And We Laughed “HA” in Their Faces

This week has been a huge week for Teenage Enthusiasm. And I mean huge!

On April 21, 2011 we reached 1,000 views.

1000 hits!

On April 24, 2011 I received over 40 comments. And each one was positive!

Being a blogger is a hard job sometimes. Sure, you can’t be stopped from writing, but you can be discouraged. There are the haters, who are just plain rude and make you feel smaller than a mouse. There are the slow days, where weeks can go by with no hits, and of course, no comments. Those are the things that make blogging the hardest.

But with being a blogger, sometimes you get your big break. You get comments almost religiously, every day there are about 50 hits, and everyone is sending you great feedback.

Recently I went from being Example A to Example B. People kept on telling me that I was talking about too trivial of things and that I should discuss more serious matters. It was taking huge blows to my confidence. I almost deleted this blog completely and went to go play a sport :/ But then I got online a few days ago to check my stats. I had 1,002 hits and 37 new comments! Each comment was positive. One person even said that I should start selling merchandise. But before I start selling t-shirts I think I’ll try video blogging. One step at a time.

The basic point of this is that you shouldn’t take someone’s criticism too seriously. There will always be haters, but with each hater comes many more lovers. And those lovers make up for it all.

Laugh “HA” in all those haters faces!

I also want to put out a little thank you to everyone who has supported Teenage Enthusiasm. You people are the reason I come and write my heart out. And all of your comments are so lovely. So please, continue reading and being such a great audience. I might need all of you to perk me up again.

I love you all!


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