I Really Should Just Live in England

I have definitely mentioned my Anglophile ways before. I love England and all that comes with it.
It doesn’t really bother me until I learn that a lot of my favorite things (bands, singers, books, films, television shows) only happen in the UK.
Chameleon Circuit (a band that sings songs about Doctor Who and is composed of some of my favorite YouTubers) did a signing in London a few days ago. How much would I have given to go to that signing? Quite a bit honestly. But I don’t get to go to London and meet a band I quite like.
I love London for plenty of reasons. I love the culture and the accent of the people and especially the look of the entire country. I’ve been an Anglophile for about four years now and think it’s time to get a move on to the place where I know I belong.

Is there a country that you know you belong in? Say so in the comments 🙂


8 thoughts on “I Really Should Just Live in England

  1. Hi Morgan, I live in England and I also love it, so I can understand your enthusiasm! It’s a great place to visit, and not just London, (Although visiting the captial can take up many days of a holiday as there’s so much to do!) Just remember that there will be many opportunites later on in life that might bring you to England, and annoying and boring as it is, your patience will be rewarded eventually!
    Until then keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t forget to ask us English people any questions…We’re proud of our country just as you’re proud of yours, and we all like showing off stuff we’re proud of, right?

    1. Okay, can I just say I’m insanely jealous of you? I was actually going to be going to London next summer but my trip itinerary changed. And I will make sure to remember to ask you questions, so watch out for the wide-eyed girl who bombards you with them!

    1. So my first question, the one that has been bothering me since my entire family is completely against me living in England, is whether the rain is really that bad. Is it liveable to be in?

  2. Of course! I’ve been on holiday to Florida where it rained every day! Now we had a storm the other day, but that was the first one in ages! The rain isn’t too bad at all! And if it is, all you need is a snazzy brolly and some wellies!

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