I Just Got Googled

Have you ever Googled yourself? It is the weirdest thing ever.

I’m sitting in my bed, about an hour before I go to bed, and have found myself on the world wide web (that is full of almost anything to do) with nothing to do. So, I go to Google, because it is the home of the internet, and decide to type in ‘Teenage Enthusiasm’.

Yes, this changed my life.

Searching for yourself on the internet can be very strange. First off, I found links that redirected to my blog. That wasn’t too weird, but exciting to see myself on the internet. Next, I saw websites that had mentioned me. That was a bit different.

The internet is so huge. You can find almost anything on it, and knowing that you can find yourself with just a few keystrokes…wow. Never before had I Googled myself, but now that I have, I might never go back. It’s almost addicting to just see yourself in a place that millions of people check every day.

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So, my challenge for you? Look yourself up. Whether it’s your blog name, your Facebook page, or even your company’s name, look it up. See what you get. It might just surprise you. Maybe you have a small blog you only update once a month. Maybe you’ll see that lots of people have backtracked to it. Whatever it is, Google yourself and find out!

Thank you for reading. I feel like I always say that, but I truly do mean it. I feel so lucky to see that people are reading what I’m writing and commenting and liking and so on. So, thank you for being so fantastic and reading this little Google entry.

Get to Googling!


2 thoughts on “I Just Got Googled

  1. It is also a good thing to Google yourself so you can see what information about yourself is out there. Not just in a blog manner. Make sure that your Social Networking is locked down to friends only, because potential employers really do “Google” you! I was shocked the first time I googled my real name, and found so many hits on things I had forgotten were out there–Flickr, LinkedIn, Myspace (yeah, I’m old!), Facebook, random posts, even a Youtube video.
    It is fun to see whats out there, though. 🙂 I really like your blog, I’m going to add it to my daily reads!
    Keep writing!

    1. Thank you so much for adding me to your daily reads. It really does make me smile to see people reading. And yes, I am aware of people checking up on you like employers. But I don’t have anything to hide and I don’t do anything bad, so even though I do have ‘friends only’ I also think you should be careful anyway with social networking.

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