a few of his lame joke he was telling the other girl, so I do think I was making a bad impression, but I don’t know. Keep in mind, he wasn’t flirting with the other girl. Since then, sometimes when I’m in Social Studies I look over at him and he’s looking at me, causally, but he was obviously looking at me, not anyone around me. Once in Social Studies we had to fill out a worksheet with a list of eight partners. He had hesitates but then gone over to me and asked, but not flirty or anything. He’s still a lot quieter, and I don’t know if it’s because of me or not. One time, at the beginning of the school year, one of his friends that was a girl called me Jessica Dean, and wouldn’t stop teasing me about it. I didn’t know what it was about, I didn’t like him at that time and I didn’t think he even knew who I was. Maybe I was wrong. (Dean is his last name.) Also, whenever I try to talk to boys I get tongue tied and don’t know what to say. I end up saying really sarcastic sounding things and it’s nothing like me. We’ve barely ever talked, he’s only asked: where does your dad work, how do you do so well in math, and are you double jointed? Because I don’t see how your thumb bends that way. Do you think he likes me? I bet he probably doesn’t, he’s way too popular for me, and if you think he doesn’t, will you give me any tips on how to move on? Also, will you help me on how to not be sarcastic and really be myself around boys?

    1. Anonymous,

      I think there is a good chance that he likes you. Because you are at a young age, this is an awkward time for both boys and girls when it comes to the opposite gender. My suggestion is to make the opportunity to talk to him more. If he feels more comfortable with you (which right now it sounds like he isn’t) it will help him show his feelings more.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  106. Thank you! I’ll be sure to try to talk to him more. Thank you for helping me, I really appreciate it! πŸ™‚

  107. I have a huge problem. I’m I’m sixth grade, and I am in love, there’s no doubt about it. I’ve read books and watched love movies, and I feel the exact same way that the character in love in the books or movies feel. What happened was: it was the beginning of sixth grade, and everyone was eating lunch. One of the boys from the other tables came over and asked me if I would be Jason’s girlfriend. I didn’t even know who Jason was at the time, but I said yes because I felt daring that day. I grew to like him more and more as we dated. After we had dates about three weeks, he texted me a and said he was breaking up with me. I cried when I got it, but my sadness turned into anger and I was furious with him for the next few days. But after those few days, I realized I still liked him. I slowly began to like him more and more, and before I knew what was happening, I fell In love with him all over again. I had this one friend, and oh, I admired her so much. Whenever I talked to her about my chorus hand how I was in love, she always had advice, and it always worked. The strange thing was, she had never even had a boyfriend. One day I was at a birthday party and every one was in a car because we were going to a watermark. I confessed that I loved him to everyone, and everyone else told their crushes too. Pall of my friends know I like him now. The problem is, they’ve asked him about it and he doesn’t like me back. I’m so sad and I want him to love me back so badly! I have the pang of long that’s so strong it hurts. Help!

    1. Lonely in Love,

      Oh, I’m so sorry for all the pain you are going through, but I don’t think I can give you the answer you want.

      What you want is for him to start liking you back, which in a perfect world you would twirl your hair and it would happen. Unfortunately, in the real world, that doesn’t happen. You can’t manipulate someone to like you. You have to accept how they feel and either move on or continue being miserable. The only thing I would suggest is trying to be on friendly terms with him again and see if you can rekindle old feelings.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  108. Okay, I’ll try my best. Thank you for answering. Oh, but it’s going to be hard to try to just be friends. πŸ™

  109. I like this guy but, i only talked to him once, I only have no classes with him and I have no clue what he does before and after school… what should i do to get him to notice me?

    1. kaykay,

      Talk to some of his friends or talk to people to find out what he does before or after school. Then make sure you are there doing your thing. Make yourself a part of his life that way.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  110. Hey, well I’ve liked this boy for 2,1/2 years I’m in 7th grade & he’s in 8th. But I honestly think he hates me.πŸ˜” I never talk to him but if I see him I smile or wave. & he kinda smile back. I’m really scared to talk to him. I don’t know why. Whenever I try to get over him , it doesn’t work. I think about him a lot… I really need advice. Please help, thanks!

    1. Bria,

      Hello! Talking to boys, especially older boys, is a bit terrifying. My advice is when you pass him just say hi. And as time goes on ask, “how are you?” and as time progresses these conversations will grow. That’s the only way to really get to start talking to him.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  111. I like this got but he is always acting mean and saying mean jokes about, just me, but i always catch him staring at me. Does he like me?

    1. Cj Dj,

      In all honesty, even if he does like you, it sounds like he’s being a bit unhealthy with the way he is showing his affection. I wouldn’t advise to follow through, even though you like him, because you deserve someone who always treats you nicely.

