Quick Update and Stories About My Tent

My laptop (which has been part of me for the last two years) is having some difficulties, so posting may be a bit slim in the next week or so. But I will tug my mum’s arm and twist and pull until she lets me use hers to write something!

Stories about my tent:
So, last night I decided to have a bit of a party in my backyard with two of my besties. We had corn chips, sleeping bags, a lantern, the whole experience. It was quite fun and something I needed before traveling for the next two weeks.

Our campout actually looked very similar to this!

I was really excited¬†because I haven’t had a sleepover since I was 14. 14! That’s like half my lifetime ago (just kidding. I’m 16.) And the funny part about sleepovers is that you always share gossip. I don’t know about boys, but they probably don’t go talking about Suzie and Margo and Timmy and Diane’s relationship. As girls, that’s all we talk about. And it’s funny because as you’re talking about these people, you start to feel kind of slimy, like a slug. So you try to make light of it, with some hilarious little one-liners to lighten the mood and not seem like such a typical, dramatic teenager. Here is my favorite one said by my friend Victoria.

“Middle school called. They want their drama back.”

¬†And then there’s the nostalgic stories you get into. Although I didn’t share my elementary or middle school years with these ladies, I was able to make them laugh with a few of my stories, which made me feel good. We spent hours (going to bed between 2 and 4) talking about chasing boys around the playground, ice cream parties, that first time someone told you that you could go to a higher math class. It was a really fantastic night.

What are your favorite elementary/middle/high school memories? What are ones that you’ll never forget? Share in the comments!


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