My Head Injuries

As I said on Monday’s post, I will now proceed to tell you about the head injury I happened upon the week before Twilight came out. But…talking about one injury just sounds really boring. In my lifetime I’ve actually had TWO really bad(and interesting) head injuries. So I shall now tell you about both. 😀

Head Injury #1 – 4 years old
When I was four years-old, I wanted to be just like my parents. We lived in a nice house in California that had this beautiful great room. In the middle of the room we had this gorgeous stone fireplace that my father would climb up sometimes to clean it out. One day, not under the supervision of my parents because I was 4 going on 40, I decided to climb up there like my good ol’ dad. I got one of my chairs from my bedroom (one of those spindly things that are children-sized) and put it on the bottle part of the fireplace. I got four stones up before I lost my balance, kicked the chair away from the fireplace, and hit my head on the sharp edge of the bottom of the fireplace. Now I have a nasty scar on the top of my head. It’s the reason I can never go bald now.

Head Injury #2 – 13 years old
As I mentioned on Monday’s post, this happened the week before Twilight came out. Here’s the basics of what happened: My brother and dad went to a football game out of town on Friday. On Sunday they came back. As the two of them were pulling into the driveway, my mum and I decided to hide. To get to our hiding place we needed to go through a hallway and into the master bedroom. But we never reached our destination. Instead, as we were running to the bedroom, I didn’t judge the distance and I slammed straight into the wall corner. The result was a nasty gash in the right side of my head that needed 3 stitches. And to add to that, I also banged my shoulder (and still have a scar) and the ER doctor decided I needed my tetanus shot. On Tuesday, when I returned to school again, My head was splitting with pain still, my right shoulder hurt from being banged, and my left shoulder was sore from the shot. Oh, the memories of November 2008.

What are your injuries?

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