18 to Life

I’m always talking about things that I’m currently obsessed with (I am a full-fledged enthusiast) and today is no different. I want to talk about the (cancelled) Canadian television program, 18 to Life.

Yes, I know, you’re thinking “Ew, Canadian television. Obviously this show is terrible.” But it isn’t. It actually is something that will not only catch your attention, but might actually make you think. Shocker!

18 to Life follows the life of 18-year-old Tom Bellow and Jessie Hill, who are two life-long neighbors who are also newlyweds. After a dare, Tom proposed to Jessie and the two are now together for life. The two now struggle with not only being married and figuring out their future, but also with living in Tom’s parent’s attic. The two also come from very different backgrounds. Tom’s parents are high-strung Jewish people who live the proper lifestyle. Jessie’s parents are hemp-loving people who don’t believe in marriage. Now, not only are their parents disapproving of their marriage, but of their new in-laws. It’s a fun show that goes behind love, family and getting along.

There are lots of reasons I like this show. It has a nice perspective on young marriage. Nowadays, everyone thinks that if you get married young you are A) pregnant B) pregnant or C) really, really pregnant. But Tom and Jessie get married because they love each other, something that is shown throughout the show in the sweetest ways. Like when Jessie signs Tom up for culinary school, or when Tom actually tries to get along with Jessie’s father. It’s this outlook at young marriage that makes me, well, change my mind on young marriage. But don’t be expecting me to be getting hitched any time soon!

The actors in this show are great. I am a huge Michael Seater (Life with Derek) fan. And Stacey Farber (Degrassi: The Next Generation) does a tremendous job of acting without the heavy Goth look. They play an incredibly cute couple and you really do believe that they are married. And, in the definition of acting, real acting is ‘living truthfully under imaginary circumstances’.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read, please watch the show. I am so sad that they cancelled it in the beginning of 2011, but you can watch it online, like I am doing this very moment. I’m on the first episode of the second season. Hope it’s good!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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