      Morgan xx

  112. Ok so my story is a little confusing but I really need help so I’m sorry. So anyway I think that I might have started to like my best friend. Like we are really close and ever since the beginning of school we became really good friends and before that we hung out over the summer and I had a crush on him and our friends said that he liked me back but nothing ever happened. Then we got really close and like we tell each other everything and I thought I got over him. Ok so he is kinda the biggest flirt ever but that’s just his personality so it is impossible to tell if he likes someone or if he’s just being himself. Everything was fine until he did something that was just really mean. So one of my friends, she has had a huge crush on him for the longest time and he asked her out. So anyway they started dating and I got a little worried cause he never really would talk to her. Then he texted me and that’s when things got bad. So it was right after our middle school graduation (we all just graduated 8th grade and were now on summer break) and he texted me and said that I looked really hot in the dress that I had been wearing. I thought it was just him being nice and that’snot really surprising coming from him so I just kinda thanked him and then he said that I always look beautiful but when I put that dress on I was hot. This still seemed pretty innocent to me so I just went along with it. Then somehow we ended up talking about his relationship with my friend. He told me that he didn’t like her and he only went out with her because someone said that they would look cute together (he broke up with her after me and him had this conversation). I told him that was a terrible thing to do and I was trying to make him see how much of a douche he was but he just kept saying that he liked someone else. He said he liked a girl that he was really good friends with and they talked all the time and he has liked her all year. I wasn’t sure about this cause I’m not sure that he really knows what its like to actually like someone because it seems like he “likes” someone then they go out and then in a week they will break up. But he did sound like he liked this girl. He never said who it was but I didn’t really want to ask because I figured if he wanted to tell me he would have. Also I thought that he probably had a good reason for not telling me because he tells me everything. This didn’t last very long though because my friend Taylor who really likes this guy took my phone and read all those messages. Then she kept trying to get me to ask him who it was and I know it was because she thought that it was her that he liked but I didn’t want to do that especially like that because if it was her then he probably wouldn’t want me to tell her so I told her no. Then me and him were hanging out at the park and he kept trying to get as close to me as possible and he got really close to my face a few times but I would like casually move away. He also kissed me on the cheek and while we’re hanging out I felt like it might be me that he likes but then looking back I’m not sure cause it didn’t really seem like it as much. Plus as soon as my friends Shelby and Teagan showed up he talked to Teagan more then me. (Teagan and him were best friends before me and him were but she started to hate him and now I guess there kinda friends again) He did hang upside down from the slide and then told me to the spider man kiss with him but he was joking. Then like the next day he told Taylor that he liked her and I asked him about it and he said that she’s not the only one. I was kinda worried about this because I felt like he was gonna break her heart but she actually said she won’t go out with him cause he is a whore. (She told him it was because she wasn’t allowed to date but that’s not what she told me.) We talked a little bit after that and we hung out a a baseball game a few days ago but then at the game I asked him if Taylor was the person that he was telling me about cause she thinks she is but he just said he didn’t know. The last time I talked to him was right after that baseball game he texted me about why I didn’t want his pecker head (I know that sounds weird but we have conversations like that all the time) and I said that it was cause he is a slut after that he just said that he had to go and he hasn’t talked to me since and I think that I offended him but I say that stuff to him all the time so he should know that I was just joking. I’m really not sure if I like him or not but I kinda have started to feel like I do but I’m so confused and he’s not even talking to me anymore so I don’t know what to do. Please help.

    P.S. Sorry this was so long.

    1. Megan,

      Alrighty! So we’ve got ourselves a very long dilemma and I’m going to try to help!

      First off, I do agree that this guy is a bit of a whore, but I also think he’s about 14 and is just really discovering girls and doesn’t know what to do.
      Reading your story, I think he has a thing for you. The fact he won’t tell you speaks volumes. Definitely try to approach him when it’s just the two of you and maybe be a little flirty back, as it will probably make him feel more comfortable and like he’s able to talk to you.
      As for the other girls, he is a teenage boy and he’s just discovering his own sexuality, so he’s probably trying to figure out girls, which is why he’s going to talk to others. But there’s always going to be one girl who he likes the most, which is what you have to figure out.

      I hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

      1. Okay so he did say that he liked me (and two other girls) but he didn’t want to ruin our friendship and I said I was confused about my feelings and we didn’t really talk about it after that. We hung out once but we didn’t talk about it. Now its been like forever and he hasn’t talked to me at all. I feel like he is mad at me but I don’t know why or what I should do. Its summer so we don’t get to see each other often and I don’t want to text cause he acts different in person the he does when we text but I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused.

        1. Megan,

          Talk to him again. Say you understand what he said before but you don’t want it to ruin your friendship. He probably just wants you to address the situation first.

          Hope I’ve helped!
          Morgan xx

  113. I like a boy who is a grade older than me so he is only in one class with me, in which he is my teacher’s assistant. The teacher’s assistants usually sit next to the teacher up at the front of the class, so I can’t really approach him or ever talk to him really. He usually leaves the class to go to the library too, and I don’t know what to do. He is promoting to high school really soon and I’m planning on telling him I like him, but I should at least get him to like me at least a bit first, right? Please help!

  114. hi
    I am in grade 7. there is this guy that I liked when I was in grade 1 we use to talk alot . but then he just stoped.
    about a week ago he started talking to me again , I was really happy, but this week he didn’t even look at me, when like last week he would not stop looking and talking to me.
    does like me , or not? please help! !!!

    1. Bina,

      Make the move and talk to him first! He might not have gathered that you like him and is probably feeling hurt. But he probably likes you!

      Hope I’ve helped,
      Morgan xx

  115. If u want a boy and u dont know how hn feel jst block propose with your friend and your friend catch u go to him and say would u marry me if he said yes kiss hm and dont panick and the feelings will start and he will ask u out

  116. Honestly, I don’t ever think I’ll get a boyfriend. I kind of ruined my reputation by being a nerd for the last few years, but I don’t think I am anymore. It doesn’t help that the boys in my grade only go for the “populars”, which basically mean all the boys in my grade date the same ten girls over and over. Do you have any advice for me?

    1. Amelia,

      I would like to introduce this John Green quote to you before I go further: and

      So please don’t say that you won’t get a boy as a nerd. Sometimes you have to wait for boys to mature first. They take some time. And trust me, you don’t want to date immature boys. Enjoy the time being single and looking for someone who is actually worth your time.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

    2. Hi Amelia,

      Don’t feel that way. Their is a boy in my class who is a nerd but to much and none of the girls like but if it a girl it’s all the boys look for is beauti,pearsonality and other,some boys are just stupid and they don’t feel the same about girls.

  117. I like this boy I don’t how to tell him because he’s in college I’m in high school.evrytime I try to talk to him I freak out and I stop the conversation I act like an completely idiot

    1. jeunenehemie,

      Just because he’s in college doesn’t mean he’s intimidating. Treat him like any other person and it will make talking to him much easier.

      Morgan xx

  118. Hello Morgan,
    I also want to ask a question it might be very difficult to answer..
    I am in year 9 and i like this boy called Shemare
    I sometimes get picked on at school. Like i am annoying and stuff.
    At times when i am sad he will try to make me laugh in the other corner of the room
    it’s hard for some people to sit next to me because they will be picked on as well. When you said try sit around him. I started to doubt because i don’t really sit near people.
    But the thing is there’s other girls that are sooo pretty.
    I wear trousers and a school top.
    At times i’m not really sure if he likes me.
    He doesn’t really show me alot of attention
    If i go were he goes like regargly he wouldn’t really notice
    But then they are sometimes he will be there for me.
    So I am just really confused.

