15 Steps to Get Out of Your Writing Rut

Lately I’ve been having lots of trouble sitting down and writing about something I’m proud of. I don’t post anything that I don’t feel is 100% good or interesting or that I want to share with the world. So, having to come up with something I want to write about has been so difficult. So, to help everyone else get out of their rut and be able to write something you are proud of, here are 15 steps to get out of your rut.

  1. Look at old things you’ve written. They will give you old inspiration.
  2. Find an egg timer and spend 5 minutes writing down anything that comes to your mind.
  3. Go through that list and limit it to 5 items.
  4. Get your egg timer and, with each item, spend 1 minute writing about it as much as you can.
  5. From those, choose your favorite one.
  6. Now, go do something else. Travel to Starbucks, watch the finale of Glee, eat a sausage, etc.
  7. Now go back to your favorite topic and elaborate more on it. What do you really want to get out of this article? What is the main point?
  8. Search the internet for any quotes, pictures, examples, numbers, etc. you need.
  9. Re-read your post again to see if it is all you want it to be. If it is, don’t touch it!
  10. Think of the perfect title. If it’s informative, don’t try to be too creative with it. But if it’s a funny, goofy post, feel free to go wild with your title.
  11. Add you tags and categories. Don’t be too specific. You want people to be able to chance upon your article when they type in “Archaeology” not “Archaeology during the ’40s”.
  12. In your excerpt, remember to make it sound as interesting to read as anything. Don’t limit yourself.
  13. Save the draft one more time. Computers can be stupid.
  14. Tag me, since I helped you.
  15. Hit post. And enjoy as your rut is gone!

And those are your 15 steps on how to get out of your rut. I really do hope I helped you. And this is actually the post I did that got me out of my rut. So, that is a bit of interesting trivia for all of you. Thanks for reading and get on writing!


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  1. This one’s really interesting. Being an infant in the world of blogging i face this problem of – what to write?…your points would definitely help…:)

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