I Just Broke All The Reality Show Junkies Hearts

Alright, so even though I went to bed at 5 this morning, there is no need to worry. Morgan’s creative juices are flowing and they are flowing in the direction of reality shows!

If you don’t live in Amish country, under a rock, or high in the Rocky Mountains, you might have possibly seen a reality show before. But let’s say you were a little lost as to what a reality show is exactly.

Reality Show (noun)

An unscripted show that documents the actual life events of people.

Examples of said reality shows are Jersey Shore, Big Brother, The Real World, The Real Housewives series, and Teen Mom. If you’ve seen one of these, or something to this extent, you’ve seen a reality show.

Reality shows are basically people who really want to ‘be famous’ so they let camera crews follow them around so that they can be paid lots of money and live in gaudy houses and be terrible friends and co-workers. Yep, I want to be on a reality show. And it will be called How Morgan Became a Jerk.

My mother and brother are humungous(!) reality show junkies. They follow each show religiously, discussing last weeks episode during the commercial breaks. I mean, no one cares what Jill from The Real Housewives of New York did last week. I barely care what I did last week.

Now, I feel like I should also say my other side. There have been a few reality shows that I’ve ‘liked’. I was a huge Survivor fan (until I forgot to DVR one night and never got back in the game) and when my mom Netflix-d all the episodes of Laguna Beach I watched each one with her. So, I’m not going to say that every reality show is stupid. Because they aren’t.

Jersey Shore. Almost everyone I know has watched Jersey Shore at some point. And nothing screams “STUPID!” more than overly tan, part-Italian Jersey people. My best friend keeps up with it. I think she is crazy.

But I guess everyone has their own view on television. Personally, I love scripted shows better (if you like scripted shows too, like this post). But to each their own. My mother and brother love reality television, but you don’t see them yelling at me for liking scripted television. Enjoy the television that fits your fancy and enjoy it. And if someone disses it, it means that they obviously don’t like Jersey Shore 😀

Thank you for reading. All this ranting (?) has woken me up, even though it’s 9:15 pm. Have a good rest, my fellow enthusiasts!


2 thoughts on “I Just Broke All The Reality Show Junkies Hearts

  1. Morgan this is funny.Im a reality shoe enthusiast myself. Have you looked at The surreal Life? If you really want to be a good jerk, watch them. They will show you how. And by the way Im from NJ, and used to be at the shore all the time.

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