    What should I do?
    He Tends to like the girls that are pretty and funny and have great personality
    but not to like me because i wear trousers get picked on and has not a great personality as them.

    Does He Like Me Or Not?

    1. TinieWinieStar,

      There really isn’t a way to say if he likes you or not since I don’t know him, but the fact that he does pay you attention and tries to make you laugh probably means that he likes you.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  119. in our school we dont pick seats i sit no where next to him and we not allowed to watch the sporting events !!!! I havent ot the confidence to ask him !!!! PLZ HELP!!!!

    1. Alyx,

      I think you should just take time between classes or something to just talk to him. The best way to create a relationship is to have a friendship first, so just talk to him.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  120. Hey. So, I REALLY have a crush on a good friend of mine. I think I’m a little in love with him. We’ve been friends for several years. He works at wal mart and I see him there a lot of times and I always speak to him. I’ve also been inviting him over and he’s been here on his off days. Anyway, I asked him if he had any plans for the 4th of July. He didn’t, so I invited him over. He came. That night, after he left, I texted him and told him I have a crush on him. When he answered the next morning, he said he didn’t feel the same way towards me. Now that he knows, do you think he’s likely to start liking me back?

    1. Ashley,

      In all honesty, I don’t know. In my experience, I had a friend who told me he liked me, and I think I tried to see him that way, but it ended up with me kind of leading him on and ruining a really good friendship of mine. I think you should talk to him face-to-face about this.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  121. Uh, hi, Morgan,
    I call myself shy, but I know I act like a diva. I have a temper, and I am kind of am a tom-boy. I’d like you to keep that in mind, just so you know the type of girl I am.

    Two years ago, I met a boy that I later found out I liked, so I became his friend. He’s very shy. This past year, we sat together a few times, every week at lunch. I’d say, halfway through the year, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I told him how I felt. The next day he told me, basically, he didn’t feel the same way. But near the end of the year he started acting a little different. Not flirty or anything, just… different. Close to the last day of school, he asked for my phone number, and I gave it to him. He still hasn’t called me. I don’t know what to think.

    Do you think he’s just trying to be a better friend? Or do you think he might be feeling something more? If so, what do you think I should do? I’ll be a freshman in high school soon. I’d really appreciate your opinion. Please and thank you.

    1. Jennifer,

      I think that he is most likely trying to get to know you better because he might have developed feelings. As I don’t know him, I can’t say for sure, but the fact that he’s making an effort towards being closer to you is a good sign. Don’t fret if he hasn’t called you yet, he might just be working up the nerve or be incredibly busy.

      I hope it all works out for you!
      Morgan xx

  122. Hi Morgan, I really need your help!
    I’m 16 and there’s this boy that I have a crush on. However, he doesn’t go to my school, but I see him at the supermarket (he works there). I noticed him looking at me a couple of times we go there and I now really like him. But the problem is I’m super shy with low self esteem and get really, really nervous (I have anxiety) talking to people, mostly guys. And it makes me really sad and down knowing he doesn’t know me (I presume he doesn’t). I’ve never been in a relationship and I also don’t have guy friends which doesn’t help! What is your advice?

    1. Kate,

      My advice is that if you really like this guy, you need to find the strength in you to go talk to him. The truth is, whatever insecurities you have towards yourself are ones he most likely doesn’t notice, so by talking to him you have nothing to lose. I would suggest doing that and seeing where it goes.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  123. Hi Morgan,

    The thing is I’m in year 5 and i have a crush on this boy in my class before everything got ruined.It was at the end of year party (tuesday 23/07/2014). At morning when i got to school i told Afnan ( the boy i have a crush on) that my best friend has a crush on him and he promised me that he wouldn’t tell her but he did. At lunch time he told her that and she told him that i have a crush on him. Ever since I feel that he doesn’t like me anymore.

    Sooooooooooo please help me.

    Thank you.

    1. masuma,

      I would suggest just talking to him. Open communication is the best way to start a relationship and to make sure you know exactly how he feels. That’s really all you can do in this situation, as scary as it might seem. But it will definitely help.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  124. But my best friends keeps on making fun of me, then Afnan (the boy i have a crush on) just goes away. All I want to know is that does he feel the same way I do.Is their any other way that would make him notice that I like him.

    Thank you

    1. masuma,

      The only way to really get to know if he likes you is to be yourself and make sure that you’re around him (so he can see you more often) and then just look for signs that he pays attention to you. Chances are if he’s looking at you more or even just looking at you when he doesn’t have to, he likes you.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  125. Hi Morgan!
    I like this boy, it started after Christmas break last year, and he’s in my class again this year. He’s sweet, and he’s smiled at me a few times, and helped me with things (he chose to) but I think that he isn’t interested. Although I am 14 and in the 8th grade. What should I do? Should I just wait a year?

    1. Anonymous,

      Talk to him. I know it’s advice I give everyone, but it works. Find out what he’s thinking. Yeah, I do believe in waiting until you’re in high school to date (it tends to make the transition easier) but I think everyone should develop a friendship with their mate before a relationship.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  126. This is the first time I’ve read this post, but I’ve done what it said to do several years ago, basically I put myself in his friend zone. We when out for 2 years in middle and high school. Sadly we broke up. Well I was wanting to thank you for the post and some of the answers you gave it reminded me how successful it was the first time and now i’m ready to try again. There is a really cute boy that go’s to my school but he always sits alone, I think I will try to get to know him. Thank you so much Morgan you speak the truth and I like that.

    1. Brianna,

      This is one of my favourite comments! I’m happy that my post gave you the guts to go out and do it again and I wish you all of the luck in the world!
      I try to always speak the truth and give good advice.

