Nerd Post #5 – End of Year Finals

It’s the beginning of June and we only have two weeks of school left. But as exciting as this sounds, it also means it’s finals season.

I think I just heard every teenager in the world groan.

You can always tell when it’s finals week. I dare you to go to every high school in the country and spend two weeks there. One week is finals week and one isn’t. And I bet you that you can definitely tell which one is which.

Finals week always looks the same. Everyone has little under-eye circles. The library is more populated than the cafeteria. Teachers are holding huge piles of paper. And everyone looks plain old miserable. Even the really smart people who wear the huge tortoise shell glasses and don’t believe that suspenders are actually out of style.

The worst part of finals is that you usually have at least two every day. For mid-term finals I had a four day week, and on the first and second day I had 3 finals each, and on the last two days I had a two-part final. It’s ridiculous! How are we supposed to eat, sleep, bathe, chat to our elderly grandparents who will not put us in their will unless we talk to them every day? Finals week is ridiculous. And I believe this proves it.

And studying isn’t a problem. I have already perfected the art of studying for your finals. Don’t believe me? Check out my mid-term finals post 25 Steps to Ace Your Finals to see for yourself. I find them very effective. And if all else fails, actually study 🙂

Well, I hope all of you teens pass your finals. I’m crossing my fingers for you and hope that we all finish this year with beautiful grades and a clear conscience. I know exactly how you feel right now.

Thank you for reading! I’m off to study and learn and actually pass my finals so I can get that beautiful straight A report card. I love you all!


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