Inspirational/Biographical Films to Watch

Lately I’ve been watching some truly inspirational/biographical films that have been bloody brilliant! If you would like to be inspired or watch a biography, keep on reading

NOWHERE BOY – John Lennon’s teenage years (1955-1960) and the creation of his first band and the beginning of the Beatles. I watched this last night and was blown away.

imageINTO THE WILD – During my huge Emile Hirsch obsession, I watched this and it really is a film to watch. I almost ran away to Alaska myself.

image CATCH ME IF YOU CAN – Leonardo DiCaprio does a fantastic job as the best con the world had seen at that time. Plus, he looks quite spiffy in his military outfit.

image MY ONE AND ONLY – For all of you have ever moved, watch this and realize that you probably don’t have it as bad as George. But this really is a great story with fantastic actors.

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image And those are some of the great inspirational/biographical movies that I’ve been watching lately. Please watch them and come back and tell me what you thought of them. Thanks so much for reading. Cheers!


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