      Morgan xx

  127. Hi Morgan! πŸ™‚ Okay, so here’s my problem/story/issue, whatever you want to call it lol. I am in seventh grade this year, and a new boy named Dane moved here this year. He rides my bus, and every day he’s sat by himself. I’ve sat by myself a lot too. He seems kind of shy and quiet, but also nice and funny. At the beginning of the year, a few of the really popular, but not anymore, and it’s only the third week of school, so I think it it was just because he was knew, not because his personality. He’s not the best looking, but that’s only because of his acne, and I mean, in seventh grade, it’s normal to get acne, so I don’t care about that. Dane used to live here in preschool-first grade, and our moms were really good friends back then, so when they moved back, our moms had lunch together. My mom came back and told be how nice of a family they are, and she told me all about them. Apparently, they had talked about their kids a lot, about how we both haves phones, about how he likes to go outside and is athletic while I like going outside too and I also like music, etc. I know for a fact that Dane’s mom told him all about me, because as a mom of a new kid, you want them to make friends. Maybe even… a girlfriend. Anyways, my mom sure told me all about him, and he seems really nice. So now I have a few questions.
    1. How do I get him to notice me? P.S. I can’t really talk to him at school because the three classes I have with him I sit far, far away from him.
    2. We both have phones. Is there any way I can get him to ask for my number, or for me to ask him for his number without it appearing that I have a crush on him?
    3. My mom says she wants to have his family and another family over for a get together, and when she wants to plan a get together, she makes it happen. Him and his family will probably be coming to my house pretty soon. I want to talk to him there, and do stuff with him, but how do I approach him!?!
    P.s. I am not the type of girl that is confident or outgoing enough just to walk up to him and start a conversation. I need help!
    P.p.s. I know that you think seventh grade is too young to date but almost everyone in my grade has dated someone in middle, and so it’s just normal for us.
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. Hiya!

      1. Honestly, just be yourself. Ask him to hang out (since your moms are friends it works in your advantage) and just be yourself. He’ll notice that you’re a genuine person.
      2. There really isn’t a way to get someone to ask for your number, but if you want to ask for his, ask him if you can have it so you can call him if you have any homework questions (since you do have classes together.)
      3. If you’re having a get together, it’s totally normal to just go over and say hi. It’s normal to go towards whoever is closest to your age, so he won’t think it’s odd if you go straight up to him.

      Honestly, even if you are shy, he’s probably looking for someone familiar to talk to him. Initiation conversation, as scary as it is, is the perfect to do this, and he’ll really appreciate it.

      Morgan xx

  128. there is tjis gut we both like each other but he wants to get to know me before we make anything of it what should i tell him?:/

      1. Thanks so much! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ This is really gonna help me! But I don’t know if I can just invite him to hang out, girls don’t really do that at my age, but I can encourage her to invited him and his family over XD

  129. You’ll say, we’ve got nothin’ in common
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    And we’re falling apart
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    And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
    She said I think I remember the film
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    No common ground to start from
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    And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
    She said I think I remember the film
    And as I recall I think, we both kind o’ liked it
    And I said well that’s, the one thing we’ve got

  130. So I like this boy and I’m pretty sure he likes me but my friend is always making it really awkward to talk to him or even be by him! What do I do??

  131. I am in sixth grade and I am pretty sure that this boy likes me. He is always staring at me. I like him and I give him eye contact when speaking. I am scared on how to make the move. We are given assigned seats and he sits behind me. My question is how to make the move in sixth grade?

  132. i really like this boy in my year (we are both in year 9) but thing is if i ask him if he likes me or ask him out i am scared it will ruin our “friend” relationship….
    what should i do Morgan??

    1. Maria,

      It’s scary to say something to a friend, but if you think it could work out between the two of you go for it. Really weigh your pros and cons and then make a decision. It could actually grow your friendship.

      Morgan xx

      1. Thx morgan for answering i am so grateful!!! πŸ™‚
        but here is the thing this girl called Nicole teases him txts him everyday!! and snapchats him every second she can….. well the other day after phisyics he kind of put his (the guy i fancy!!) arm around her bag to “push”her out of the door… πŸ™
        the guy i fancy constantly teases me, imitates me (in the good way) i sit next to him in business and he always talks to me. when nicoles around he egnores me in a way but then when i have the courage to speak to him he egnores nicole
        Nicole some times has a go at me for talking to him
        she is always following him around like a lost sheep πŸ™

        i am so sorry for txting you again (really) i just need your help..
        should i leave my crush and stop fancying him…
        i dont know what to do
        i am sorry for txting u again…. πŸ™
        Maria xxxxx

        1. Maria,

          It’s no problem that you commented again!

          I think that the boy you fancy might have feelings for both you and Nicole. In my opinion, the best thing to do is to talk to him one-on-one and tell him how you feel. It will help him figure out his feelings and will make the whole situation a lot less messy.

          Hope I’ve helped!
          Morgan xx

    1. Anonymous,

      I’m sorry if I did not write MY article the way YOU want. This is my blog with my own advice and I’m trying to make everyone happy. If he lives near you then find ways to be outside of his house.
      Your comment was slightly rude. Please don’t make this a negative space.

      Morgan xx

  133. I like this guy, but I’m not sure if hes the type that…is interested in girls. Not that he isn’t straight XD no, but he doesn’t seem to be the sort of guy who wants a relationship. Should I try for him despite this?
    (On the plus side, I’m pretty sure I’m the only girl that likes him)

    1. Anonymous,

      So many girls are shy. The best way to approach this is just to talk to him. Realize he is your equal and approach him. How can you start a relationship if you can’t even talk to him?

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

    2. Yeah, definitely a lot of girls are shy and some of my guy friends tell me that this is a really negative thing for them, only because shyness can com off as disinterest or make them second guess themselves..^^

  134. Oh, and I also forgot to add, he’s really loud and rambunctious (even more so than the other guys in our chppschool), andi heard that someone else I know also has a crush on him, but they don’t really interact at all, so… I think I have a better chance… I think he’s really funny, and likes to make people smile, just like I do (or maybe it’s just me, I don’t pay attention) I just really don’t know. I’m in 8th grade, he’s in 9th, and his birthday is 7 days after mine so he is just a little bit short of being 2 years older than me. I tend to think older than I am, though.

