Things I Am Proud Of

5. My Organization

I pride myself on being very organized. I rarely have to go search for anything (because I automatically will know where it is) and my room is always clean. It’s the little things, like being organized, that count.

4. My Speech Ribbon
At my school, in sixth grade you were allowed to join the Speech Club (Drama Club to the general public). I enrolled in the Storytelling category and told the story of Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest!. At the meet at my school, sixteen other kids enrolled in my category. And when winners were announced, yours truly got fourth place in Storytelling! The little twelve year-old who had never acted got fourth place out of sixteen kids. I’m pretty proud of that.

3. My Ability to Type Fast
I am an extremely fast typer. On a good day I manage 112 mph. On a bad day 83 mph. I’ve been fast since I learned to use a computer in fourth grade. The trick: try typing without using a keyboard. I’d have a conversation and pretend I was typing random words with my fingers. Probably the dorkiest thing about me right there.

2. My Blog
I’m not bad with commitment. I stick to acne routines and diets But with my blog, this one you’re reading right now, nine months is a whole different commitment. It means nine months of taking my own personal time and thinking of blog post and then sitting down and writing them. I’m proud of myself that I stuck to it and created all that I have.


1. My Book
In sixth months I wrote a full-length novel. I was fourteen and was just starting high school. The book may need a lot of tweaks (it’s not like I was Charles Dickens at fourteen) but it’s my little ‘Look, I’m cooler than you’ thing. I love that book like it’s my baby and seriously hope to publish it one day.

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