What's in a Name?

What’s the story behind your name? Think about it.

My name is Morgan. It’s Welsh for ‘Born by the Sea’, which is funny because I was born in California, and my hospital was literally by the sea. But that’s not why I was named Morgan.

My parents had a long list of co-ed names since they’re the type of people who like to keep the gender of their baby a mystery. Personally, I couldn’t do that. I’d want to know right when the test had a little plus sign if it was a boy or girl. It would drive me crazy not knowing!

Some of the names were Shane, Rory, and lots of other names that make me think, “And you named me Morgan?” We all have problems with our names. Either it’s spelled weird, or people make fun of you for it, or people can’t pronounce it. My issue? If I am called Megan one more time, I might become a bomber. Just kidding 🙂

Seriously though, our names are such huge parts of ourselves. If you’re a Sarah, you probably get upset because 30 million other people share your name. If you’re a Geraldine, you probably have grandchildren. And if you’re a Bill, you are probably a male.


Names are fascinating parts of people, so take the time to think about your own. What is the origin of it? Do you like it? Whatever it is, know that your name is part of you, and it’s like that old saying, “If you hate yourself, others will hate you too”. Just kidding!

Lots of love to all of you!


4 thoughts on “What's in a Name?

  1. Just a small point, I think that should read as It’s Welsh for ‘Born by the Sea”. not It’s Welch for ‘Born by the sea.

    I wonder if my name means that I am a pedant?

    Nice blog by the way.

    1. Thanks for the help Tom. And it was my autocorrect that did that. Gotta hate it 🙂

      And maybe it does. The wonder is that what makes it exciting. And on the world wide web, most questions can be answered.

      And thank you. I work hard to keep all of you reading!

  2. bareMinerals
  3. Till now even after all my research, I was not able to find the meaning of my name but I love my name coz its my identity and was given by my parents …!
    And your blogs are just distinctive, luv them 🙂

    1. You know what, your approach to your name is fresh and I really like it. So, applause to you.
      Thank you! I’m so happy you like my posts. Keep on reading and subscribe if you’d like.

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