    1. I’m sorry I keep making new comments, but this is the last one – since valentine’s day is coming up, I was planning on sending him a gift. I got a little chocolate because I know he likes chocolate, but I’m not sure if I should make the gift message mostly anonymous, be casual, or be obvious.

      1. Tea,

        After reading your comments, I think this is a great idea, and you should be obvious. Let him know you like him, and since it’s Valentine’s Day it’s a great time to do it!

        Morgan xx

        1. Okay!! Thank you!
          But… tonight I just found out that my good friend also has a crush on him, and people ship them, too. But he acts the same way with both of us… I feel so conflicted, because I really, really, like him… I’m still sending him the gift, but I don’t know if he has feelings for her or not. I don’t know if he has feelings for me.

          1. Tea,

            It is possible he likes both of you. Honestly, just go talk to him, and don’t go beating around the bush with the gift. Talk to him and be honest about your feelings. It will help you a lot!

            Morgan xx

  135. Hello, Morgan. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day.
    I’ve commented with an issue once before, on July 24, 2014 @ 5:59 PM. I’m not afraid to be myself anymore. I’m silly, a little crazy. I’m the lead in my school play, and of course, a requirement of actors is NO SHAME. LOL. Alas, I still have the same issue, with little progress. Plus, I have another issue… here’s the goings on:
    I had an extremely immature childish, and above all else naive boyfriend for just under three months from Oct to Dec. (I only said yes to being his girlfriend for a terrible reason: I was afraid of hurting his feelings). He broke up with me, who knows why, but I wasn’t too upset. Anyway, the boy I mentioned in my last comment – I have never stopped liking him. I still like him. I even did when I was with my ex-boyfriend. So, the guy I like and I have been sitting together at lunch almost every day now, for a little less than a month. Before that, we talked in the mornings before school almost every day.
    So, the place I sat with my ex-boyfriend(where he still sits) is very close to where me and the guy I have a crush on sit. I’ve recently realized that my ex-boyfriend has been creepily watching my every move, and listening in on the conversations between me and my long-time crush.
    Here’s big issue # uno:
    My ex-boyfriend(after my crush hurried to the library (did I mention he’s shy)) came and sat where my crush normally sits and burst out in tears, and told me he misses and needs me. WTF?!?!?!?!?! I don’t know what to do! I can’t handle high-pressure situations, and I’ve 110% moved on from him.
    Big issue # duces:
    FYI, long-time crush never did call me back, but he did greet me with a smile and try to spend as much time as humanly possible at the beginning of the school year. It’s been almost three years since I’ve started crushing on him. We’ve been friends for that amount of time. As I’ve said before, we sit together almost every day at lunch. He’s so shy, though. I’ve decided to start flirting with him, but I just hope it doesn’t scare him away. He wont make eye-contact with me, and fidgets like there’s no tomorrow, but when we talk in the hallway while heading to our classes, he hangs around almost priest-like until I leave.
    Talking about stuff and laughing… I get to my classroom door.
    (Me)”That’s hilarious, h/n! You sure know you’re TV quotes!”
    (Him)”Yeah… ‘chuckle’ yeah…”
    Awkward silence
    (Me)”I guess I’d better get to class.”
    (Him)”Um… yeah… uh…”
    He keeps standing there… Awkward silence
    (Me)”See you tomorrow”
    (Him) “Uh… yeah…”
    He keeps standing there until I walk away.
    I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT’S ABOUT… but it’s kind of cute…
    This is how he almost always acts around me, and he’s just so nice.
    I was hoping that maybe you could give me advice on either or both of these issues. I felt so much better after your reply to my last comment… guess I just need someone to talk to. I’d really appreciate anything you have to say. Thank you, in advance.
    X’s O’s and Trench Coats!!! πŸ™‚
    – Jennifer

    1. Jennifer,

      Your crush could definitely like you. I would definitely say something, especially since you’ve found your newfound confidence.

      As for your ex, ignore him at all costs.

      Hope this helps, that’s really the best I have for you!

      Morgan xx

  136. There is this guy I’ve been texting every single day for about 5 months. He is a pretty reserved person and I know even if he does like me, he most likely wouldn’t tell me. He is two years older than me. But my parents have known his since college and we go to the same church, school and we live in the same neighborhood. I am not allowed to date. My parents have already old me that if something were to happen between me and this boy, that we could go out but it would have to be chaperoned. My friend really really just wants me to tell him but i am nervous. He is my brothers age and is friends with him. Every time I am with him, his friends make some stupid comments about us. I see him often because we have a lot of mutual friends. We have “known” each other for about 5 years but haven’t really gotten to be friends until last year. If i tell him, I feel like nothing would really change because I’m not allowed to date. But if i wait until I’m allowed to date, he will be in college. Plus if i tell him and he doesn’t feel the same way, id be really embarrassed like this little freshman girl that told a junior that she liked him when he never liked her back. My friend says that it dent matter that I’m a girl and i tell him first, but i think the boy should tell first… at least in this case. Also if he doesn’t like me back, its not like i don’t ever have to see him again. I see him all the time. And i know “its not awkward if you don’t make it awkward” but its not me I’m worried about, its him. This would be very different if he would tell me. I really wish he would but i don’t think its gonna happen cause I’ve been waiting 5 months. Plus we haven’t texted in a week and that never happened before. And i had this joke going on with him so for valentines day i sent hims carnation because my school was selling them and i said it was from his :secret admirer”. I basically regretted it right after i did it. Then my mom told his that i sent it to him. haha how embarrassing. I don’t know if his mom told him though. I also know that i think I’m a lot older than i am (but what high schooler doesn’t? ;)) so i don’t even know if i should try and be in a relationship. I mostly am just nervous cause I’m a freshman and that he is a junior and i know “age is just number” but it seems like a much bigger gap in high school than in college. Its only 2 years. Help
    Sorry this is so long. and i still feel like I’m forgetting something.

