The Reality of Thumbelina

While babysitting yesterday, both me and the baby decided to watch movies all day as we were both so tired. So, in a procession of six hours, we watched four films, all of which were animated and for little children. We watched Anastasia, Peter Pan, Snow White, and Thumbelina. The one that really stuck out to me was Thumbelina.


For those of you unacquainted with Thumbelina, here is the story. Once upon a time, this lonely widow goes to see a witch who gives her a seed. The widow grows the seed and when it blooms, a little girl no bigger than her thumb appears, which she names Thumbelina. 16 years pass and the fairy prince Cornelius runs across Thumbelina. The two fall in love and all of that. Then she gets abducted by frogs and then a beetle and is forced into marriage with a mole. Right before she says “I do” she runs away and goes to the Veil of Fairies. She sees Cornelius and the two get married.

Now, the reason why I found this so interesting enough to blog about is what people don’t see when they are watching this kid-friendly, appropriate film. Both Thumbelina and Cornelius are 16. They fall in love the first time they meet. They get married the second time they see each other. Have we not seen this in the hallways of high school?

If you really think about it, is Warner Bros. trying to promote young marriage? Do they know that only a percentage of those marriages stay together, even less now than ever? In 1994 did these people see what was going to happen in this day and age? This is one of those questions the universe might never know.

Please feel free to watch other young person films and see if you can find them supporting other things to this degree. I find it a super interesting topic. Thanks for reading. You are all so great!


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