"Oooh Pottermore opens today!" Think again.

It’s October 1st. And a lot of people have been saying this over the social networks:

“Yay! Pottermore’s open to the public today! Yay”

Yeah, it’s not.

Tons of people missed the early admission to Pottermore for various reasons. You didn’t have internet access that week, you were too busy, you didn’t really care about it. Or, if you’re me, your computer broke on the second day before you had the chance to even try looking for the magic quill. Life is unfair sometimes.

Anyway, this morning my friend texted me, really excited. “Guess what? Pottermore opens today! I’m so excited to sign up!” and so I headed to the site and was met with this picture:

Come on, J.K. Rowling! You told us October and now it’s here and according to your ‘Pottermore Insider’ you aren’t starting until the end of October. I don’t know if I can wait 30 more days to become a Ravenclaw.

Yeah, I want to be in Ravenclaw.

So, to all of you Squibs and Muggles and soon-to-be first year Hogwarts students, let’s try to survive on this planet for 30 more days. Okay?

Lots of love to all you wizarding folk,

4 thoughts on “"Oooh Pottermore opens today!" Think again.

    1. I checked it. She said October but one everything else it just says the end. She should have been specific. And yeah, it says it’s always overloaded.

  1. Hey! The site is suffering severe setbacks, and many of us on the inside knew that “October 2011” had to mean the end of October. HOWEVER if you read that insider it says pushed back as in they intended it to happen earlier.

    They also stated that they would have to allow in new users in phases like they did with the Beta.

    Bottom line is, they just aren’t ready. I blame Sony.

    1. Oh no. I completely understand. Something with so much hype and something that has inspired a whole new generation of people is definitely going to have setbacks and overloads. I’m not angry. And I feel bad if I came across that way. I’m more just to the point where after listening to people whining and complaining, I feel like they shouldn’t have promoted it so much if it’s not going to be ready in time. And I did read the Insider, multiple times. It’s just sad that people like my friend can’t join in October like they thought.

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