    1. Sydney,

      My advice to you is to talk to your parents about dating and see what they think you should do. While telling him how you feel is always good advice, make sure that your parents are okay with it if you’re not really allowed to date. And maybe you should talk to him, in a hypothetical way, about what he thinks you should do. Girls should be able to make the first move.

      Morgan xx

  137. Hi Morgan!
    I’m in seventh grade and all the boys in my grade are really loud and stupid and perverted or rude. There are about 80 kids in total in my grade (I don’t go to a private school I just live in a small town).To top it off the boys only like the “popular girls” which is a groups of the same five girls πŸ™ I’m in seventh grade and don’t know if it’ll be like this throughout high school too. Please help!

    1. Nobody,

      Hey, calm down! Dating is not that important, and you definitely shouldn’t date someone you consider loud, stupid, perverted or rude. My advice would just be to wait until high school and see if people mature, or wait until college. I waited until college and it was one of the best decisions of my life!

      Morgan xx

  138. So, there’s this guy a grade above me and I walked past the guys and they were talking to him about liking me and now they mention it….. ALOT! but, the thing is….. we don’t even (barely) talk and I kinda like him….but idk if he REALLY likes me or the guys are joking! He makes it a point to hold doors and say Hey and smile and do ALL of the normal things , and then some…. especially for me…. but he’s also just genuinely nice (preachers kid) … idk… because the guys are always making up love/like stories to embarass people so…..I am very very confused!

    1. Payten,

      I’d talk to him! Even if he doesn’t like you, this is your in! Be friendly back, invite him to stuff, and see where it leads!

      Morgan xx

  139. dear morgan thrie is a new boy i like his name is … we have the same attuide and well preety much everything but how do i know if he likes me.

    1. sarah,

      There really isn’t a way to know if a boy likes you. See if he pays you extra attention and if anything just ask him. That’s the best way to do it.

      Morgan xx

  140. please help me there is this really smart math boy that i really like. i am smart too. its confusing because my family knows his family really well and it would be so awkward if we became friends (just friends). i really want to be just freinds, and i would get in trouble if we dated which i want to do in eigth or ninth grade bcuz in fifth grade u r not allowed to date. school rule. he is really nice and he has a sense of humor and he is nice to everybody, and di really really like him but he is always surrounded by at least 3 of his freinds. i want to be a good friend but i am not sure because everyone is obsessed with dating and no one can havre a good nonlove boy-gurl relationship. HELLLP!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous,

      Honestly, if you want to be his friend, just be friendly when you are around him and keep a smile on your face. People are naturally attracted to people who seem happy and friendly, so just keep that up!

      Morgan xx

  141. hi, morgan long time didn’t talk. i tried how u told me to but it tottaly freaked him out. turns out he like me and my best friend but then i told him i didn’t like him because he is a f**king t**t. so we are mates. but he sits next to me so it is awaked but me my partner and him have a laught all the time.
    but another boy has caught my eye and he is very handsome and kind of cute but he does know that i like him but then i told him i don’t because there were lots of people around me. but i really really like him. and his sister are in y3 and they are bff’s. he is a slang kind of guy and ever since i told him i didn’t like him me and him had a really tough frienship we literially did’t talk ever since but know sometimes we do. HE KNOW I LIKE HIM MY FRIEND MAKE ME LOOK VERY SILLY AND ALWAYS SAYING S**T STUFF ABOUT ME LIKING HIM. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLZ HEPL ME HOW DO I GET HIM TO LIKE ME AND GET HIS ATTENTION! sorry πŸ™ for the bad word and wrong spelling.

  142. Hi morgan i did try the open communition thing didn’t turn out good. but i am over him i this another boy his is cool, funny and handsome and i don’t know how to get his attention and get him to like me. he does know that i like him and his sister and my sister are BFF’s. sooooooooooo plz do help i need you help. BY THE WAY ARE YOU A FAN OF SELENA GOMEZ PLZ LET ME KNOW?

  143. Wat if u see him so where else like chruch but u don’t know him name how can u know he like u and find out his name without making it obvious u like him ?

    1. Rachel,

      Just go up to him in a friendly way and be like, “Hey, this is my name, what’s yours? I figured we’re both here so let’s chat.” and the rest will happen naturally.

      Morgan xx

  144. So umm I’m moving to a new school but I really like this guy he’s cute and nice but probably too popular for me idk what to do 😩

  145. Well I thought the guy liked me and I told him about my feelings but he turned me down rudely and it hurt but I can’t forget him but I have to be his friend..but he hugs me intimately,what does it mean??

    1. nisha,

      It’s possible that he may like you but isn’t ready for a relationship, or doesn’t want one. You just have to respect that and hope that he changes his mind in the future. My best advice is to tell him that him hugging you sends mixed signals and focus your attentions on someone else.

      Morgan xx

  146. okay so, there’s this guy, his friends told me that he likes me, but he himself aren’t brave enough to make a move on me, so i start a couple of conversation with him. i was not interested in him at first but as time passes i started to like him. but then, i heard that he likes another girl already, and now he’s stuck in my head and brain. so, i deleted his contact on social media, but then he added me back, but i decline it. omg, it has been 6 months already, i really wish my feelings toward him would gone. should i just forget him? please answer<3

    with lots of luv<33, Kayla

    1. Victora,

      If they hate you, I suggest you lay on the sweetest personality you can and just be friendly. They might warm up to you.

      Morgan xx

  147. There’s this guy I like. The problem is he’s 23 and I’m 16! I don’t want to date until I’m 18 but I’m scared he’ll start liking someone else. I REALLY like him. I can’t tell if he likes me or not! The other day we were at a party and this guy calls us a couple. Neither of us said we’re not, he looked at me and I just smiled shyly. But then later that day he said that the age difference between him and my sister that’s 18 is alot. But then other times he tells me I’m not that young! He always says things like he’ll protect me or he’ll give compliments. We’ve known each other for 4-6 years. And I’ve liked him for practically the whole time!! I tend to be pretty shy so I probably don’t make it too noticeable that I like him. Every once in a while he’ll also hold my hand! Sometime it seems like he likes me other times it feels like he thinks I’m too young. What should I do I really need advice!!!? My sister also says he may like me… Everyone including him say I’m pretty.

