Stephen Chbosky Gets It Pt. II

I’m currently re-reading my favorite book The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

There is something about reading this book that I can’t understand. I don’t understand why it has such a powerful effect on me, or why I call it my favorite book, or even why I want everyone else to read it.

And then I read it again, at night, with the covers tucked around me and I understand exactly why. Stephen Chbosky just gets it. He gets how I’m feeling, he gets what teenagers/humans go through, he gets it all and puts it into one book that is truly magical to my eyes.

If there was one author who I would want to meet, it would be Stephen Chbosky. I would have coffee with him and ask him plenty of questions. Mostly I would just try to figure out how he gets the world so perfectly. He wrote the book that speaks to my soul so well and I want a piece of that inspiration inside my own brain, for me to get it too.

If I ever become a journalist, I want my first article to be on Stephen Chbosky. Not because it would be a great piece, but because I believe the piece would inspire plenty.

So, yeah, I want to meet this guy.

Who do you look up to?

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