Stumble Saturday: Reality Shows Kill Books

Today’s Stumble Saturday is brought by Rate My Funny Pictures┬áduring my trip on Stumbleupon today.

I found this picture and couldn’t imagine anything funnier. As I mentioned a while ago, I am not a reality show watcher. I find them stupid and pointless, especially Jersey Shore. So I found this picture completely fitting to how I feel.

I love pictures like these, so if you know of ones like these (with the basic picture but amazing caption) please feel free to put them on my Facebook page. I would love it!

How many of you think that everything you see on reality television shows are real? Did you raise your hand? Well, guess what. It’s not. A lot of what you see is scripted or exaggerated. No one wants to see exactly what normal people do unless they do stupid stuff like have sex on camera and get into terrible cat fights. That’s why everyone (myself and all the good people exempted) is so into Jersey Shore and other reality shows. And there is no plot. I like a good plot.

A book can reach any subject. A reality show can only be interesting in so many ways, but a book can seriously be about anything and readable. They can be fiction or non-fiction, about wizards or bank managers. And that’s why they are truly fabulous. Not all people like reading, I know that. But you can read magazines and comics. And that’s a whole lot more interesting than watching Snooki fix her bump-it.

And that concludes our Stumble Saturday this week. Hopefully I have helped you turn off the television and opened a book. And if not, read this again and change your mind.

Lots of love you crazy hooligans!

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