Ma Demi-soeur Megan

In our lifetimes, there are always people who we look up to, to guide us on our journeys throughout life. There are a few people who are like that to me, and one of them is my dear friend Megan.

I call my friend Megan ma demi-soeur. It means “half sister” in French. Of course, we aren’t actually related in any form since I’ve only known each other for a little over a year. I call her my demi-soeur because we both had to do presentations in French about our families. We could use actors and cartoons to help make our presentations. We both ended up using Robin Williams as our father, making us “demi-soeurs”.

Megan is like a mentor to me. She is much more experienced in life than me. She’s gone through so much and knows so much more than me. She is my guiding light. And I love her very much.

Of course, I adore her, and I know she feels the same way. I encourage everyone to meet her because she is just such an inspiring, fun person. You can meet her at and talk to her about whatever. She’s there with tons of great advice.


And with that, I’m done! Click on the link to Megan’s blog! Cheers!


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