The Boat That Rocked

A film that can only be topped by few others, The Boat That Rocked (U.S. title Pirate Radio) is clever and a dear love to my heart. In this film, you have crazy shenanigans done by wacky hooligans, intense love making, British accents, and fantastic music. It’s all you wanted, in just two hours.


I adore this movie. There really isn’t a way for someone who enjoys fun, raunchy, British films to not enjoy it.

A quick synopsis: In the 1960’s, BBC Radio only played 45 minutes of pop music a day. So, a group of eight DJs and their manager decide to move out to the North Sea in an old boat and make their own station which half of the UK tunes into. Within the boat is a radio god who everyone loves, a fat man who can get girls quite easy, an extremely thick man, and an irresistibly sexy man who doesn’t talk. And joining them is expelled student Carl, who is supposed to be straightening out but happens upon a boat filled with rock & roll, crazy experiences and losing his virginity.

Here are some of my favorite parts about it.

Favorite Dialogue Scene: It would probably be the scene where Carl comes out of his bedroom right after having sex with Marianna and they have radio equipment set up to record what is going on and they ask Carl whether or not he did the deed.

Favorite Silent Scene: I have two. First, with ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ by the Beach Boys playing, we have the scene with the cast going on a pub crawl and doing tons of crazy acts, like having a crawling race and peeing on buildings. Second, with ‘So Long, Marianna’ by Leonard Cohen playing, Carl is very upset because Marianna his crush has just had sex with Dave. But then Harold and John come over and give him some chocolate milk and wafers in hopes of cheering him up, but end up eating the food themselves, which in the end cheers Carl up.

Favorite Quote: “I was swimming in the ocean and when I was swimming I came across a squirrel. And I said, ‘Mr. Squirrel, why are you swimming on your back?’ ‘Why, to keep my nuts dry.’” – Simple Simon

Favorite Song from the Soundtrack: ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ by The Beach Boys

Favorite Character: Now, this is the hardest question of them all. This film has so many incredible characters and just a true amount of fun personalities. It’s extremely difficult to choose. But, if I must, and I must, I would have to choose Simon. He is absolute wonderful and hilarious.

The Count or Gavin: The Count. Gavin is a creep.

Anything Else?: Tom Sturridge is probably the cutest British boy out there. I adore him. And Quentin is great and exactly how I would want my godfather to be. And if I could, I would want my life put to the soundtrack of this film.

Well, there you have it folks, my full opinion of The Boat That Rocks (a.k.a. Pirate Radio). Please get it, the UK version is much better, and watch it as much as you can. Below I have posted two!! fun scenes from it.

Lots of love and keep on reading. You are the people who make me love writing. And I thank you for that.


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