I Love Family Trips


It’s the end of summer and everyone is returning from holiday to get ready for fall. But if you live in my house, it means vacation season is just starting.
We don’t go anywhere during the summer because it’s my dad’s busiest time of the year. He’s a golf professional. But at the end of the August my dad does some traveling and the family gets to tag along.
Our first trip this year is to Portland, Oregon. I really love Portland. Downtown Portland to be exact. The Indie/Hipster feel of the whole place is really appealing to me. The people are fascinating (since they’re big city people and I’m a small town girl.) And the opportunities are amazing. So many of the artists I love come here to Portland to perform. Ellie Goulding was here only a few months ago.
Taking these trips with my family is fun because we’re bonding. We’re spending time I would otherwise be using at back-to-school parties as time becoming a closer family. Sure, Dad’s working, but we go visit him and we have breakfast and dinner with him.
The base of my point is to value the time you spend with your family. “Friends come and go, but family is forever” as the saying goes.
More on my Portland trip is to come!


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