Favorite YouTube Vlogs

Although I rarely have time for it, I love watching YouTube vlogs. And I seem to cross a few that I think are so funny, so genuine, so fantastically wonderful that I think, “I’ve got to share this with the world.” That means that I post them on Facebook, where __ number of friends see it. So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite YouTube videos and put them together for you 🙂

nerimon – Alex and Liam do Walmart

One of my all-time favorite quotes comes from this video. “I like tea as much as any British guy, but I find it less appealing when I find it’s in a petrol can.” I find other people from foreign country’s reactions to Walmart quite amusing and this video sums it up into one bit. Nerimon’s videos are hilarious and a must-watch.

ilovemarcandnathan – Dancing Away from Sticky Situations

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve forced this video upon. My absolute favorite ilovemarcandnathan video. Pure genius right here. I’ve actually tried it once, to no avail.

charlieissocoollike – Cooking With Charlie

The very first Charlie video I ever watched, and it’s still my favorite.  It’s absolutely hilarious and truly one of Charlie’s best. This video includes jokes, food, and terrible egg cracking. Sounds like me making cupcakes this afternoon 🙂

kickthepj – Adventures with PJ, EP 1

LOVE PJ! This video looks truly gorgeous and the music is just great. If I want an entertaining video I know to look at PJ’s page. This video is just…no, I can’t find the perfect word to describe it. It goes beyond amazing, fantastic, lovely, and groovy.

livelavalive – I Love You

If I need a bit of cheering up, I watch this video. You really do feel like Mitchell is talking to you, which can be considered creepy but I consider nice. It’s funny, sweet, offbeat, and fun to watch.

littleradge – GET THE LOOK: Liam’s Hair

So, yes, this is the same Liam from the Wal-mart video. But that is besides this point. This video is so…entertaining to me that I just can’t stop watching it. I’ve made almost all of my friends watch it.  This is one of those rare videos that is told as a joke, but really thick people think is real.

charliesvlogs – Sexy Shades 3

My best friend comes up to me last year. “These are my s-e-x-y shades. I wear them every single day.” Me: “What?” And thus I was introduced to this great song. Charlie Puth honestly has some of the best music vlogs I’ve watched. And as the creator of the ‘Sexy Shades’ songs, he might become one of ‘those’* people on YouTube.

*The people who get put in People magazine for their incredible talent.

boburnham – My Better Half

My favorite Bo Burnham song. He became famous at the same age I am now, and is one of the best satirical musical comedians of now. This video is just a hoot and a half.

stevemcgranahan – Lawnmower on a Stick

Possibly the funniest Redneck video out there. You might be a Redneck if…you trim your hedges with a lawnmower on a stick 🙂

And there’s my list. I hope you will go to these peoples’ channel and tell them how great they are. Tell me your favorite video in a comment. Thanks so much for reading and have a great week!

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