Why Is There No Theme Music to Life?

Have you ever been walking down the street and thought, “Why isn’t there theme music to my life?” I know you have because there is a Facebook page dedicated to it. And I’ve thought about it multiple times before. But there is more to the answer than the fact that the atmosphere doesn’t have speakers playing our theme songs.

TO everyone in the world, we each have our own theme music. It’s like how people see colors differently, or how they sense smells. It’s just a difference of the 5 senses.

We all feel like there should be music that follows you around, the soundtrack to your actions. But obviously that can’t happen unless you have a person carrying a boom box behind you. image

Your theme music is the music that speaks to your heart. IT’s the music that only you know the chords too and can’t seem to replicate in real life. That is your theme music.

Your theme music makes your day a bit better. It helps you get through the hard times. It’s like all of your favorite songs rolled into one. Your theme music will be there until the day you die.

So, as a way to pay homage to your theme song, spend today playing it over and over in your head. Your song is specifically designed to you, so don’t think you are doing it wrong. Just play it until you know that it’s done it’s job.

Well, I’m off to go play my own theme music, so have a great weekend and summer and everything. It’s time for all of us to face the music and live life to it’s fullest!


P.S. Yes, I did put a ‘Say Anything’ picture in here.

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