My, This Post is Confusing

You know when you turn on the telly and start watching a show in the middle and get very confused because you haven’t a clue what is going on? That’s when you change the channel to something that isn’t in the middle of an episode.

I experienced that today. I finished all my recorded shows on the DVR and didn’t have anything else to do (Oh, laptop, start working again). So I went down the channel guide and saw there was nothing interesting on. And when that happens, my default setting is to watch BBC America.

I ended up watching The Hour, a new series on BBC America. Now, it wasn’t like when you start watching a show in the middle of the episode at all. It was watching an episode after all the episodes describing the characters and plot have already happened. I went beyond confused to utterly lost! But my determination to understand this interesting-looking series prevailed and I continued to watch.

I’m sad to report that I never got over my confusion. I learned one character’s name (out of 10). It was Freddie. And the one plot thing I understood was that one of Freddie’s acquaintances was engaged to be married. Yep, in one episode that was all that I really understood. It’s sad to think that.

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My final conclusion (to make this thing seem more science project-esque) is that watching a show mid-serie (but not a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon one) is completely and utterly difficult to follow plot-wise. So always watch a show (especially a drama) from start to finish.

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