      1. Looking back at my comments I realized I hadn’t mentioned before that I didn’t want to date yet. Sorry if I may have sounded rude earlier! I had made a comment somewhere else and thought I had mentioned it here as well.
        Please reply quickly!! I’ll be seeing him tomorrow so I want to know if you think he likes me to have either confidence or give up!! Please I really need your help!πŸ˜­πŸ˜–πŸ™

        1. Chaeri,

          If you don’t want to date yet, I think the best advice is to be friendly and to keep options open. Because you hope to date him in the future, there is no way to predict what can happen with his feelings. My advice is just to be nice and let him know you care about him.

          1. Up to now I’ve kept my options open, I will later as well but I like him as I have for a pretty long time now so it’s kinda hard trying to make him like me without knowing if he does as well… Its pretty well known in my friend group that I wouldn’t date until I’m older so he knows that. Hes the type of guy that if he likes you he’ll like you to the end, he’s really faithful. I know feelings can change but based on what I’ve told you do you think I have a chance?

  148. The guy is my doctor and now I am studying in the same college and hospital where he is practicing we don’t speak much what should I do


  150. Hi I’m in high school and a sophmore i have a crush on someone in the grade above me and goes to the same school and he stares a lot me very intensively we hold gaze for a long long periods of time and leans over and we sit near each other in academic support except i’m afraid he’s taken but a lot of couples in my school break up and the thing is i’ve never dated due to the fact that I’m really weird and love cats and rock music and when people find out i’m afraid to be judged but my close friend who is senior feels the same way since she knows a lot of people and she might know him should i tell her to tell him or should i tell him myself i’ve only known him for the end of the year and i’m getting back to school soon i don’t have his number i got a fake number from his friend and i zoned out when looking at his number should i try to get his number again idk am i too much to handle i scare off people easily but i don’t mean too

    Ps. I don’t know if my crush feels the same way but my friend feels the same way about our friendship and knows alot of people im just thinking of using her as a source to get to him cuz she owns the school store and is really in charge of the school so she could even advertise my crush to be the extreme point but that would be creepy

    And don’t worry none of my friends like my crush in that way but im afraid girls i don’t know do cuz i saw him with one towards the end of the year but they did not look like a couple no pda so im pretty sure it was just a friend or a sister unless im wrong

    The person who he hangs with in the halls that person who think is a friend or sister gets really close to him but they don’t touch so i’m not calling that a relationship for sure so how do i find out if he’s not taken idk he seems more closer to me.But yet again i have no clue whether he’s taken or not i mean it seems that he likes me because, well um he signed my year book in really neat cursive and um he always acts nervous around me well until that girl appeared in the halls that i’m just talking about but then i think he returned to his nervous self so idk..

  151. Okay, So I like my bestfriends brother. But how do I tell him ? And how do i know if he likes me back? Signs Please!!!
    Im Desparte … (P.s Yes… my bestfriend knows)

  152. The boy I like is in a different grade. I only see him in the morning,lunch,
    recess.& at the end of the day. What can I do?

  153. ok so im in 6th grade and um hes in my math class and history and today he was like this in math “I like you” what do i do how does he like me if im just nerdy and weird… and hes popular ya know and i dont know if hes pranking me or not i was like shaking i was so nervous. Cause actaully people dont like me or has a crush on me… what do i doo help please.

    1. XxSuperKittenxX,

      Hi! Take deep breaths and try to calm down. I think you should just play it cool and see if he says anything again. Also, check his body language. See if he acts nervous or shy around you, or if he acts very normal. Shy and nervous behavior could mean he really likes you.
      Also, I’m sure lots of people like you. I’m sure you are very lovely πŸ™‚

      Morgan xx

  154. Morgan,
    Im only in year 7 (im in the UK), im 11. Ive been told by some assholes in my maths class that the boy who sits next to me (ill call him X) has a crush on me. Yeah he pulls out my chair for me, helps me pick things up when they fall, says kind things to me, doesn’t try to piss me off, can have a nice convo with me, laughs at my jokes, makes me smile etc. Not to mention that hes quite cute and good-looking.
    I never believed that he liked me, i thought he was just being friendly. But now ive developed a crush on him! I really dont know what to do. ive told a couple of friends and they say i should listen to my heart says. My heart says that i should go get him but it also says that i should wait for a while and push my love-life aside and focus on being free and being a kid while it lasts. I dont know what to do anymore!

    Please help me,

    1. Stara,

      I definitely believe following your heart. Always have and always will. If your heart is saying to be free, try to have a friendship with him. If it doesn’t, ask him out. And if you want to be friends now, it’s a great foundation for a relationship later.

      Morgan xx

  155. There’s a guy I really like who I had two classes with last year. We’d talk a bit and joke around, and have a few inside jokes. This year, I don’t have any classes with him, and am nervous/don’t know what to say if I went up to him and talked. I really like him, and I’m pretty shy with new people, so it was sort of exciting to have a guy that I could kind of talk to (to be fair, I was always a bit nervous talking to him). What do I do? Do I just give up, or should I try to talk to him again?

  156. Hi Morgan, I’m in 9th grade and I like this boy that is new at my school this year (and is also a freshmen), but we don’t have any classes together. We have the same lunch most days of the week, but the boys and girls don’t really sit together…. How can I get him to notice me / approach me?

    1. Briana811,

      I definitely think you should get some friends and “suggest” to sit with the boys. It would be a great way to get to talk to him without it being weird.

      Morgan xx

  157. I’m in 5th grade(10) and I like this boy, but he’s 11 , but got kept back.We are dating and he supposably likes me,but he doesn’t really act like he does,but he’s always telling my/his group of friends that he likes me alot, but doesn’t want to tell me he likes me alot. Are my friends lying to me or is that what he really said.

