“Let’s Go See That”

Today I went to go see The Help, which I recommend everyone go see. It is so bloody good.

As I was sitting down in the cinema, movie previews were playing. You know, the 3-5 minute film clips that get you excited for an upcoming film. They usually show about four or five of them before the film starts. And in typical movie preview fashion, they show the most exciting/interesting/action-filled scenes of the film to show. This makes you turn to the person next to you and whisper, “Let’s go see that.” I did that after each movie preview. They all look so good. Unfortunately, when the film you are actually watching starts, you only want to see one of the five amazing movie previews you just watched.

Comedian Nick Swardson has even pointed this out in his act. You don’t want to watch The Help, you want to watch The Odd Life of Timothy Green. And that’s probably one of my few problems with the film industry, which, by the way, is my favorite thing in the world.

I live for films and everything they stand for and inspire people to do. They truly are one of the magical things in our unmagical lives.

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Thanks for reading everyone! It’s been kind of hard blogging without my real computer, but my mum’s been a real doll with sharing her laptop. Big hand for my mother!

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