I Guess It's Time to Start Lying About My Age

You know those women who are trying to pick up younger men by saying “Oh, I’m 25. I just look mature for my age.” Truth is, their children are 25. Yep, those are the age liars.

I’m 16. And yeah, there are always the doubters. I have lots of people who read my blog, dissect each piece and then comment “Oh, how old are you. What college did you go to?” And I just want to say “I’m sorry, but did you actually read? I don’t even have a high school diploma!” I mean, teenage enthusiasm, ding ding ding, how old do you think I am?

I kind of feel like writing is deception in so many ways. You can’t seem someone’s face, you can’t hear their voice, you have no real indication of them except for what they tell you. It’s like if you were talking to someone on a random chat site and they said “I’m 19 and from Canada” you’d have to believe them.  But they could  47 and from Luxembourg. That’s why I always bring up how old I am. I don’t want any “Hey, what was your major?” questions coming up.

I think the weirdest part of being a  teenager who is in that 16-18 age range is that your age is always being compromised. At church, the woman behinds me and says “So, you’re going to be a senior next year, right?” and I have to reply, “Nope. Junior.”

My own grandparents,”So, where are you going to college next year?” “I’m not going to college.”

And my personal favorite, my friends’ parents, “So, you’re starting high school this year. That must be exciting. And I respond with the ever-so-clever, “What grade is Caroline going into?” “Eleventh.” “Yeah, I’m the same age as your daughter! What grade do you think I’m going into?” Only I say it nicer, because I’m a polite teenager.

Yeah, age is something that is definitely a problem. And when you can’t see the person, it’s even worse.  I mean, think about those dating websites. Anyone can photoshop a picture and lie about their age, so when you actually meet them it’s like, “Steve?” Sort of like in that movie Sleepover where they have to go on a date and end up meeting with their teacher.

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Lying about your age is a simple thing to do. I’m not going to lie. So use it carefully and not when you’re driving 😉

Post in the comments your adventures in the act of lying about your age.

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8 thoughts on “I Guess It's Time to Start Lying About My Age

  1. Funny thing until I was 15 I was almost always guessed as being 12. Now, a week from tomorrow is my 16th Bday and I definitely don’t look 12 anymore. Although I occasionally lied last year and said I was a Junior, even though I was a Sophomore because they didn’t include the Sophomores in a few things at my youth group. xD

    1. Ha, until I was about 15, people always thought I was a year or two younger because I’m small. But once I turned 15, people always think I’m a year or two older. But yes, I have lied once or twice when I was 11 or 12 to get to eat off the kids’ menu 😀

  2. bareMinerals
  3. I’m going on to my sophomore year of college. A twenty-year-old sophomore, that is, because technically, I should be a junior. Yay gap year in Belgium! And yet people actually refuse to believe that I’m even in college. Do I really look that young? I’m on the short side, 5’4″, and sometimes I behave like a three-year-old, but come on. I’m going to be of legal drinking age in December. And I get people asking me what colleges to which I’m planning on applying. Hopefully this whole people-thinking-I’m-younger will continue until I want them to think that, when I’m an aging mom with nasty teenage kids who would die to have people ask her if she’s about ten years younger than she is. (Fact: my mom just turned 56, looks a decade younger. Ask anyone, not just her biased daughters. Good genes, I hope.)

    1. Yes, looking young is really good when you’re older, but not so much when you’re younger. But you should be good. We’re all like this, so I think you’ll do fine. Thank you so much for reading!

  4. bareMinerals
  5. @ people not being able to tell age in text. That’s some of the wonder of text. Being interacting strictly online behind words, we’re allowed to drop the barriers we put up and assume about people because of their age/race/sex. You can share as much or as little. I mean, there’s a negative to that too like some 40 year old guy in a chatroom saying he’s a 19 F from Toronto, lol. But, I like what you’re saying. The good thing is you can be as mature as you want to be and people can simply respect you for that instead of saying “she’s just a teenage girl, what does she know”. Nice post!

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