    1. makenna,

      I do not know, but if you don’t think he likes you then don’t date him. You should date that you know likes you and tells you they do. You’re worth that.

      Morgan xx

  158. Hi im in 8th grade(14) there is this boy that i like but my sister likes him to and she keeps rubbing him in my face and I was the one to point him out and say that he was cute and now she is kinda into him to and im to afraid to tell him i like him what should i do please help me.

    1. Marijah,

      I think you should talk to him. Let him know how you feel. It sounds like your sister is being rude, and you shouldn’t let her rudeness get in your way. Talk to him and be clear about your intentions and if your sister is upset, talk to her.

      Hope I’ve helped!

  159. Dear Morgan
    Last year I became really good friends with this boy in my school, and eventually started crushing on him. I started to get the feeling that he liked me too. We texted a lot, but especially during summer break. One day, during this summer, I decided to text to ask him who his crush was. He told me not to tell anyone, then gave me the name of another girl, who was not me. I then told him that I had a crush on him. I told him I really didn’t want to ruin the friendship, and that I got mixed up between good friend and crush (which was a lie). He told me that I was one of his best friends and that this would not ruin that at all. Everything has been normal since, but I recently started crushing on him again, and I want him to like me back very badly. No one has given me a straight answer on what to do. Can you please help?

  160. Tnx you I am 12 years old and still don’t have a boyfriend and I never have so Tnx you soon much for helping me out with the boys thing ; )

  161. That isn’t enough info for my boy that I like and I think he likes me to but is to shy to tell me so, we talk a lot and hang out a lot! It just seems that to me that I love him! I would like it if we start dating.
    Wait no I would not like it I would LOVE it, thanx for the advise though!

  162. hey! i like this boy. cool this is what this blog is about! well this boy lets call him Bob in my lessons we have together i sometimes catch him staring at me only sometimes though. when we get to business he will call my name (he sits near me, there is only one person between us) so he calls my name and tries to get my attention once he has it he will just look at me. i will then turn back around. a couple of minutes later he will call my name again. and it repeats itself. however sometimes he will tell me to shut up in a silly voice like to make me laugh or say do you ever stop talking. if i go to print something off and he is too when someone else walks in from our class to print something off he will say we made out. WHAT DO I DO!!!!!

    Maria x

  163. when i liked him, for a very long time, only last year he started to like me and when the news that i liked him spreaded to him, he stopped liking me and now in English class, he is sitting beside me and i laugh whenever he talks to me, i just cant resist and he always says “shh” to me when i didnt even talk helpp how to win his heart over again???

    1. rhondalnx,

      I think you should follow all these tips, and then if those don’t work, talk to him. Tell him how you feel. There’s a chance that he’s waiting for you to make a move first.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

    1. ayesha gupta,

      Talk to him! The only way to know is to talk to him and ask him how he feels in a comfortable situation where he feels that he can be open.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  164. he already know i have a crush on him because my classmate told him. Morgan please help me. he chats with a lot of girls and since his name is prince, he call other girls his princess. please help me.

    1. aliyah kamil,

      If he knows that’s great! Try talking to him on your own and see what he says about the two of you maybe being a thing.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  165. Hi morgan
    Few months befor a very cute boy came in my class i just started liking him bt the prob is sometimes i feel he likes my bst frnd bt my frnd is not at all interested him so wat should i do shud i keep looking for him or move on

  166. But what if u don’t kno the boy see I’m only 13 and I like this boy he in then class that’s next to be i don’t kno him and he super cute but idk what to do

  167. I like this guy he is some years older than me but I like him. He does know that I exist but he doesn’t know my name and never talks to me. I want to ask him out but he is very famous and other girls are with him every time and I am afraid that he’ll reject me and others will laugh at me. I am a loser, after all. What should I do?

  168. I’m really shy and I like this boy from my music school and he’s 2 years older than me. We don’t take classes on the same day but when we see each other he always greets my mom and he sometimes stares at me. I’m not sure if It’s because he’s just friendly or he likes me. And many people stare at me because I’m pretty. The only problem is that I’m super shy, I barely even talk to anybody. We do know each other but the last time we were friends was four years ago. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, maybe 2 years. What should I do?!

    1. Sally,

      When you see him I would suggest smiling and waving in a friendly manner, that way you seem approachable. Likely he will initiate contact this way and then you can go from there. It’s much less scary when they start talking first.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

      1. That really sounds like a good idea, but would it be okay if I smile without waving since I usually don’t wave. He does have a brother a year younger than me, do you think I should talk to him.

  169. i am someone with aspergers and autism and they is this boy i like but i feel too nervous to even get near him

    1. Anonymous,

      With aspergers and autism, social interactions are very awkward, so as uncomfortable as you feel he likely would feel a lot more nervous. Hopefully that will give you the confidence to approach him.

      Morgan xx

  170. So, hi I um like this boy and we have gym together. He’s in track and to run and so do I. I have liked him allllll semester long but there’s one problem he’s Amish πŸ™ and idk what to do. He’s cute and funny and smart and so much more. I sit next to him in health. What do I do?!?! I try giving hints and stuff but idk if he likes me? Help plz.

    1. Rebecca,

      Just talk to him. If it’s meant to be it will work out, but his lifestyle aside, there’s nothing wrong with going up to him and getting to know him better.
      Strike up a conversation with him in health class and see what happens!

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  171. Hi Morgan,
    I like this boy but my friend likes him and I don’t like breaking other peoples hearts but i really like him. I’m in every class with him apart from Food, Art and design and she is in those lessons. We are close but everyone calls my friend his ting, I haven’t confessed so they don’t know but she has and I asked the boy I like if he likes her and he said “No she’s too desperate” What should I do?

    1. Ariana,

      If your friend is into him, you shouldn’t go after him. Sisters before misters always. Talk to her about it and see what she thinks, but don’t let a boy get in between your friendship.

      Morgan xx