My Guilty Pleasures

So, I was looking through my e-mail and saw that someone had asked me to name all of my guilty pleasures. Now, since i love a good suggestion (and I want more to come!) I took this on.

Now, since we all know I am a dork, some of these won’t surprise you. But some will.

DOCTOR WHO – I started watching this programme about a year ago. I adore David Tennant. And although the doctor is always changing, now with Matt Smith, I am still in love with Doctor Who. I am a nerd.

image FRAPPUCINOS – The workers at my town’s Starbucks are always happy to see me because I always splurge on a nice, big Strawberries & Crème frappucino when the time is right. They are terribly bad for you. I’m obviously not a health food model.


GOSSIP GIRL – Yes, I am aware that Gossip Girl is full of spoiled teens, money and sex. I’m not stupid. But I can’t stop reading the books or watching the show. I love the clothes and it’s so full of suspense of who is going to stab who in the back.


POKEMON – I find myself on several occasions sitting on my porch playing Pokémon Pearl for Nintendo DS. I find it very fun and am about 3/4 the way through the entire game. And that’s mostly because I have no clue how to get past where I am. So, if anyone has beaten this game, contact me so that you may help me 🙂


And that’s most of my guilty pleasures. I am sure I have more than are not so interesting and might actually bore you. So, to keep it entertaining, I only told you these. Please feel free to share your guilty pleasures in the comments so that we all can have a good ol’ time!


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